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Post by Grimork » Sun Dec 20, 2020 10:31 pm

Wolf Stoner-
Thank you, Mister Williams, for your thorough explanation about James Mason. I fully agree with the National Alliance’s vision. I like that you celebrate winter solstice, instead of birth of Middle eastern vagabond. White Race should have nothing in common with this cult of the nailed dead man. Yes, I too think that we are at the threshold of birth of the rejuvenated White Race, that would be purified from all alien cults and influences. The fact that our enemies seem to almost won and celebrate their victory, is the sure sign of the coming change. They are delusional about their abilities; they think that they could control the whole world but in reality they can’t even manage properly their hateful patch of “holy land”. Yes, they were able to bring western world to the brink of destruction, but the ability to undermine and subvert isn’t the same as the ability to invent and create. Only White Race can create, all others can only parrot at various degrees of quality. The very moment the white factor is removed, the whole scheme collapses automatically; this simple truth isn’t understood yet by non-white crowd but they will be taught harsh lesson by Nature itself; they will drown each other in a sea of blood; Africa after decolonization is the best foretaste of what is to follow everywhere else. The very moment whites are gone, all vestiges of civilization, spirituality and decency are gone too. So, I think that the world will gradually submerge into chaos proportionally to the diminishing of influence of white West; European world (all white countries) served as an anchor of global stability. Now, when the entire West is dismantled by the self-chosen vermin at the top, the only stabilizing force is destroyed and all multibillion crowds of savages remain to face each other. When there is no “evil colonizers” around to whom to channel all hate, the only objects of overflowing frustration would be non-whites themselves. The whole world will turn into one huge Rwanda and Cambodia of Pol Pot. The process is already at play in non-white areas of USA. At some point the organized society is sure to collapse. But we need neither accelerate it, no try to prevent it. It is the natural process of decay of the Christian world. Europe of the last two thousand years is dying. But this death isn’t something bad, because in the same time the new White Race is born. Very few people can notice it; it is not evident for many, but it happens. I am glad that National Alliance is focused precisely on this path. The long-term strategy of cultivating quality instead of short-term pursuit of quantity is sure to bring great results. But in the mean time the dissolution of the decadent western world is inevitable. Yes, it is painful to watch how are humiliated and desecrated our cultural and historical symbols and how subhuman crowds destroy everything that was created by multiple generations of Europeans, but we should take a more historical-philosophical outlook on all that happens. We should analyze what were the faults and shortcomings of our race that allowed the enemy to infiltrate first, worm their way up, and eventually destroy our white world. The rectification of those faults is the supreme task. We don’t need to focus on what happens but instead should focus on what would follow; to learn historical lessons and to apply them in our everyday activity. We should abstain from trying to participate in current political events; all stakes are against us in this field and the main rule of war is to avoid battle on enemy turf. To do what we can do best instead of trying to engage in something that is alien to our mind (democratic politics is alien phenomenon for white man). To plant oaks instead of radish. Let political mayflies hold the stage for now; their days are numbered; their popularity is cheap; history would sentence them to infamy. The post-WW2 era comes to its end, for good. The states that humiliated and trampled down Germany, now face sure annihilation themselves. The swarms of savage invaders kill, rape and displace the grandchildren of “liberators”. The natural justice. It is harsh but impartial; it cannot be corrupted or mollified. Everyone has what he deserves; those who “welcome refuges” and celebrate “victory against fascism” should be annihilated by the same “refugees”. The post-WW2 white crowd chose to abandon their racial roots and to invent a delusional paradise of universal equality, peace and brotherhood. Now, the time has come to pay the price for this racial treason.

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Will Williams
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Re: 12-20-2020

Post by Will Williams » Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:34 am

Thanks for that, Grimork. Before putting that up on NV, Wolf responded to Stefan under the same article on the same day, 12/20/20 about the effects Christian brainwashing has had on the Russian people:

Reply to Wolf Stoner
20 December, 2020 6:00 am
I think it’s inevitable that any European will reference biblical characters or themes whether they believe them literally or not but one cannot be a racist and Christian and that is the gist of the matter…most Christians are cognitively dissonant hypocrites anyway…very good post, Wolf, excellent insight.
Wolf Stoner
Reply to Stefan
20 December, 2020 8:11 pm
Thank you for your favorable opinion. Yes, I agree that we can reference various biblical topics as any other piece of literature. Bible is the most widely published book of all times and its mythology is the best known throughout the world, so, using some quotes or biblical allusions is inevitable. But one thing is to use its content and another is to believe its assumed claims.

I am frustrated when I see clever people with sound common sense who continue to recycle Biblical fancy-stories as something really divine. What is it? We don’t know much about human subconscious mechanisms. People’s minds are programmed mostly in childhood and in most cases what was put in their heads in those formative years remains there unshaken for the rest of their lives. I know it well by Soviet example. People here were subjected to the most thorough and aggressive brainwashing ever practiced. They were indoctrinated literally from the age of 2-3 years when in kindergarten. The result is that otherwise sane people continue to believe Marxist-Leninist nonsense long after its inconsistency was exposed. Such people are ready to defend their delusions in the most violent way; they are unshakable in their believes; they are impervious to logical reasoning. I had too many occasions to speak with such people; the result is always the same.

When analyzing behavior of Christian adepts, the similarity with communist zombies becomes evident. The same inability to accept logical arguments and to question own dogmas. European people were fed with Christian dogmas for so many generations and it is a big problem to cleanse their minds of these delusions. Some socially cataclysmic event is needed to shake down these rotten Christian vestiges from European people. Christianity is the main problem of Europe; it is the source of all universalist ideologies; what happens now is the apotheosis of Christianity.
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