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Anti-Miscegenation Laws...

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Will Williams

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Anti-Miscegenation Laws...

PostSun Feb 10, 2019 5:50 pm

Anti-Miscegenation Laws and Why is There a Fifteenth Amendment?
By Bob Whitaker:

On the whole subject of antimiscegenation law, I read practically nothing that is accurate, as I explained below about wikipedia's "The Future District of Columbia," which the entry writer thought came into existence only when Home Rule was established in the 1960s.

DC was named before it was built by 1800, and it HAD Home Rule until 1883, when the Republican Congress took its charter away because the city government was Southern Democrat. The wikipedia said that the "future District of Columbia" never had an anti-miscegenatin law.

Mommy Professor SAID so!

The following explains the status of blacks, including in the Quaker State, which someone said abandoned its anti-intermarriage law in 1790. In 1856 blacks were not allowed on trolleys in Philadelphia:

Resistance to the Segregation of Public Transportation

When I lived in Massachusetts, I read a book written in 1867 called "The History of Slavery in Massachusetts." Pasted on the inside of the cover was an 1867 book review, written in 1867, bemoaning the fact that someone would dredge all this up JUST when they had the South by the throat to punish for slavery.

In that volume I had a living witness to the abolition of the MA anti-intermarriage law in ****1863****.

It was SCHOOL SEGREGATION that the abolitionists fought and THAT was abolished in 1843, the date given for the 1963 act abolishing antimiscegenation law. I read the argument for integration in 1842 in the 1960s in a book called "Documents of American History." This was the 1960s, and every document relating to American history was, as the author stated, there to prove that abolitionists were1960s integrationists. Trivia like the Constitution was left out.

In the 1960s, we said that integration would lead to intermarriage. Modern Opinion in 1960 said that integration had NOTHING TO DO WITH INTERMARRIAGE. In 1967 the Supreme Curt abolished all laws against intermarriage.

This is such a continuum today that everybody who talks about intermarriage laws ALWAYS confuses them with antislavery laws, integration, as in the case of our commenter, and so forth.

We have the same problem with the very EXISTENCE of the Fifteenth Amendment, giving blacks the right to vote. According to present interpretation, the right to vote, LIKE THE RIGHT TO INTERMARRY, WAS already included in the fourteenth amendment.

Why IS there a fifteenth amendment? Not only was it assumed that the fourteenth did not give blacks the vote, much less marry whites, but it was harder to cheat through the fifteenth amendment than it was the fourteenth, even with all the congressmen from the Old Confederacy denied their seats and votes.

NO ONE ever thinks about WHY, if the fourteenth amendment gave equal rights to blacks, the fifteenth amendment EXISTS.

These were critical distinctions to earlier generations, even to the Radical Republicans. When THEY ruled the South during Reconstruction, THEY enforced antimiscegenation laws. It never occurred to ANYBODY then that integration and, God knows, intermarriage, could not be outlawed by a STATE.

The bottom line is that Vermont almost certainly DID have an anti-intermarriage law, though they had almost no blacks. It is amazing that they FOUND a black slave for the state court to free in 1775, but slavery was on the books until then.

This was a lot of WORK. I get TIRED every time someone decides to go into this. No one knows ANY of the real history.

Jim Mathias

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Re: Anti-Miscegenation Laws...

PostTue Feb 12, 2019 1:34 am

Some good research here, and there's something I've noticed.
We Whites have wrote laws banning miscegenation, and yet those laws were changed.

How? By changing minds. Therefore, the power to change minds is more powerful than that of writing laws.

It's well the National Alliance does as it has, and should continue to do so in the future.

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