It Scares The Hell Out Of Them!

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It Scares The Hell Out Of Them!

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Sep 30, 2018 11:49 pm

RoyAlbrecht says - on September 23, 2018 at 8:36 am...

Personally, I try to avoid the term “…Europeans…”, although I do lapse from
time to time.

1) How can one justify grouping Sicilians with Central Swedes? It isn’t
happening. Genetically Sicilians are closer to Iranians than say Germans and
even among Germans there is a notable difference between Northerners and

2) The Rothschild project to wipe out resistance to Jewish debasement is
dependent upon general amalgamation of Racial characteristics and Centralization
of power. Although it’s obvious that culturally, people within the European
land mass do share more in common than they do with people outside it, except
perhaps the Japanese and some other elements of Aryan blood in Central Asia,
saying all Europeans are materialistic does not rub quite right with me.

Nevertheless, since the Jew has stealthily infiltrated infrastructural control
nodes within almost ALL Races on the planet, (((they))) have made the prevailing
paradigm appear as though, “…the more material one has the better one’s life is…”.
This Jewish Lie of Materialism is a sickness that has trickled down and infected
most life on the planet and it is precisely this sickness that exposes non-Jews
to periodic bouts of “…usurious harvesting…” by Jews. Life runs on the tread mill
of materialism as taught by the (((Hollywood American Dream))) and Jews through
various schemes of “Quantitative Thieving and/or Legal Unilateral Redistribution”
of wealth, periodically “…relieves…” non-Jews of their accumulations.

In short, humanity is taught what to chase and Jews periodically “…convolutedly
harvest…” what has been accumulated.

To say that one Race or Sub-Race is more materialistic than another is IMO like
saying, one form of life wants to survive more than another form.

Swedes and Germans for example (to say nothing of the more “…Pure…” English) may
be more innovative, but the Chinese are better “…bean collectors…”, however both
are subject to Jewish Theft and the (((imparted notion))) that more is never enough.

Jews are somewhat at an advantage in their drive to exterminate Aryan behaviour
in that they are:
1) Hidden amongst all Races,
2) Work collusively through the Stolen Criminal Safe Haven State of Occupied Palestine,
3) Actively shield the identity of their “true leadership” from non-Jewish eyes,
4) Have either criminalized or made it amoral to identify Organized Jewry as the
driving force behind Global Malignancy.

Even Jews are not really materialistic per se, in that (((they))) willingly
underwrite bankrupt Jews according to their Aptitude at Thievery. Jews are however,
at a disadvantage when it comes to actual achievement. 1000’s of years of usury has
a way of making hideous and useless, the physical attributes necessary to achieve
in their own right.

Even the thought of having to actually work for a living is so foreign a concept
that it scares the hell out of most of them.
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