Victory Frenzy

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Victory Frenzy

Post by Wolf Stoner » Sun May 08, 2022 4:21 pm

Victory Frenzy

Russian quest for lost greatness

Putin’s Russia, being a state without roots and identity, always experienced acute lack of its own existential purpose. Initially, Putin and his gang placed their bet on increasing prosperity and expanding middle-class. But, being a corrupt and utterly inefficient system, they were not able to provide consistent economic growth. The whole Putin’s economic miracle of his first two terms was based exclusively on high oil prices. Eventually, when disillusionment started to set in among general populace, the protest movement emerged. The system was successful to quell it in 2011-12 but it needed a long-term solution against all future outbreaks of discontent. Lacking any positive factors and being unable to deliver tangible increase in living standards, the system shifted its priorities into ideology. It started hastily create some kind of ad-hock “national idea” based on Stalinism and imperialism. It allowed to divert public attention and in the same time to legitimize its crackdown on dissent. Now, system’s critics were seen not as enemies of the ruling party but as “enemies of the people” and “foreign-paid provocateurs”. This ideological trick has allowed state system to redirect public anger into a safe channel. From now on anyone criticizing regime was proclaimed to be an enemy and the main cause of all internal problems.

The cornerstone of this neo-Stalinist ideology has become the fairy-tale version of the Soviet war against Germany in 1941-45. Putin’s propaganda machine has transformed this historic event into a never-ending, ever-present ongoing affair that dominates all spheres of public activity.

All year round, from Kuril Islands to Kaliningrad (occupied Konigsberg), from kindergartens to universities, from prisons to military garrisons the garish victory paraphernalia dominates the landscape. From dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, all state media channels constantly stuff victory nonsense into people’s minds. The methods of brainwashing are even more crude and aggressive than they were back in Soviet times. The mainstream crowd feels itself obliged to participate in this theater of absurdity. Most of them do it willingly; but even those who don’t especially like this frenzy, participate all the same because of fear being socially ostracized.

In Putin’s Russia you are not simply nudged into being a part of this frenzy but aggressively pushed into it. Some stratums of society have no choice at all; for example prison inmates, military personnel, law enforcement, state officials, school teachers and workers of many other state-owned agencies. State continues to be the main employer in Russia, therefore, it can easily enforce its ideology through this channel. You are simply sacked if you do not want to be a part of this victory frenzy and other state-sponsored public activities. All in all, these measures have allowed to create ostensible majority support for the overall Kremlin’s policy. There is simply no other way for tens of millions of Russians. The passive majority, lemmings, accept this as a given reality; they don’t like to question any authority; they are happy to bow before any dominant force. And they are happy to feel themselves a part of this seemingly all-mighty state. This whole crowd voluntarily repeats everything that emanates from foul mouths of the state TV propagandists.

Since 2014 Russian society lives in a parallel reality. After starting its clandestine invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin ratcheted up its propaganda to the level when it has lost any connection to obvious reality. After it was done, there was no way back. The Russian society, being like a drug-addict, needed ever greater dose of narcotics to be kept satisfied and calm. And the most potent narcotic happened to be this same foundational myth about “Our Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War”.

The system sees it as the main leverage on public mind and is determined to guard this myth from any critical look and from any inconvenient questions. Any doubts about the state-sanctioned version of history about Soviet participation in WW2 is punishable by criminal law. Every citizen of Russia must accept what state propaganda says.

But so far Kremlin preferred to rely mainly not on law-enforcement but on creating a favorable (to its version) public atmosphere. The system tries to create the overwhelming public consensus on this topic; and it encourages all kinds of violent actions against any dissenters. Therefore, Kremlin can suppress most of the dissent without immediate use of law-enforcement. Police is used only when other tools don’t work. But in most cases mainstream people are weak enough to be cowed through milder methods. The strong voice of a school principal is the weapon potent enough to keep in obedience 99% of students and to exact full compliance in all questions relating to Victory Frenzy. The same happens on a work place. The head of any state enterprise is given orders from above about how many of his workers should be sent to any planned public action organized by the ruling party and he eagerly executes those orders. Anyone refusing to comply is simply advised to quit this work (it should be noted that in contrast to Stalinist time people are not yet sent straight into death camps for simply refusing to support party-line; they are only denied an opportunity to earn money). For military conscripts it is the same as it was in all times; the slightest disobedience is cured by ample beatings to the point when the victim is happy to do anything he is said to do. These are the main social levers of enforcing Russian social consensus on any political issue.

Mental pressure is enough for great majority of people; especially for the kind of society that Russia has. The Soviet state was very successful in breeding the new type of universal slave whose main task in life is to please his master. The infinitesimal minority of people with independent minds is kept under tight scrutiny by the strong state security agencies; these agencies were never hesitant in employing any amount of violence to achieve compliance.

Having briefly outlined the overall framework of Russian public consensus, now I will describe this phenomenon itself. The Victory Frenzy. As I said, it goes on all year around, 24 hours a day but it has its special outburst in the period around 9th of May. Previously, 10-15 years ago, the celebrations started about a week before the actual date; now it is about a month before and a month after the 9th of May when all kinds of public events are organized in “commemoration of our Great Victory against Nazism”.

The “fight against Nazism” has surpassed its historical dimension and emerged as a present-day sick reality when Putin declared his “special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine”. From then onward everyone in Russia is obliged to support this “struggle to eradicate Nazism and Fascism”. You can’t question the validity of these proclaimed tenets; anyone doubting it openly is punished with fines ranging from 500 to 1000 dollars (the average monthly income in Russia is about 400 dollars). But if someone tries to protest more vigorously, he is sentenced for a few years in prison. As you can see, there is no option in Russia to have a different opinion on the topic of the Second World War.

The mainstream crowd is happy to be part of this glorious Victory Frenzy and uses all kinds of creative ways for pleasing the rulers. People compete with each other to invent ever more insane styles of showing their devotion to the Victory Cult. It is all outside of the realm of sanity and common sense but it is the new normal in Putin’s Russia.

Russian official historiography tries its utmost to bend facts to the prefabricated alternative reality. Hundreds of “historic” books are printed each year that “reveal previously unknown facts” about “vile Nazis” and “treacherous western allies”.

Mass media and movie industry in Russia show even more egregious examples of departure from reality. They are even less bound by necessity of preserving any kind of historical consistency and truthfulness, especially in movies. The Russian producers compete with each other in creating something ever more disgusting and outrageously untrue. The period of relative artistic freedom in Russia of 1990es and early 2000es has gone completely. Nowadays, the Russian movies about WW2 present a bizarre crossbreed of Hollywood trash with early Soviet ideologically stuffed productions. They are even more disgusting and empty than late Soviet movies; these productions have no artistic value whatsoever.

Yet one especial trait of these modern movies is that the quality of actors and directors is so low that they don’t even try to recreate the genuine setting of 1940es. They use modern words and expressions when speaking in movie scenes and sometimes even dress in something that was never used in those times. And they don’t care a bit; the quality of everything in Russia has plummeted to the lowest depths. Actually, they don’t need to preserve any historical truth; it is not their task; their task is to indoctrinate new generation with the simplest set of dogmas that could be reduced to the following ideas: “Germans are the worst creatures on earth; they are not even humans; they were always bad. Hitler was the worst German of all times. The whole Europe is bad too, although not as bad as Germans but, all the same, deserves to be incinerated completely. Soviet Union was the best country on Earth; it freed the whole Europe and the whole world from Nazism; but, despite of this, the ungrateful Europeans, especially vile Poles, continue to hate Russia for no reason. We should kill our enemies; we are the best of all on Earth and our army is invincible; anyone opposing us must be annihilated. Ukrainians were always traitors; they are not even a nation but backward Russians that can’t even speak proper Russian; they should be reeducated; the incorrigible ones must be done away with”. These are the ideological messages that are fed into Russian brains through movies and mass culture. What else could we expect when a crowd nourished by this pigswill invades one of the “enemy countries”? Everything that follows is predictable and inevitable.

Now I will recount some of the most repugnant features of the Victory Frenzy. It is all well known inside Russia but is mostly unknown in other countries.
To understand this phenomenon we must first remember that the modern Russian society is the product of the two dominant mental factors: communist indoctrination and post-Soviet Americanism with its rampant robbery of public property and total collapse of morality, especially in sexual relationships. This last factor has left indelible hallmark on all other aspects of Russian society. In Soviet Union, despite of all its obvious faults, the basic social norms were left intact. People were allowed to adhere to the traditional family values and were not swamped with moral filth the like of which was spreading in USA since 1960es.

After the collapse of USSR in 1991 the floodgate for this filth were fully opened; no restrictions whatsoever. Russia was inundated with all imaginable filth of all hues, including pornographic materials that were forbidden for open circulation even in America itself. But in a “new democratic Russia” of those years everything was allowed. Russian mind was absolutely unprepared to withstand such a tsunami. Russians were accustomed to perceive everything that goes from above as something bearing a stamp of approval; it was inconceivable for them to suspect any foul play on the part of their superiors. They simply accepted this filth as the new normal. Certainly, there were feeble voices protesting this insanity, but they were drowned by approving howling of degenerate dehumanized crowd. The pace of moral decay increased tenfold. In a few years’ time Russians sunk to the lowest depth, especially in terms of sexual morality. All kinds of the most outrageous vices had become commonplace from top to bottom of society. All of it was approved and encouraged by the Jewish media bosses, who were the main agents facilitating spread of this filth.

Predictably, the numbers of abortions and sexually transmitted deceases increased manifold. Combined with the worsening medical care in the mostly defunct country, it substantially decreased the overall health of the population and increased its mortality. Alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, vagrancy were related factors that pulled the whole society down the slope.

With this dismal background Putin comes to power in 1999. The state is in total disarray; society is rapidly disintegrating, the restive national minorities are trying to bite their share of the dying beast. All these factors left no doubts about the coming imminent collapse of the country with unpredictable consequences. The ruling class started to understand that in case of collapse they would lose everything. To prevent this they initiated a set of radical measures to reanimate the dying country. The events of those times are well known: the mysterious apartment bombings with consequent war in Caucasus. The war allowed to introduce additional restrictive measures in society; the power of law-enforcement was increased. The road toward new totalitarianism was started. At first it was almost imperceptible and almost harmless, but the overall dynamic was all too obvious.

In order to be succinct I will write “Putin” in all cases when in reality I need to write “system” or “the ruling group”. Putin isn’t a dictator in a straight sense of the word. He executes the collective wishes of the whole ruling group and we can’t even be sure whether the man that is now posed as Putin is the same man that we had seen back in 1999. There are some well-founded doubts about this. But it is irrelevant for our enquiry. Therefore, I will everywhere write “Putin” even when implying the whole gang.

Putin understood that Russian Federation was under real danger of disintegration. He threw all available military forces to quell the Caucasus rebellion. The initial onslaught was partially successful. But after the main Chechen separatist forces were defeated and driven deep into the mountains, the irritated chorus of multi-national ruling class and regional elites started to be perceptible. They feared for their own fiefdoms and were ready to oppose the Kremlin’s infringements if needed. Putin was compelled to take this factor into account. The whole operation in Caucasus was scaled back and transformed into an internal affair. Some Chechen clans were given power to subjugate all other clans. Together with massive financial infusions, it allowed gradual pacification of this restive region to happen. But it created a very precarious balance where powerful Chechen clans could blackmail central Russian government and to wield unlimited power in their own lands. In essence, Russia only preserved its right for overall formal possession of Chechnya. All local affairs were managed by Chechens themselves but with central funding. In essence it amounted to tribute payments; it is why Chechens see this whole situation as their victory; and it is really their victory.

Why I devoted so much attention to this Chechen topic? Because it demonstrates perfectly the overall fake nature of all Putin’s “achievements”. The main purpose of Putin’s vaunted “reforms” was to produce favorable impression on the general population, to persuade them that everything goes well and that social order was restored. Putin brilliantly succeeded in this task.

Afterward, all his actions were modelled on the same template; he didn’t care about actual content but about the external impression. He started to perceive the whole reality as a contest of impressions; and it seems that he himself lost the ability to differentiate between reality and false images.

The restoration of Russian economic might had the same essence as the war in Chechnya; the impression of victory with actual content of defeat. All remnants of the real industrial base were finally destroyed in early 2000es and in their place fake industries were established; they consisted of assembly lines for various foreign gadgets. It required neither highly skilled personnel nor elaborate planning of complicated logistical chains. The international corporations brought everything in a ready package. The only thing they needed was a permission to operate here. In such a way an impression of economic miracle was created. Putin was greatly emboldened by this and it persuaded him that everything could be done in such fashion.

After seeming success with the above mentioned problems, Putin started to deal with the following issues: educational system, military reform, law-enforcement, public morality. I have written about fake nature of all measures directed to create mighty army, efficient law-enforcement and functioning public education. No need to repeat it. On each occasion the campaigns were loudly trumpeted but each time it turned out to be yet another fake. Those spheres were not improved but deteriorated even further on Putin’s watch.

Public morality issue deserves special attention for our topic because the whole Victory Frenzy is predicated on the supposed high level of spirituality in Russian society. At first Putin placed his bet on Orthodox Christianity. It was widely promoted and given preferential treatment. But even this sphere was subject to the same failure of producing artificial impressions rather than actual content. All kinds of dubious personalities were enrolled into priesthood. Numbers were put above quality. Those good for nothing creatures in a matter of a few years destroyed the whole reputation of Orthodox Church, scaring away all decent people from this community. Orthodoxy was transformed into a state religion with inevitable ossification of real spirituality that existed among Orthodox adherents in late 1980es – early 1990es (I should note that in the long run this failure of Orthodoxy, as well as all other Christian branches, serves us well because it eliminates our competitors in the field of genuine spirituality).

When real troubles came in 2014, Orthodoxy abjectly failed to deliver perceptible political results and was relegated to the second row. Militant Stalinism ascended to the role of unofficial state ideology. Since then Orthodoxy serves only auxiliary role.

Putin understood that morally depraved society cannot withstand stress of war and cannot create a foundation for social economic development. This understanding impelled him to start his drive to restore family values. But as usual, the main effort was made in the field of appearances, not substance. All media started to trumpet the idea about family values and sanctity of traditions, without specifying what it really means. This campaign bought admiration of American conservatives who took this trash at face value.

Maybe Putin really wanted to do all those good things but each time it turned out to be yet another fake. And it is totally unimportant whether those intentions were genuine or not; the final reckoning is made by results, not intentions.

The process of moral decay that started in 1990es has never stopped. Putin’s system created only an appearance of improvement in this sphere. Spread of sexual perversions, prostitution, drug addiction, sexually transmitted deceases, alcoholism and overall deterioration of behavioral standards among people never stopped under Putin. The Russian society now is worse on all those points than it was at the start of his rule. The sum total of Putin’s 22 years in office is absolutely negative; there is no positive counterweight against all those faults of his rule.
I expanded into this field of moral decadence in order to depict the background along which this whole fake theater of official patriotism is orchestrated.

The mainstream majority in Russia are not better in terms of morality than the mainstream majority in USA. The crash course of “sexual revolution” was crammed into Russian society in early 1990es. The famous Russian intrinsic qualities of decency, chastity and honesty, especially among women, were successfully eliminated (with few rare exceptions). Modern Russians are soaked with the same set of materialistic ideas of unbridled craze of money and hedonism; nothing else matters for them. The only difference between now and 1990es is that now the system tries to create an appearance of traditional decent society.

Having this whole dirty baggage, Putin’s Russia has engaged on moral crusade to become a beacon of moral hope for the whole world. And the linchpin of this crusade for moral values was chosen to be “The Great Victory of Soviet People against Fascism”. Yes, Putin placed his whole bet on this myth. All aspects of Russian society were tied to this myth. It is the main tenet that everyone must repeat and pay obeisance to. The crowd of his slaves obediently regurgitates this hogwash and try to please their masters by inventing ever more garish ways of “honoring our war heroes” and “glorifying the immortal feat of Soviet soldiers”.

And how they do it? Here comes the funny part. It is well known that each man is inclined to do everything according to his own image. It is precisely how it happens with this whole public campaign of “honoring war heroes”. And how, for example, a prostitute could honor “war heroes”? Yes, obviously, with striptease; with discounts for veterans of the war. No jokes; there were banners of some of Moscow’s night clubs with such advertisements a few years ago.

The underwear with red stars, black-orange ribbons and even with the image of marshal Zhukov; all kinds of other goods decorated with Soviet military symbols and war-time famous images. All stores in Russia overflow with this kind of goods; you can see everywhere those symbols.

And, certainly, in days leading to the sacred date of 9th of May, all Russian celebrities and all lower grade workers in public entertainment, education and culture are engaged in organizing various concerts, open-air shows and other mass events dedicated to the Victory. Everyone is involved; the state wants to engage as many people as possible in this process; the illusion of national unity is created for a few days; it seems that everyone is happy beyond limits about the fact that some decades ago his forefathers died in order to save the very life on the planet. It sounds as if it was a Martian invasion that threatened to kill off all humans on the planet. And absolute majority accepts this illogical outlook as undeniable truth. It is incurable.

Some activists in this field are eager so much that they are ready to go even beyond the existing limits of morality (however wide they are). Some years ago there was a case when a dance teacher prepared a performance with her young student girls where they danced so-called “twerk”. Yes, girls 10 to 14 years of age dressed in black-orange tight swimsuits performing sexually explicit dance…and this whole show dedicated to “The Victory against Fascism”. This fact produced uproar among more conservatively minded Russians and they started to write complaints to various state agencies; the teacher was reprimanded and the whole affair swept under carpet. She later jumped from the initial “Victory Day” bandwagon and asserted that this performance was unconnected to this celebration; her girls-band continued to perform this kind of dances without any further complaints from the public.

It was deemed inconvenient only because performers were too young. In many other cases, adult girls perform all kinds of striptease dances at night clubs on holy occasion of “Our Great Victory against Fascism”. This victorious pornography is accepted as something normal; no one seems to be ashamed or embarrassed by it.

Yet one aspect of this Victory Frenzy is the obligatory participation of all educational institutions from kindergartens to universities. All students must perform songs, reenact combat scenes, march in military uniforms of those times and so on. Teachers compete with each other to find yet more extravagant ways to show their patriotic ardor and make a score before their superiors. This drive produces some bizarre examples. For example, there were many cases when small children, sometimes as young as three years of age, were paraded in kindergartens in military uniforms. Some parents oppose this insanity but absolute majority prefers to drift along the prevalent current.

Local authorities try to be ahead in this drive too. Each year mayors and governors of all towns and cities spend substantial sums of money from local budgets on organizing Victory celebrations and on abundant paraphernalia, such as flags and huge banners. Municipal buses and cars are all painted in black-orange patterns, red flags, hammers and sickles, red stars, images of various WW2 heroes and sometimes even Stalin. Any attempt to oppose this patriotic overdrive is met with threats of criminal persecution under the criminal code article of “rehabilitation of Nazism”. According to perverted Putinist logic anyone opposing this insanity is automatically considered as a “Nazi sympathizer”. And to be suspected of being a “Nazi sympathizer” is perceived by mainstream people as the worst that can happen in life. It is like being accused of sorcery in Medieval Spain. And the only way to dispel such suspicions is to show off your Soviet patriotism in the most ardent ways.

It is worth to note that, despite of this patriotic overdrive, the level of historical knowledge among general population is extremely low; especially among younger generation. The main source of knowledge for them are movies. Their whole intellectual baggage about WW2 could be described in a few sentences: “Hitler was the worst man in history; he took power in Germany, militarized it and conquered the whole Europe. But it wasn’t enough for him and he invaded Soviet Union. But our peaceful country had destroyed evil Hitler and freed Europe from German yoke”. I have expressed it in more or less coherent way; usually, Russians do it with more words but with even less actual content. It could be correct to describe their historical knowledge not as absolute zero but as a negative digit because if they simply knew nothing, it would be better. Instead, their heads are stuffed with the most incongruous and mutually exclusive absurdities. In most cases it is impossible to rectify; the mental damage is permanent.

One of the absurdities that Putinist propaganda floated in the last years is the idea that America helped Hitler and incited him to invade Soviet Union; and that Lend-Lease aid to USSR was only a smoke screen to deceive Russians and had played infinitesimal role in the war. Kremlin’s propagandists try to rewrite history according to their current needs. If now America is an enemy, then, it must have been an enemy always, including in WW2. But however absurd those new versions are, they are believed and accepted as absolute truth.

This lack of historical knowledge sometimes produces very funny confuses. There were multiple cases when Victory Day banners used combat photos of German soldiers; people who prepared those banners thought that there were depicted Soviet soldiers. The same happens with images of military hardware. All too often photos of German tanks and trucks are shown as if these were Soviet ones. Some of those incidents were even investigated by police on suspicion of being a conscious informational sabotage; but it always turned out to be simple lack of the most rudimentary knowledge about WW2. In most cases those banners are prepared by young female advertising designers who take the first encountered photos on internet and insert them into their work; they have neither time nor desire to research this subject so alien to them.

This Victory Frenzy well coexists with the overall Americanized mentality of modern Russian society. Absolute majority of Russians wear jeans and other western fashion clothes but assert their devotion to “traditional values”. It looks especially funny among females of loose character; they like to decorate their indecent clothes with black-orange “Saint George” ribbons and to recount how all of their great grandparents fought Nazis and freed Europe. This theater of absurdity is the everyday reality in Putin’s Russia. Some of the most incongruous expressions of this fake patriotism are impossible to describe by words; it must to be seen.

Obviously, this fake patriotism has absolutely no intrinsic value; it is as empty as all other aspects of Putinist society.
One of the most prominent features of the Victory Frenzy is the so-called “Immortal Regiment” event, when hundreds of thousands of people in all major cities in Russia gather and march with portraits of their ancestors who fought in WW2. This event is presented as something going from people’s hearts but in reality it is an event organized by governmental agencies and heavily promoted by all state media. The mass participation is the key of success for this event. But in the last few years it had ever few genuine participants. Therefore, government organizers employed their usual tool of administrative coercion and enticing by money handouts. School and university students were simply ordered to attend; the same with many governmental agencies. Other people were offered small sums of money plus free food at the event’s sites. As usual, it proved to be the most effective way of gathering Russians. 500 rubles given for a couple of hours at the mass gathering is more than an average Russian can earn at his regular work in the same time; therefore, it is a good deal for many.

Here comes the most interesting part. The real attendees of the “Immortal Regiment” must prepare themselves beforehand the hand-held posters with photos of their ancestors-soldiers; it is the crux of the event; they must proudly saunter with those posters, thereby, displaying their devotion to their grandfathers who “freed the world from Nazism”. Obviously, the crowd of student loafers and paid vagabonds would not bother to make such things; therefore, they are provided with prefabricated posters depicting random soldiers and officers of WW2 period. Certainly, they are not their relatives. After event concludes, all those posters are thrown out in the nearest garbage collection box, where they lay in mass for all to see. The pictures of those scattered posters were the butt of many jokes about “Immortal Regiment”. People teasingly call this event “the grandfather impaled on a stick” (because a poster is attached to a stick for convenience of holding it).

The overall Putinist drive to create a war-like mentality among Russian motley population has failed; people are willing to comply with any insane initiative flown by the government but do it exclusively because of conformist considerations. Certainly, there are many of those who are susceptible to this insane drive and are ready to “fight against the enemy to the end” but these are far from being a majority. At least half of the population disagrees with what happens but prefers to remain silent in order to evade possible troubles; this passive conformism allows the system to claim overwhelming support for all its measures. And so far this scheme worked perfectly.

But it is sure to start crumble down under the ever increasing war burden. People were willing to participate in this patriotic theater of absurdity as long as it seemed an innocent play; but now, when they are asked to pay for it by half of their income and even by blood of their children, these same people start to rethink their position and to doubt their allegiance to this bloodthirsty system. Chickens come home to roost; what yesterday for many seemed as an innocent undertaking, “rallying around the flag” requiring nothing more than a two-hour attendance at the government-sponsored event, now turns out to be a demand to sacrifice their own lives in order “to save our country and to defeat Nazism”. And it is a bit too much for modern Russians; they have become too soft to accept a prospect of feeding lice in trenches for years and have thin porridge as the only available delicacy. It all was good as a play but not as a hard reality.

Here starts the ever more obvious rift between the system and its subjects; there are signs of growing discontent everywhere. It is the main reason why Putin didn’t proclaim mass mobilization so far. He fears mass revolt; the seemingly loyal crowd could become a hateful wasp-nest when faced with a prospect of dying in a foreign war. It is the gravest dilemma for Putin. What to do next? It is the situation like the one described on a signpost (road stone) in many Russian fairy-tales: “if you go to the right – you will die; if you go to the left – your horse will die; if you go straightforward – both, you and your horse will die”. Putin now is at this very crossroad; any choice is fatal and there is no going back. But, whatever troubles, the system has its universal answer: “We had defeated Nazism and will do it again…”

PS: I have compiled a short video presenting some examples of the ongoing collective madness in Russia. As I said, it is beyond any rational description; it must to be seen.

Russian Dissident

Re: Victory Frenzy

Post by Russian Dissident » Tue May 10, 2022 9:09 am

Hello and thank you for the brilliant and insightful article. As a Russian I really appreciate your work. However I would also add some racial remarks. For example, I think our American friends will have a hard time figuring out who Chechens are. For example a kind of British right-wing celebrity Mark Collet called Chechens "White Muslims". But are they? At best they look like a mix of White people and Arabs. A genetic research has shown that they are closely related to Jews.

Second, I would bring examples of using Victory Frenzy propaganda as an engine for race mixing. For examples we could hear on TV that different sorts of our non-white "work immigrants" are brothers to Russians because we fought and won Nazism together. Or on the eve of 9 of May we could see banners with those same immigrants wearing Soviet Army's uniforms as if to show that they "also fought" and so must have the right to live here.

Thank you.

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Re: Victory Frenzy

Post by Will Williams » Tue May 10, 2022 9:34 am

Wolf Stoner wrote:
Sun May 08, 2022 4:21 pm
Victory Frenzy

Russian quest for lost greatness
Russian society, being like a drug-addict, needed ever greater dose of narcotics to be kept satisfied and calm. And the most potent narcotic happened to be this same foundational myth about “Our Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War."
PS: I have compiled a short video presenting some examples of the ongoing collective madness in Russia. As I said, it is beyond any rational description; it must to be seen.

Fascinating. I asked my Russian wife Svetlana why so many of her friends and family were wishing me "happy birthday" on 8 May -- considerably more than Americans were. She told me it's because it is so close to Victory Day in her home country -- a very big day each 9th of May. I had no idea just how big until reading Wolf's account of it here on WB. Here's the Wiki version:

Compare with the corresponding V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) that is barely acknowledged each year on its 8 May anniversary. Oddly enough, 8 May, 1945, was President Harry Truman's 61st birthday. What an outstanding birthday present: "Victory over Fascism." :roll:

The black and orange Georgian ribbon that is prominent in Wolf's video, and its history is explained here:
If Whites insist on participating in "social media," do so on ours, not (((theirs))). Like us on; follow us on ᛉ

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Re: Victory Frenzy

Post by Wolf Stoner » Wed May 11, 2022 3:34 pm

Russian Dissident wrote:
Tue May 10, 2022 9:09 am
...I would also add some racial remarks. For example, I think our American friends will have a hard time figuring out who Chechens are. For example a kind of British right-wing celebrity Mark Collet called Chechens "White Muslims". But are they? At best they look like a mix of White people and Arabs. A genetic research has shown that they are closely related to Jews.
Yes, you are absolutely right. There is a widespread misunderstanding in the West about Russian internal interethnic relations. The mainstream people in the West simply don’t know the whole complexity of this question in Russia. There is even no differentiation in English between ethnic Russians (Russkie) and citizens of Russia (Rossiyane). The first are the real Russians and the second are all other holders of RF passports.

The share of ethnic Russians in RF is constantly diminishing. In two decades of Putin’s rule about 20 million of Asians were brought in under pretext of economic needs. The ethnic composition of some cities has changed beyond recognition. For example, in the city where I live (in central Russia) the share of Asian migrants (mostly Uzbeks and Tajiks) is above 30%; their share among young people is more than 50%. There are some local kindergartens and primary schools where Russian children are in minority. This trend has passed the point of no return; there is no peaceful solution of this problem. Putin’s system was instrumental in creating this situation.

Few words about Chechens. Definitely, they have nothing to do with White Race. First of all because of their awful mentality. They are beasts, not humans. They are probably the worst tribe on Earth in terms of savagery and bloodthirstiness. America had an opportunity to acquaint itself with Chechens through Tsarnaev brothers. Chechens turned out to be a veritable plague for Russia. They are not especially numerous (about 2 million) but they constitute the backbone of all the most influential criminal organizations in the country. It would not be an exaggeration to assert that their very tribe works as an extended criminal syndicate. For centuries the main business of this tribe was to plunder surrounding nations and to hide in mountains when just punishment comes. They succeeded in this business excellently.

Yet one of the unforgivable crimes of Putin’s regime was to elevate Chechens to the unofficial status of a Praetorian Guard of the regime. Putin’s system heavily relies on Chechens in its suppression of dissent in Russia. Chechens and other North Caucasus tribesmen are widely used in riot police units.

Chechens were the first who supported Bolsheviks in 1917. They at once started to massacre local Russian population even before the wider Civil War started. They were loyal to Soviet power throughout Civil War in 1917-1920. But after the Civil War ended, they rebelled against the new system too because they hate any orderly society. Before it, they fought against Russian empire for more than a century.

The origin of Chechens is not known precisely. But there is a hypothesis that they are the remnants of Khazars, whose state encompassed North Caucasus region, lower Don and Volga rivers.

In modern times Chechens had become especially notorious for their morbid predilection to bloody executions of their victims. They massacred hundreds of innocent people on camera for only reason to intimidate other Russians. In 1990es they ethnically cleansed the whole Russian community in Chechen republic. 300 thousands Russians were chased out of there or killed. No one left; from then onward Chechnya has become an ethnically pure territory in Russian Federation.

In 1990es Chechens openly practiced slavery and slave trade; they kept thousands of Russian slaves whom they exploited mercilessly, tortured and killed. Chechen gangs roamed other regions of Russia, robbed businessmen, took hostages for money, racketeered, stole cars. The quasi-independent Chechnya had become a criminal hub where the whole economy consisted of all kinds of illegal activities (wholesale narcotics import into other Russian regions, processing of stolen cars, slave trade, printing of fake money, explosives and guns production).

Chechen way of torture and executions is especially nasty; they are as cruel as American Indians. They try to inflict as much pain as possible to their victim. They cut fingers, ears, disembowel when a victim is yet alive. Especially they fond of cutting off heads; not rapidly chopping off, as it is usual among other tribes but to do it in slow fashion with a knife, enjoying the process. There are multiple videos of such executions. It should be stressed that those atrocities were not detached actions of some criminals but this behavior was widely supported by the whole Chechen community. It is normal and even commendable for them. They glorify those perpetrators as “national independence fighters”.

At the end of 1990es this criminal cancer has grown to such an extent that it brought the whole Russia to its knees. It is why the central authorities were compelled to start the second Chechen War in 1999. Don’t believe the fairy-tales that are widespread in Western media about innocent peaceful Chechens and cruel Russians who bombed them for nothing. Chechens justly deserved those actions; the only problem is that Putin and his Kremlin gang in essence betrayed Russian interests by dealing with a section of Chechen criminals in order to accelerate the end of the war. They empowered one of the criminal clans for it to suppress its rivals and to bring an appearance of pacification of the region. This trick only deepened the whole problem, placing an even greater explosive charge under the whole Russian state. Now is the time coming when this charge is ready to explode.

The idea that Chechens are “White Muslims” is totally unacceptable. Mark Collett is apt to be wide of the mark on many questions. We can say “White Muslims” about Bosnians whose only difference from other Slavic tribes is their religion. But Chechens were never a part of any White nation or tribe. They are Asians; the worst kind of Asians.

I must say a few words about the fact that many Chechens have white appearance; sometimes they are even indistinguishable from Europeans (but their identity becomes instantly obvious when they start speaking; they are unable to hide their accent and peculiar expressions). This fact has very simple explanation. As I said, for centuries Chechens invaded southern Russian lands and captured Russian people. Some of the captured women were sold to Turkey but some were kept as concubines. The progeny of those concubines, obviously, had more European look; with time this process substantially changed the overall Chechen appearance. In Soviet time Chechens frequently married Russian women (for obvious reason that they look better; Chechen women are exceptionally ugly; both in look and in character). Ramzan Kadyrov is a typical example of such mixture; he is definitely at least half-Russian in his genetics. But such mongrels are even worse than more Asiatic Chechens. I had an opportunity to see such Chechens in real life. They are absolutely intolerable. They always try do dominate. Any kindness they see as weakness and use any opportunity to impose their will. You simply can’t do any business with such creatures. It is enough to mention the fact that Chechens were able to ruin relations with all foreign fighters who came to their assistance in 1990es. Only Arabs remained at their side but only because they themselves had subjugated the whole Chechen cause to their wider Islamic agenda.

Chechens have become the epitome of evil in Russia. The fact that Putin’s regime chose Chechens as its most reliable fighters, says volume about this regime itself. But Chechens were never trustworthy for anyone. They align themselves with Putin as long as it serves their ends. But they are sure to betray this regime at the very moment the Putin’s throne start to shake.

There is one trait of Chechens that should be noted. When they are in minority (especially when a Chechen man is alone among other people), they behave in a very meek and polite fashion; especially they try to please people in authority and they are very able in it. They start to show their true face when they become more numerous. They are very coherent and always act in gangs; they understand that their force is in their community; when alone they are nothing. The moment they gain numeric superiority, they completely change their behavior. Politeness evaporates and true beastliness surface up. This fact is well known for all who served in Russian army. The units where Chechens are majority (or even a numerous minority) are the hell for ethnic Russians. The Russian conscripts are brutally beaten, humiliated, robbed and sometimes killed by Chechens. They turn the defenseless young Russians into slaves who perform all kinds of menial services for them. Officers know these facts but prefer to stay aside in fear of Chechen power. Any officer who would dare to oppose Chechen criminal activities has all too real prospects of being killed on the street.

Does it mean that Chechens are such a mighty tribe that no one can oppose them? Certainly not. There were many Russians who could do it and who created militant organizations to combat Chechen crime. But those Russian organizations were annihilated by Putin’s security services, because they saw them as a threat for their corrupt system. This “combat against extremism” that was going on at the beginning of 2000es, when all major nationalist Russian groups were suppressed, inevitably led to a free reign of street terror from various Asian gangs, especially Chechens. They simply have no one to fear; police itself is afraid of them and the state security service fears to provoke ethnic rebellions throughout Russia, therefore, prefers to overlook ethnic organized crime. Instead, they seek anyone who dare to criticize Putin in social networks or who say anything positive about Hitler’s Germany. These people are considered as the main threat to “state security”, not Chechen cutthroats.

By the way, many of the most outrageous atrocities in Ukraine are committed by Chechens who are now fighting on Putin’s side. They were in Bucha and Mariupol. They rarely engage in real fight with Ukrainian army but they follow behind the front line and seek easy prey. Robberies, looting, rapes, wanton murder of civilians, torture of POW is their modus operandi. Putin uses them for intimidation purposes. After Bucha, the whole population of Eastern Ukraine (who at first preferred to stay, because they held mostly pro-Russian views) started to pack up and move westward. They finally understood that nothing good would happen when those “liberators” come. It is why so many people were gathered at Kramatorsk train station; everyone tried to escape.

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Re: Victory Frenzy

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Fantastic insight, as always. I caught the parade live on TV. I found the sheer amount of people the Puntinists were able to mobilize impressive, even if they were attracted by less than idealistic concerns. I hope one day we can hold our own victory parades with such support.

I was wondering what older Russians think of Stalin? It seems that nostalgia for the USSR is a lot more common among the older folks over there than I imagined.

Always love to read your articles. Keep up the great work.

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Re: Victory Frenzy

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In the last decade the system promoted Stalin as a great statesman whose leadership was crucial in “destroying Nazism”. “Nazism” is absolute evil, according to the official narrative; therefore, Stalin was not only the savior of Russia but the savior of the whole world. Little wonder that mainstream majority started to express favorable views about Stalin. In 1990es only 15 to 20 percent expressed positive attitude toward Stalin. In 2021 more than 60 percent of Russian citizens said that they evaluate Stalin’s role in history as positive. And these are not only older people. Far from it. There are millions of young buffoons who with ardor support this idea of Stalin being an ideal stateman and USSR being a paradise lost.

This insanity is whipped up by the state. Russian society needs a lengthy process of de-Stalinization and this process is sure to entail dismemberment of this country; otherwise, it would not be possible to cure this crowd. I prefer an outcome when the whole RF territory becomes one huge Somali-land with constant internal fighting. Only in such a bloody cauldron it would be possible to clear Russian heads of all communist trash. I think that this process has already started. The utter destruction of Ukrainian cities is the prelude of what is to come with Russia itself. Russia justly deserves it; it is the only way of curing any lingering multinational imperialist ideas.

I am glad that NATO and USA are engaged in a struggle against Putinist system. Both entities are irreconcilably hostile to us; and it is the best outcome when two of your enemies fight against each other. We should remain aside and enjoy the process. Yet again I repeat my advice for all nationalists to remain neutral in this war. It isn’t yet our event. It will come later.

You should not fear that NATO and USA would gain much global power in case RF is defeated. Not at all. The liberal West becomes ever weaker, whatever happens. At the end of the war in Ukraine, all participants would be weaker than before it; and this weakness will be a prerequisite for the following disintegration processes in RF, EU and USA. Only then it will be our part to play.

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