Be careful; be smart; be patient

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Be careful; be smart; be patient

Post by Will Williams » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:40 pm

Yesterday, a fellow named Stephan, who is not a National Alliance member but who likes to comment under articles put up on the Alliance's online magazine, National Vanguard (NV), had the following comment, below, that I've cut from NV and reposted here at White Biocentrism.

Stefan: Reply to
Wolf Stoner
18 February, 2021
Your posts are amazing…I think NV should invite you to write formal articles.
Wolf's offerings at NV are amazing. Unfortunately, his comments there ae usually scrolled off and buried before many visitors to NV see them. That is why I created this section on WB dedicated to Words of Wolf Stoner. I try to catch whatever Wolf writes at NV but miss a lot, I'm sure. I should preserve more of what he write there to here, but only have so much time for doing that.

Perhaps a WB volunteer will monitor Wolf's commentary and do this for us here at WB? (Hint, hint!)

Wolf has registered here at WB and has been commenting some here, especially in the topic, "Good News From United Russia," something he knows about first hand, being an wise and experienced Russian Nationalist. He has repeatedly expressed his admiration for our revolutionary National Alliance approach to the race question and the Cosmotheist teachings of our founder, William Pierce. I hope more like Stephen at NV are taking seriously Wolf's advice to us and will actually join the National Alliance rather than just be entertained.

I did a count on this one free-flowing NV comment of Wolf's: 1,780 words. His gift to express himself to American racial nationalists from Russia is even more remarkable since English is not his first language. I slightly edited this, mostly just breaking into paragraphs to make it easier to read.


Wolf Stoner: Reply to
NEW ORDER needed on earth
17 February, 2021
I partly agree with what do you say. But let me point out on some debatable points. Yes, Whites were too softened in the result of too comfortable life and because of the Christian influence. But to say that the inherent qualities of Whites, such as creation of abstract notions and elevated ideas, is something wrong and unproductive, is a bit too far-fetched.

Yes, non-Whites are stronger because they are not burdened with high spiritual concepts; but a spade or an ax are much more durable than a computer too. Should this fact be advanced as an argument against computers? Almost all White weaknesses are the result of their mental and spiritual superiority. White mind’s work is too complicated, therefore, too vulnerable to various negative influences. You can easily distract a high-tech missile by using electromagnetic impulses against it, but this electronic warfare equipment would be totally useless against an ancient cannon. It is why the main victims of the destructive pop-culture are Whites; their minds are more susceptible to such factors. In the same time Mongoloids or Negros are much less affected by it. They can’t be hurt, for example, by a degenerate art, where people are depicted like shapeless blobs; because they don’t have an innate sense of beauty; it is simply irrelevant to them; it is outside of their mental scope. But this “toughness” or “hardness” is not an advantage. Those highest mental qualities, which could seem irrelevant for someone, are the essence of White people. We are who we are because of those very “weaknesses.”

Bach created his music due to his inner sense of beauty; Copernicus and Bruno elaborated their theories because of insatiable craving for logic, which is too the highest form of beauty. And all these phenomena are abstract too; you can’t precisely define the terms “logic” or “beauty”; you can’t put it into something pulpable and obvious for all. These concepts are too nebulous and evasive to be caught by precise words. But in the same time human mind can discern what is logical and what is not or what is beautiful and what is ugly. Therefore, the vagueness of some phenomena or concepts is not a proof of their irrelevance.

Therefore, I would look at this problem from a different angle. Whites have fallen not because of those highest spiritual values, but because they abandoned them. The modern Whites started to seek only material values; they lost the spiritual inner compass that led them in the previous times. They allowed the alien materialistic Near Eastern influence to dominate their minds. And this very influence has wreaked havoc inside their orderly minds. All those processes of social disintegration that started to afflict White society since 1960es is the result of this alien influence. The enemy was able to turn our highest ideals and spirituality against us. He reprogrammed our minds.

Therefore, our task is not to throw out the computer infected by virus but to identify and annihilate this virus. There is no other way. We cannot simply start to live like savages. It is impossible and counterproductive. The high intelligence, craving for logic and true beauty are the main hallmarks of White race. Without it, the whole racial concept would be pointless. Whites are the highest form of life on the planet. They can’t turn around and become savages like others. They can’t even live together with others, because their mental software is too different.

Being the most advanced organisms on this planet, we have the biggest share of responsibility to bear. No one would solve the mess that was created here. We are the only ones who can and should do it. And we should stop to whining about how miserable we are and how unjustly deprived of everything that was ours. Yes, we are trampled down and thrown out from all key social positions. But it should not cause despondency; on the contrary, it should raise our spirits; it should serve as a bugle’s tune calling for attack. Whites are warriors, first of all. We are not supposed to complain, whine or ask permissions. We are not slaves, but masters. Our destiny is to take what we need, do what we want. Because we are the instruments of Nature, its dearest children; our will is Nature’s will. So, stop whining, rise up and start to act!

There are many ways how anyone can act. It is disgusting when many people repeat this obnoxious phrase “what I can do alone?” or “I would rise up if others do”. The subterfuges of cowardly minds; these excuses are used to justify the continuation of the degenerate mainstream lifestyle.

The war starts out not when guns are fired. Guns fire when war enters its final phase. The first stage of war is the mental determination to act; the unbending obstinate desire to crash the enemy. This first stage of the war happens entirely inside our minds. It is why the enemy puts so much effort to spoil our minds from the earliest age. But if we preserve the clarity of thinking and start to see the reality as it is, the first stage is mostly won.

The second stage is the transformation of our own life according to our internal vision. Everything should be reevaluated. All aspects of life should be questioned and revised. Because the true White warriors cannot and should not live like mainstream servile cattle. Only after this, the third stage is entered – the coalescence of the likeminded people.

These are all the stages that require almost no open confrontation with the surrounding mainstream society. Only when the fourth stage is entered, the political/religious manifestation of the emerged new distinct group, the conflict starts to become obvious. But at this stage the mainstream cattle can’t simply trample you down; they fear any organized group. At this stage the state enters on the stage and tries to eliminate such a group. Therefore, the task number one is to remain as quite as possible and to deny the enemy a convenient pretext to use force.

Waco example should be always held in mind. You don’t need to be criminals for the system to order your wholesale annihilation. Therefore, the whole question about guns’ possession should be carefully studied. You can’t simply reject guns, because you become too vulnerable for common criminals; but in the same time, you can’t start arming yourselves like a military unit; it is sure to trigger a vigorous state response. It is a very tricky question that should be decided according to local social environment.

In Russia, for example, the best that you can have is a couple of shotguns per man. Anything above that attracts too much attention and scrutiny; you simply loose an advantage, instead of gaining it. It is better to not have any legal guns here. Even if you acquire a simple shotgun, the police officers can visit your place of residence anytime they want, under pretext of checking the conditions of gun’s safekeeping. Therefore, if you are a political dissident in Russia and own a gun, you are bound to be constantly annoyed with lengthy police visits in the most inconvenient times.

To sum up; at stage four you can’t continue without guns, but you can’t arm yourself properly either. This dichotomy should be addressed especially carefully and skillfully.

At stage five, the open struggle, happens only when the system collapses. And here the main point should be understood: we can’t cause its collapse; the system is too strong, because the whole mass of mainstream cattle supports it (openly or implicitly by following its ideological precepts). You simply can’t stand up and fight against such a monster. But this monster is dying; its fate is sealed. We don’t need even to interfere in the process of its downfall. I was very glad when all prominent White nationalist leaders in USA without coordination had spoken to their supporters not to participate in the brewing political turmoil around Washington. It was very wise stance. It proves the White mental superiority. Jews hoped to provoke nationalist activists into action to have a pretext for using military force. Instead, they had only a bunch of cranks with US flags who wandered aimlessly around Capitol synagogue, without causing any appreciable material damage. Such an annoyance for Jews!

But even from this almost funny episode (if not for killing of a woman by police) Jews tried to concoct a scaring narrative of a Nazi insurrection. The absurdity of their tales is all too obvious even for the mainstream buffoons. Jews want us to do something really bloody, some kind of “Poland invasion” to pin on us all sins of the Earth. And they are so angry and puzzled why we do nothing of this kind. Jews fell victims of their own propaganda. For many decades they pictured the absurd image of a Nazi senseless monster whose only intention is to indiscriminately kill people, that they themselves believed this lie and now genuinely wondering why we don’t satisfy their expectations. Let them wonder and tear out their hairs in exasperation. We don’t need to do anything from the Hollywood’s Nazi-movies script. Let them think about us in this false light. We don’t need to fight against any state system. The fighting will start when state structure collapses; when the whole house of cards falls; when the Natural reality of life returns to the world. Before it, there is no need to try anything of this kind.

Jews could even provoke something of Ukrainian style scenario, to entice us on the open field. In this case too, we should be particularly cautious. The partial or only superficial collapse of the system isn’t enough to start the process of real change. Therefore, all “Maidan”-style events should be avoided too; these could be either predetermined ruses or, even if initially genuine, could be used as traps later. Our accentuated law-abidance is the primary weapon against the enemy system. They fear it most, because they can’t oppose us in the field of ideas; they need pretext to use police force, and when having any, they lose patience and start to do really stupid things, like bullying and persecution of the innocent people that participated in Capitol event. Let them do it; the more of such senseless suppression the sooner the mainstream public becomes really angry with the self-chosen tribe.

In the meantime our task is to stay aside and to carefully observe the emerging trends. Those who are more clever and more patient will win the war.
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