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Kaminsky On The Fourth Of July

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:49 pm
by Wade Hampton III
The Fourth of July has become a celebration of slaughter for lies that
were yesterday and will be tomorrow. I don’t do fireworks demonstrations
any more. They remind me too much of when we bombed Baghdad in the Jewish
American war against all humanity that continues to this day. ... body-wears

Re: Kaminsky On The Fourth Of July

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:09 pm
by Wade Hampton III
A Canadian Perspective On USofA Independence Day

It is supposed to be a day of celebration for my American readers...
But honestly what is there to celebrate? The US in terms of freedom
for its citizens is basically a shadow of its former greatness,
where American citizens are absolutely NO longer "free" and are
presently under the illusion of freedom... The present US government
is probably the most corrupt it has been in its entire existence where
"representatives" to that government, selected by the American people,
do NOT abide by the wishes of the American people gullible enough to
"elect" them to higher office and instead answer only to their Jewish
financiers that demand their obedience to the will and the demands of
these same criminal Jewish pricks... ... ay-to.html

Re: Kaminsky On The Fourth Of July

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:08 pm
by Will Williams
If one types 'fourth of july' in the search block at our National Alliance online magazine,, a dozen or more article come up, a couple named "Lack of Independence Day," a term coined by our Media Director, Kevin Strom. I like this one by NA Founder, Dr. Pierce, from 21 years ago:

Thoughts on the Fourth of July
by Dr. William L. Pierce


TWO WEEKS AGO we celebrated the Fourth of July, America’s biggest patriotic holiday. It’s a time when we celebrate our strength, brag about our accomplishments, remember our victories, and so on. It got me to thinking about the Second World War, and I’ll share some of my thoughts on the war with you.

In that regard, the British, our allies in that war, also have been in my thoughts recently. What made me think about the British in relation to our Fourth of July celebration is the fact that just two weeks earlier the British Parliament passed a law lowering the age of consent for homosexual activity to 16. This new law, which was approved by Parliament on June 20, was campaigned for heavily by the so-called “chicken hawk” lobby. “Chicken hawks” are adult male homosexuals who prey on young boys. They pick up boys on streetcorners, ply them with drugs or drink, give them money, and sodomize them. It used to be that they could be arrested and prosecuted for such activity. Now they can’t. Now it’s legal, as long as the boys are 16 years old. The “chicken hawks,” a number of whom actually hold seats in Parliament, already are clamoring for the legal age to be lowered to 14. With Bill Clinton’s good friend Tony Blair as prime minister now, the “chicken hawks” probably will get what they want.

Now how is that relevant to the Second World War? I’ll tell you. Hitler and his wicked Germans, you see, didn’t approve of homosexual activity. After Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, a homosexual who sodomized a 16-year-old boy in Germany and got caught was in big trouble, and I mean big trouble. A lot of homosexuals wound up in concentration camps, and not all of them came out again. Even today they still whine about how Hitler made them wear pink triangles on their clothes and persecuted them. But fortunately for the “chicken hawks,” Britain and America went to war against Germany, and now homosexuals everywhere have full rights. More rights, in fact, than the rest of us. If we hadn’t fought for the rights of homosexuals in the Second World War, then “chicken hawks” wouldn’t have the right to sodomize young boys today: certainly not in Germany, and probably not in Britain or the United States either. Winning the war against Germany set ideological fashions for the whole world.

Of course, it wasn’t just the rights of homosexuals we fought for in the Second World War. In fact, that part of it was kept pretty quiet back in those days. What we were told publicly was a whole rah-rah chorus of Fourth of July things: we fought for equality, against book-burning, for free speech and freedom of the press, for the rights of women and children, et cetera. Many of these excuses for going to war against Germany were based on falsehoods — or at least on misrepresentations. Book burning, for example: every American has been shown pictures of Germans throwing books on bonfires, and the story was that Germans could read only books approved by the government. Americans were made to believe that the books being burned were confiscated from the homes of Germans who had been packed off to concentration camps for having them and that it was illegal to own such books in Germany.

Actually, the bonfires were symbolic; they were intended to express public disapproval of certain types of books: pornography, communist and Jewish propaganda, and the like. Before Hitler became chancellor, the communists were very powerful in Germany, the Jews owned many publishing houses, and pornography flourished. Hitler’s government wanted to set an example for the public; it wanted to show its attitude toward socially harmful and trashy books. And so public bonfires were staged, and a lot of pornography — along with a lot of Marx and Freud — was burned to let the public understand that the literary tastes of the government had changed sharply when Hitler became chancellor. It was not illegal to own books of the sort burned in the bonfires, but everyone understood that they were considered degenerate or socially harmful...

Read the rest of this classic Pierce piece, here: ... h-of-july/

Re: Kaminsky On The Fourth Of July

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:59 pm
by Wade Hampton III
As Adolf Hitler warned us, the failure of morality will lead to the destruction of civilization by Jews. But what do you do when the President, the entire Congress and numerous state governors are all clearly guilty of treason, all at the behest of Israel? It is a treason that both runs and ruins our lives. As Hitler also said, you fight for the truth for the man who will come. ... ved-empire

This essay covers how the Jewish criminals have been ruining our societies for the last 400 years (at least) and is entitled: "Chronicles Of A Depraved Empire".
The Eternal Jew
The Eternal Jew
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