Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:33 am

I am 17 years old and I want to start reading Ayn Rand. Many people have suggested
that I not start at this age. Is it true? Should I wait for some more years before
starting Ayn Rand?

Patrick O'Neill, electrified ape, posted May 31, 2017.

When I was in late high school and early college, I would regularly encounter fellow
students (always white, always male) who had contracted what I began to call “Fountainhead
Syndrome,” though it could just as easily be provoked by Atlas Shrugged. Upon reading
one of these books, there is a strong chance that your young, American white man will
turn into an insufferable and smug jackass.

Wade says, "How true! For an example, see this Randian jackass cultist from the previous
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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:18 pm

Greg Blandino posted on Aug 6, 2015....

1) Her writing is terrible. The characters are wooden, the dialogue is
ridiculous, the heroes are generally despicable, and the monologues go
on like some sort of meth addled manifesto. Unsurprisingly, she was a
speed addict. She repeats herself a lot. I've heard more believable
sex scenes at the back of the bus in 5th grade than the ones she writes
in her books.

2) Her ideas are infantile. She has a highly theoretical, highly
simplistic worldview. She exalts nihilism, greed, selfishness and
domination of the weak by the strong. These are not ideas that need
a defender in the intellectual arena, the real world is cruel enough
already. While we are all eagerly awaiting the online Libertariat to
finally "go Galt" and leave the rest of us alone, eager to prove their
superiority of their ideology in the free marketplace of ideas with a
city-on-a-hill-like utopia, this has yet to happen. Maybe next year?

3) Her followers are perhaps the most annoying people on the internet.
They generally consist of 20-30-something American white males, with a
smattering of older followers who are again white, male and American.
They use the internet to bravely challenge the ability of the government
to do anything. Ironic, considering the internet was coincidentally
created by the US government. STEM majors, computer programmers and VC
gurus seem to be over-represented. Be prepared to get sea-lionized for days
by someone who doesn't "get the difference between taxation and theft."
While libertarian paradises like Somalia are clearly available, most
libertarians continue to live in statist hellholes like the United States.

4) Her results. Her highly theoretical future society might actually be
OK if you accept all of the presuppositions that Rand so blithely accepts
as just magically happening or being available as she describes. However,
in the current universe and timeline we inhabit, the deregulation and
neutering of government has not resulted in a flowering of individual,
personal and economic freedom, but an advance of the power of businesses
and large, monopolistic corporations filling in the void left by the
government. We won't pay any income tax, but Enron manipulating the
market to overcharge you for electricity while California's privatized
electric grid goes haywire is copacetic. Deregulation results in disaster?
In Rand-world, the cause is the little bit of government that was left
and not enough deregulation.

5) In the end, she shares many ideological similarities with the communists
she despises. She's created an ideology that is a closed system that
allows any problem to be solved by "less government." Her extreme individualism
and laissez-faire economics were in fact a staple of the 18th and 19th centuries,
so it's not like her ideas haven't been given a try. They were, they met
insurmountable problems, we solved them often times through the agency of
our government, and now we are facing new problems. Turning the clock back
200 years isn't going to solve the new problems we face today.
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Been There Seen That
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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:44 am

What were Ayn Rand's great sins? Ken West, works at Better Grip Media, posted Monday...

Ayn Rand's sin, for which she can't be forgiven by many academics, is that her writing
is intelligible to the general public. She wrote philosophical novels that continue to
be accessible to (Caucasian) men and women in the street. She believed in the power
of (anti-racial) "reason"(?)!

She rejected the mind-body dichotomy(?). She wrote about the supreme power and practicality
of moral ideas. And she created a philosophical system — Objectivism — for anyone who may
be interested, not just philosophers. Perhaps Rand's greatest sin, however, was her
total rejection of altruism [[loyalty to the {Aryan people} - (which) as a Jewess - she didn't
belong]] as a moral ideal. For this, she will never be forgiven by those on the political
left and right who realize that altruism {loyalty to our DNA} is the linchpin of everything
they profess to believe.
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Jewess Witch
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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:59 pm

Christopher Reiss, posted on Jan 7, 2012...

Oh boy. I am breaking my own rule of never arguing with Randians.
Objectivism...it doesn't exist. There really is no coherent
expression of her philosophy anywhere. Rand rambles, utters
inanities like "existence exists", quotes her own fictional
characters, and is really just way over her head as a political

Philosophies of 'rational self interest' are competently laid out
by many other thinkers. Rand's failure to pull herself together
aside, we can summarize her views "The Individual good should trump
the Collective good in all circumstances." It is a very seductive
viewpoint because it so clean. Nobody owes anybody anything, people
are entitled to whatever they make, and if your house burns down it's
not my problem. The problem is, It's too clean. When agents acting
in their rational self-interest begin to interact with each other,
something very unexpected happens. They screw themselves over. Not
each other - themselves. Game theorists and economists point to
The Prisoner's Dilemma :
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I'll just try to summarize it : The Prisoner's Dilemma shows that
there are situations that force us to be Collectivists, that is -
the individual is better off acting against his interest locally
in pursuit of some greater global collective payoff. If this seems
like nonsense - it should, it's very counterintuitive. It's really
worth studying the The Prisoner's Dilemma. I'll take a stab at a
simple example. Fifty people live on a island. On the island is a
fresh water spring, but there is a 3 ton rock on top of it. If the
rock could be removed, everybody would have fresh water to drink.
Nobody can move it alone, it takes dozens of people tugging with a
rope. Your individual contribution won't make a difference - one
person less and the rock still moves. It is not in your rational
self interest to help. "Ah hah!", says the Objectivist, "But we're
smarter than that! We simply all agree beforehand, we'll all pull
the rock and we all get the water. Thus an agreement is in force
which compels us to pull, making it a rational choice."

Yup. Such agreements are called Governments. They re-allocate
resources against people's self-interest in pursuit of big goals
like reservoirs, roads, dams, defense. The fact is, the Individual
Good cannot be untangled from the Collective Good. While the extremes
- pure capitalism on one end of the spectrum and pure communism on
the other - can be very seductive because they are so pure, reality
rejects this purity. The result is we are always (imperfectly)
balancing the Individual and the Collective good. This is the
reason every economy on earth is really a mixed economy somewhere
on that spectrum. The most successful are likely close to a good
balance. Rand wrote, "Either individual rights are recognized in a
society, or they are not recognized. They cannot be half-recognized."
Actually we are compelled to half-recognize them in a world with
big rocks to move.

Wade says. "I can think of ONE needed move...the Mexicans two
houses over from me."

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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:42 pm

Wade Hampton III wrote: Objectivism, in theory, is a mortal threat to White
racial identity — another rabbit hole for White
Americans to fall down in their never ending quest
to pursue every ideology, party, or platform except
the ones that might allow them to take their own side.
In fact, Objectivism denies that they have a side
at all, or even that there is a “they.”

The late 1960s and early 1970s marked the first wave of the libertarian
movement. Ayn Rand's Objectivism had shaken mainstream philosophy with
its core ideas. But Rand was a staunch advocate of limited government,
a stance which distanced her from many of her own admirers and students,
who saw the State not as the protector but the enemy of human society.
At the same time, the political and economic thoughts of Dr. Murray
Rothbard clarified the route libertarianism must take. Rand and Rothbard,
two forces seemingly at odds, personally and ideologically. J. Michael
Oliver, then editor of the nationally circulated objectivist-libertarian
journal, "The New Banner," argued that it was a false division. Written
in 1972 as an academic work but not published until now. "The New
Libertarianism: Anarcho-Capitalism" inexorably links objectivist
principles with anarcho-capitalism, and argues that libertarianism,
both then and now, must be founded upon the bedrock of Rand's philosophy
if it is to remain vital.

http://www.amazon.com/The-Libertarianis ... B00ETCGMCK

From Wade:
J. Michael Oliver was one of the two original founders of the now defunct
New Banner Institute, Inc., and its flagship publication...the equally
defunct "The New Banner" so-called fortnightly libertarian journal. My
intention is not to attack Michael personally, but to draw attention to
the fact that he soon abandoned New Banner Institute within a year or so
of its implementation of many of the ideas outlined in his book. To wit,
I cite "The Black Flag Retribution Agency," masterminded by none other
than the other co-founder...supreme cultist David F. Kennison. Although
these events took place many years ago, they are still relevant insomuch
as Randian/Objectivism/Capitalism threaten Caucasian interests today.


Printed in THE STATE - Saturday, July 28, 1973

Four Arrested In Chaining Of 14-Year-Old To Bed
By Hugh E. Munn, Staff Writer
Authorities are still trying this morning
to unravel portions of a mystery sorrounding
a 14-year-old Columbia boy who allegedly had
been chained to his bed for more than a month
as a disciplinary experiment.

Richland County Sheriff's Deputies arrested
and charged four persons in connection with
the incident, including the boy's father,
William Robert Black, 36, a former University
of South Carolina geology instructor.

Bond for Black was set Friday afternoon by
Magistrate Michael Davis at $40,000.

Also arrested were the boy's stepmother,
Linda Black, who is separated from Black,
and two other men, Randay Holcombe of
South Kilbourne Road and David Foster
Kennison, 26, of 121 S Bull St.

Bond for Mrs. Black was set at $2,000, $15,000
for Kennison and $5,000 for Holcombe.

All four have been charged with assault and
battery of a high and aggravated nature.
57503.jpg (83.91 KiB) Viewed 6406 times
By late Friday afternoon, local authorities,
led by Richland County Sheriff Frank Powell
and Fifth Circuit Solicitor John W. Foard
were able to piece together enough of the
picture to come up with the following account:

A 14-year-old boy apparently had been taken
out of school by his father in early May
after some type of disciplinary problem
between the two.

The teen-ager was taken back to his home
where his father fastened a long chain hooked
to a bed to the boy's ankle and then proceeded
to board up all the windows inside the upstairs

Some type of acoustical material was stuffed
between large plywood sheets and the window to
keep noise from getting out. The door was
bolted from the outside.

Holcombe specifically was charged in connection
with helping to board up the windows. The
boy was forced to remain in chains inside
the room for prolonged periods up to at least
sex weeks and was fed meals while in the room.
The 14-yer-old at first was allowed to visit
the bathroom after pounding on the floor to
get his father's attention. The father
apparently was downstairs.

However, later the boy was forced to remain
at the bed and to use a small bucket for any
bathroom needs. The boy seldom was permitted
to leave the room, but when taken out, he was
handcuffed during most times.

The youth first managed to get the attention
of authorities by calling a young counselor
who worked with the boy after the boy got
into some minor trouble with the law.

The boy told the counselor, who asked not to
be identified, about the incident after
managing to remove a headboard from the bed
which was connected the chain and then getting
to an extension telephone.

The counselor called the boy's father and
confronted him with the information and later
agreed to meet with the father at some neutral
site. When the counselor and his wife arrived
at the site, he was told to get inside a car
with three persons and a fourth remained behind
with the counselor's wife. The car returned
some three hours later.

During that time, the counselor told officers,
he was made to understand he and his wife were
being threatened if they pursued the matter

A short time later, a young friend of the boy
was allowed to visit the chained youth in his
room. The friend later called the Richland
County Sheriff's Dept. and verified the
counselor's account to Juvenile Officer Robert
DeLoache who then went to investigate the charge
at 3806-B Timberlake Dr.

When DeLoache and another officer arrived at the
scene Tuesday, neighbors in the area were
evasive and the boy's father would not allow
access inside the house. The officers left
because they were not carrying any search
or arrest warrants.

Armed with the necessary orders fron the
Richland County Family Court and with a search
warrant, officers returned to the house Thursday,
backed up by other deputies and several SLED

No resistance was met when officers went into
the house and the boy was discovered, but the
chain had been removed and the boards were taken
down fron the window.

The boy was taken from the home and placed in the
hands of the court which subsequently assigned
the youth to a foster home. By midday Friday,
authorities began to uncover still more unusual
facts in the case after officers search the
residence and confiscated the following items:

-six pistols, including four .357 Magnums and
two 9mm handguns.

-two full boxes of new ammunition (consisting of
50 roounds of ammunition per box)

-three holsters and one gunbelt containing 50
rounds of .357 ammunition.

-two five-pound bags of lead shots.

Officers also located gunpowder and an ammunition
making machine at the residence. Also located
and confiscated were a 10-foot-long chain with
a padlock at one end and two plywood boards.

Later Friday, authorities began to investigate
accounts of an organization named the Black Flag
Retribution Agency which had been linked to the
boy's father. However, by this morning, the exact
goal or purpose of the organization is not known.

Authorities were first made aware of the organization
by the 14-year-old's own account and from certain
other items also confiscated from the residence.
Nevertheless, they still have not pieced together
the complete story.

From the boy, authorities learned that the youth was
forced to work off a debt of more than $400 to the
Black Flag group, but the reason for the debt is
not known.

Further verifying the new information, authorities
confiscated a printed invoice showing an outstanding
debt to the "Black Flag Retribution Agency" owed
by the boy. The bill shows an original claim dated
May 2, 1973 of $464.62 with another $12.52 added
on for interest. By May 31, 1973, the bill showed
that $54.77 had been paid on the debt.

From the boy's account, authorities learned that
the teen-ager was paying off the debt by ironing
shirts at the rate of ten cents per short-sleeved
shirt abd fifteen cents per long-sleeved shirt.
Still, however, no exact reason could be garnered
for the bill or for the incident involving the chain
other than as some type of disciplinary action.

According to one source who is investigating the
group, the Black Flag Retribution Agency apparently
was founded on several principles, including the
right to punish its owb members or children of

The source said the group was experimenting on
the theory that the group could "purchase the
contract of a person" who had committed a crime
against someone merely by paying off the amount
of the loss suffered by whoever might be accosted.
After the contract is purchased, the group then has
the right to seek any type of retribution and to
inflict any reasonable punishment it deems necessary.

However, authorities indicated late Friday they
are not prepared to attribute any purpose for the
group's existence pending further investigation which
is continuing:

Three of the four person arrested in connection with
the incident were returned to Richland County Jail
after the bond hearing but later were released when
their bonds were posted. The boy's step-mother was
released immediately after the hearing before Magistrate

Black left the university as an instructor last
January after working at the school some ten years.
Black had been an instructor at the university since
1965 and was a research associate at that school
since 1963. A native of Oklahoma, Black received his
masters degree from Virginia Poly-technic Institute
and previously served as a teching assistant at Oklahoma
State University.

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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:15 am

Anarcho-capitalists (“ancaps”) believe in dismantling the state and allowing
unchecked capitalism to govern the world in its place. Even within the small
anarchist world, ancaps are fringe. Anarchists typically describe their
movement as inherently anti-capitalist. Their philosophy describes anarchy
as the rejection of hierarchical structures, which they say capitalism enforces.
Anarcho-capitalists, meanwhile, see money as a liberating force. They promote
a variety of libertarian causes like using cryptocurrency, legalizing all drugs,
and privatizing all public institutions like courts and roads. The movement
reveres the novelist Ayn Rand, whose work outlines a philosophy of radical
selfishness and individualism. Her best-known character, an idealized
capitalist named John Galt, appears to have inspired Galton’s name.


https://www.thedailybeast.com/john-galt ... ts-instead

This has been covered before. Here is the same face localized...

Meet the New Boss- Same As The Old Boss
Meet the New Boss- Same As The Old Boss
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viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1120&p=13162&hilit= ... nce#p12617

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss...


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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:30 am

Well-known Caucasian activist David Duke addressed this issue with Miss Alisa Rosenbaum
some years ago. Although rather dated - along with the defunct New Banner Institute -
his words ring true today as well as they did all those years ago:
Defunct - Later Demolished
Defunct - Later Demolished
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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:22 pm

J. Michael Oliver, one of the two founders of the
now defunct New Banner Institute, comments on the
current turmoil in the markets:


Jim Greig, Director and President Benchmark Metals,
gives updates on why recent drill intersection that
graded 3.05 g/t gold over 57.91 meters has excited
the market.
Today's J. Michael Oliver
Today's J. Michael Oliver
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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Fri Aug 28, 2020 11:58 pm

Michael has indeed become a mover and a shaker
in the Libertarian World. His financial perceptions
and analysis rank right up there with the best.


-Michael’s introduction
-Deep analysis of the gold bull market stair stepping higher.
-Acceleration of the gold and silver move.
-Bull market in gold, “likely its last.”
-Tech stocks heavily distorting indexes.
-Banking stocks never recovered.

The last contact I had with Michael was a letter
post-stamped 12 October 1974 from Cleveland, OH.

Front.png (499.96 KiB) Viewed 1029 times
Back.png (465.58 KiB) Viewed 1029 times
It would be interesting to hear from him today on
the racial element that pertains to the economic
collapse going on - as I post. The Mises Institute
which in considerable details economic revisionism -
but without the key ingredient of race. An
interesting corellation is that a cross-section
of participants in the Libertarian Idea is that
almost all are apparently Caucasian.


As it was at the defunct New Banner Institute -
and as it is at the Mises Instutute today -
race either "does not exist" or at best -
an "arbitrary social construct." Of course,
we must not leave out the Randian edict that
"race is the lowest form of collectivism."

I would be the first to congratulate Michael
on his financial success and having survived
these trying times. However, the twisted
perversions that went on at the New Banner
Institute are as real today as they were then -
now going on the half-century mark. Why did
Michael leave out this item in his dissertation -
and how would he address then today? Inquiring
minds want to know!

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Re: Ayn Rand and Government Assistance

Post by Wade Hampton III » Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:22 pm

Wade Hampton III wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 11:58 pm
Michael has indeed become a mover and a shaker
in the Libertarian World. His financial perceptions
and analysis rank right up there with the best.
Silver To Crush Gold!

Tom welcomes Michael Oliver back to the show. Michael
discusses his book on Anarcho-Capitalism (but not The
New Banner Institute), which focuses on educating readers
in Libertarianism and limited government principles.
He discusses their analysis techniques and how they
keep emotion out of trading decisions. They successfully
utilize their custom momentum indicators to determine
future market direction.

"We have a crisis coming based upon the distortions
that have been built into political and economic
systems over the decades... We've created a huge
debt bubble... and if that ever comes unwound,
then those errors will be exposed like a giant
wound being opened."

In March, the market crash came with a fictional
story, but that does not reflect the underlying
problem with markets and economies. This rally
will likely falter in September and go back in
the sewer, and this time we will enter a slow,
excruciating bear market.

Michael discusses the broader commodity markets
and how they are similar to the late 1970s. During
that time, stocks moved sideways for several years,
and now commodities are the low-risk, good return
place to be as Central Banks will continue printing.

Michael discusses how the Fed has limited control
over the longer-term end of the Treasury market.
He discusses where he thinks treasuries and the
stock market are going over the next year.

The coming chaos will cause fundamental changes in
monetary policy, and central banks are going away.
There will be a reversion back to market forces
and away from centralized banking structures.

He discusses how silver will likely outperform gold
over the next couple of years.

Wade says, "I agree with Michael. Libertarians and
racially conscious Whites have much in common. Our
respective camps are both overwhelmingly White! How
this will play out in the coming years will be
very fascinating! I am intrigued at how incredibly
difficult Libertarians can go to - in order to convince
themselves that 'race does not exist'."
Race DOES Exist!
Race DOES Exist!
209.PNG (79.21 KiB) Viewed 961 times
Time Stamp References:
0:45 - His book, philosophy, and early career.
6:20 - Debt and outlook for the US markets.
13:00 - Anticipating market corrections.
18:30 - Commodity performance.
23:15 - Treasury bill expectations yield and rates.
26:15 - Finding the buy signal.
29:20 - Coming dramatic move for gold and silver.
31:50 - Silvers top of the list potential.
35:30 - Performance of miners and juniors.


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