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Today's United States

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Today's United States

PostWed Dec 06, 2017 12:35 pm

Earlier, while slurping my big mug of coffee watching, there was a story on the teacher shortage in California.
Naturally the cameras panned a few different classrooms.
Honestly I couldn't believe it, the one classroom looked to be mostly oriental, others Hispanic and black with very few White "American looking" children.
It brought back memories of being caught behind two large school (not the medium sized or "short") buses which both stopped to unload the kids at a large garden apartment complex on US-202 just south of US-46 in Parsippany.
Indians were pouring out of those buses, I doubt many, if any White kids got off those two buses.
Now, after reading/listening to some of Ann Coulter's rants about "chain immigration" and whole villages being relocated to our land of milk & honey do I really understand how those dirty bastard Kennedy's, LBJ and liberal (mostly Jewish) Democrats really destroyed this country the way Europe is being done in today.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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Re: Today's United States

PostThu Dec 07, 2017 12:16 am

America is dead. Only the Jews' degenerate multiculti empire remains in which we are aliens. Sad, considering how our kind conquered it and instituted this "American" experiment that contained within it its own seeds of White destruction. Well, the experiment is over and so far as I'm concerned the lesson has been learned.

What remnants of Whites who have or can attain consciousness of Our Cause must be gathered to save our race from the genocide it's trending towards so we can reconquer this land one day and make it safe for White families to progress in all ways. Oh it won't be us personally, but rather our descendants. I don't expect future historians of the competent and White variety to write anything good about this epoch save that those few of us who are looking towards our people's future did what needed to be done and paid what price it exacted---and that it was enough.

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