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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2022 6:37 am
by Wolf Stoner
I fully agree with you. We should remain neutral in this war. Neither side represents our core values. William Luther Pierce in his radio programs had frequently touched upon the question of Jewish infiltration of Russian power structure in 1990es. Nothing has changed of substance since then. There is a dangerous delusion among many American conservatives that “Putin has chased out Jewish oligarchs from Russia”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the Jewish community had become even more powerful in Russia under Putin’s watch.

Yes, there are some prominent Jews who harshly criticize Putin but it is a part of the usual Jewish game of diversifying their bets. Jews always try to control both sides of any dispute. They enjoy privilege positions in Putin’s system but in the same time they caught all prominent positions in the oppositional anti-Putin movement. Almost all those “Russian opposition leaders” that you can frequently see on American TV are either Jews or puppets under tight Jewish control. It is perfect situation for Jews. As long as Putin continues in power Jews reap huge economic advantages in plundering Russian economy. But when Putin’s regime falls, Jews would jump at the head of “liberation movement” that “frees oppressed peoples from tyranny”. It is their usual game.

Our long-term task is to break this vile scheme. We should strive to create such social situation in which it would be impossible for Jewish tricksters to manipulate political movements. I suppose that the only way out is the total chaos and collapse of organized society. The all-out internal war would spoil the whole Jewish scheme. They prefer to organize limited-scale Maidan-style turmoils, which could be easily channeled in needed direction. But if chaos spreads farther, they would lose this ability and it would give us an opportunity to fundamentally change the whole situation. But for now we should wait and carefully observe all sides of the conflict.

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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 12:54 pm
by Wolf Stoner
Greg Johnson speaks about Putin’s Russia. It was recorded in 2018. Very correct evaluation

Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 1:34 pm
by RCavallius
I watched the whole video. Thanks for that.

Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 6:44 pm
by Jim Mathias
Wolf Stoner wrote:
Mon Jun 13, 2022 12:54 pm
Greg Johnson speaks about Putin’s Russia. It was recorded in 2018. Very correct evaluation
This was a good assessment of Russia---and America too.

Johnson does not provide a solution though. We do. We must build the society we want based on an eternal vision as Dr. Pierce has synthesized for us. The present system has been hijacked by Jews and put it on a collision course with total breakdown in order to enslave or kill us all. A replacement must be made ready for us who survive this to operate with and to ensure survival and then advancement once again. This replacement can be built and used wherever Whites are, in Russia, America, wherever.

That said, it is better to do so as a community (or team if you like) than individually.

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Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2022 5:06 am
by Wolf Stoner
Greg Johnson expresses very good thoughts on many questions but he has negative sides too. The fact that I give links to some sources or quote someone doesn’t mean that I fully support those people. The main drawback that I can attribute to Greg Johnson is his inclination to channel nationalist ideology into mainstream path; to trivialize our ideas to the level acceptable to consumerist buffoons. This mistake is committed by all too many nationalist politicians/thinkers. Instead of fighting for purity of ideas they prefer to dilute these ideas to the level acceptable for an average TV-watching couch potato. It is an obvious dead-end. WLP and Kevin Alfred Strom had spoken on this crucial issue. Instead of lowering ourselves to the level of mainstream simpletons we should strive to raise some of them to our level. All others who can’t or don’t want to rise should become evolutionary dross that Nature would dispose of according to its rules.

But, despite some failings of various nationalist thinkers, we can gain something useful from their thoughts. It is why I like to listen all kinds of people.

Yet one of Greg Johnson’s failings is his readiness to jettison Hitler and any other White leaders in order to evade public opprobrium. All in all, such men like Greg Johnson, despite of being clever and having right set of ideas, are not suitable to be leaders of White Race; instead, they prefer to adjust to the prevailing opinions.
Here is an interesting video of Greg Johnson speaking before Ukrainian audience (2019, I suppose).

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Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:03 pm
by Will Williams
Wolf Stoner wrote:
Fri Jun 17, 2022 5:06 am
Greg Johnson expresses very good thoughts on many questions but he has negative sides too. The fact that I give links to some sources or quote someone doesn’t mean that I fully support those people.
I understand, Wolf. Greg Johnson is a very smart man, an intellectual who styles himself an alt-right White nationalist last I heard. He has a following of those types.

There is a negative aspect to Greg, however, that will forever make him ineligible to become a National Alliance member: he openly promotes homosexuality as admirable and is likely a queer, though I'm not sure if he has ever admitted to being one. ... -currents/

He is a good speaker, yes, but so are millions of others; good speaking is not necessarily a high virtue in my book -- openly speaking difficult truths is and shows true moral courage. I'll pass on his YouTube speech, thanks.

Greg wrote an article ten years after Pierce died. It is worth reading, not only to gain insight into his thinking, but it gives a halfway objective description of Dr. Pierce, sort of: ... ierce/?d=d

This quote from Greg's piece reveals to me the difference between him and Pierce:

During our conversation on July 14, 2001, Pierce told us something that I will always remember. He loved physics, and he said that giving up academia was the hardest thing he ever did, but in the end, nothing could compare with the freedom to spend the rest of his life speaking the truth.

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Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 3:02 am
by Wolf Stoner
I didn’t know about his homosexual inclinations. Thank you for the link. Promotion of homosexuality in any form should not be tolerated among nationalists, as well as all other vices. Homosexuality is a mental illness, first of all; there should be no other interpretations of this phenomenon. Any attempt to legalise homosexuality in any way should be considered as an attempt to undermine society. Certainly, people who even vaguely try to morally justify homosexuality should have no place in the future White community. The main problem with the modern nationalist/traditionalist circles is that people, even if they share some of our ideas, continue to be a part of the overall sick western society. The Hollywood mental stain is put on every mind. Almost all people who join our ranks are in some way or another are infected with this Hollywood mental illness and continue to spread it unconsciously. We can see those pop-culture influences on the wider "skinhead" movement. For example this insane obsession with tattoos and even piercings. All of these trends should be expurgateed from among true nationalist communities. And it is possible only in the tightly-knit isolated communities. It is hardly possible to achieve moral purification while continusing to live in those dens of vices, such as modern megalopolises are.

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Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 3:22 pm
by Wolf Stoner
Fighting Nazis on both sides
Jewish media role in shaping public perception of the war in Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine yet again has clearly exposed the Jewish malicious influence in media. Even before the war the Jewish media on all sides of the conflict started to steer the narrative into the prearranged channels in order to use it to their own advantage. Whatever the causes and grievances of the actual belligerents, Jews use this whole situation to promote their own long-term interests.

Here I don’t want to delve into the murky economic schemes that Jewish businessmen use in any war in order to gain super-profits on blood. This topic requires too much space and too much research. I will limit myself to the subject of how Jewish media shape public perception of the war.

Jews dominate all major media outlets both in the West and in Russia. It is why portrayal of the war from both sides looks strikingly similar. Both sides “fight against pure evil” and for “noble cause”. And, certainly, in both cases the opposing side is presented as “Nazis”. What else could be expected from Jews?

Russian Jews being by nature more rude and primitive, use the most outrageously crude propaganda methods in depicting “pure evil” of Ukrainians. Russian TV constantly spews all kinds of impossible stories about supposed atrocities committed by “Ukrainian Nazis” who “rape”, “torture”, “randomly kill civilians” and even “crucify children” on all occasions and in all places. The strangest of all in this whole situation is the fact that majority of Russian population believes this hogwash and considers now Ukrainians as the worst enemies that Russians ever had. This war had shown the real extent of media power. It is almost limitless. Media Jews can implant essentially any idea in public mind without any appreciable rejection and resistance from populace. Media’s ability to create parallel reality is amazing and reached new height in this war. Tens of millions of mainstream people were turned into zombies that believe into obviously unreal things. The anti-Nazi hysteria among Russian population reached the level comparable with WW2 period. The only difference being that there is no Nazi Germany around or any other country that would even remotely profess the ideas resembling National-Socialism. But this pure fiction of Ukraine being a “Nazi state” is accepted as a hard fact among mainstream Russians. The Putinist system was able through its media to transform the whole society into some kind of collective Pavlov’s dog with a simple set of prearranged reactions. The label “Nazi” is used each time when the state needs to arouse war hysteria.

According to Russian (Jewish) media not only Ukraine is a “Nazi state” but the whole EU and NATO are the new incarnations of the resurrected “Nazi Axis”. Putin’s propagandists seriously assert the idea that the collective West was always “fascist” and that the western leaders are the clandestine worshippers of Hitler. According to this narrative the West constantly dreams about conquering Russia and uses Ukraine in order to weaken Russia and to invade it, subjugate and exterminate all Russians; nothing less. Russian Jews go beyond all logical limits in order to vilify Englishmen, Poles, Germans and all other Europeans and to present those peoples as the inherent and irreconcilable enemies of Russia. The only possible conclusion that an average TV-watcher would come to is that “we must kill all these bustards”. And it is the dominant sentiment among Russians today. There is a growing number of those who openly speak about necessity of nuclear strike on all major European centers of power. “There is no other option”, “it is either us or them”, “they will never allow us to live peacefully”; “they always wanted to exterminate Russians”; “it is better to die in battle than to allow them to conquer our country” and so on into infinitum. The level of public frenzy has reached its limits. It can’t go any further. It must result into either real war against some other European countries or to implode inside Russia itself. This million voltage charge of hatred must go somewhere; it is too great to remain stable. The system’s Jews play too reckless game; they test the limits in manipulation of public perceptions.

It must be added that using the term “Jewish media” I don’t mean that all those TV presenters and reporters are Jews; more than half of them are non-Jews but Jews hold the key positions that allow them to set the agenda and to control conformity among the whole media flock. The most influential media Jews in Russia (Vladimir Solovyov first of all) set the tone, style and subjects of discussions; the whole goyim media flock must follow these unwritten guidance rules in order to keep their jobs. In essence, the non-Jewish reporters willingly exercise self-censorship and don’t even require to be tightly controlled; they know perfectly well on which side their bread is buttered. Therefore, the whole media community consists of a few key tone-setters and a multitude of non-Jewish parrots whose only job is to create an impression of wide public support for the party line.

American and European Jews are more refined and versatile than their Russian brethren. They are able to preserve an appearance of being “objective” and “unbiased”. Their style of presenting information is much more measured and seemingly trustworthy. They use different approach. They don’t stuff public mind with obvious lies like Putin’s media. They report mostly truthful information but they subtly twist the whole narrative into prearranged channel.

The main underlying idea behind all reporting is that the ongoing catastrophe is the result of Russian innate qualities; that Russian ethnic mentality is the main reason for all atrocities and war crimes that are committed by Russian army. After watching CNN an average American would imagine a Russian as being an animal-like creature that rapes plunders and kills anyone that he meets. Certainly, no one on CNN, BBC or Sky News would ever say it straightforward but they push their audience to this inevitable conclusion. And, certainly, they never mention the fact that Russian army is half non-Russian in its ethnic composition. And they never mention the fact that majority of war crimes happened in places where ethnically non-Russian units were stationed. This fact goes against the prefabricated narrative that ethnic Russians are the main source of evil in the modern world. The western Jews had designated ethnic Russians as being “new Nazis”, therefore, all crimes that happen in Ukraine must be attributed exclusively to ethnic Russians.

But the European and American Jewry is divided on this whole issue. Some prominent Jews don’t like this idea of designating Russia as a “Fascist state”. They would like to have Russia intact as their obedient servant, not as an enemy that must be destroyed. It is why there is ongoing debate in some western media about what kind of attitude should be taken toward Russia. Many Jews want to employ Russia as a buffer against China and they lament the fact that events push Russia precisely into the Chinese sphere of influence.
The Ukrainian media deserves especial attention. Jews in Ukraine were comfortably ensconced for many centuries, therefore, their influence in local media could be considered as something inevitable. Ukrainian Jews, in the same way as Russian ones, are more rude and brutal than western Jews. The methods of Ukrainian Jews are similar to the methods of Moscow’s Jews.

From the very outset the Ukrainian media was steered into the channel of comparing Russia to Nazi Germany and Putin to Hitler. It is the mainstay that everyone is expected to agree with. “German Nazis invaded Ukraine in 1941 but now Russian Nazis do the same”. Jews from Ukrainian media employ their high proficiency in victimhood in shaping the whole narrative of the war. They have graciously allowed Ukrainians to be “the victims of Nazism” too. And Ukrainian mainstream buffoons are happy beyond limits about this admission. It is possible to hear on many occasions from Ukrainians that “we are exterminated like Jews in WW2”. The theatre of absurdity reigns supreme. And Jews are predictably at the top of this theatre.

The Ukrainian Jews employ the whole potential of their verbal talent in vilifying Russians. It doesn’t mean that they care about Ukrainians; not a bit. They like that Slavs kill each other. And they love to add gasoline into fire. Some “liberal” migrant Jews from Russia joined the fray and add even more sinister undertones to their Ukrainian tribesmen. They hate ethnic Russians and relish their killing. They are especially fond of constantly showing dismembered and incinerated bodies of Russian soldiers and making fun of it. There are no moral limits to Jews. Their portrayal of Russian soldiers is almost identical with how they depicted Germans in WW2.

I should add that this trend was gleefully joined by a multitude of ethnic Ukrainians but the primary source is always Jewish. They were initiators of this campaign of unmitigated ethnic hatred. It is the case when ethnic hatred is considered “good” by Jews. They even seriously speak about “ethnic Russians being genetically flawed and unable to be a part of civilized community”. No one reproaches them for this kind of open chauvinism. It is not only allowed but encouraged. Jews use in full their exceptional abilities of inciting hatred; and it is very effective. The Ukrainian society is mentally inflamed to even greater extent than Russian society. And, predictably, Ukrainians too “fight against Nazism”. This idea has become almost obligatory on all levels from trenches up to governmental offices. “Putin is 21st century Hitler” was repeated thousands of times on Ukrainian TV; “Russians are fascists” and so on. Therefore, Jews were able to divert the whole public discussion into totally different channel from what it should be. The glaring fact that Putin’s invasion is the attempt to recreate USSR is sidelined and ignored. Sometimes this idea is mentioned but never accentuated.

In this all-out informational war nothing is beyond limits; all tools are acceptable. What is not acceptable is to mention Jews as malicious actors; it is beyond the pale; Jews are good in all times and in all circumstances. And even in this war they play victims. There were some TV reports about “holocaust survivors” who are now “compelled to flee for their lives for the second time”. “WW2 veteran lost his house to Russian air-strike”; “Baby Yar memorial complex was hit by Russian missile”; “Jewish family leaves all their property and flees to Poland”; “Jewish man was among those massacred in Bucha” and so on. The whole reporting on this conflict is modelled to conform to the same hackneyed WW2 narrative. Jews are exceptionally able to turn anyone’s tragedy to their own advantage. Even this unrelated event is used to promote Holocaust fable.

Yet one success of Jews in Ukraine is to turn Holodomor history into supposed crime of ethnic Russians against Ukrainians. Nowadays these brazen liars tell on popular media that Russians deliberately wanted to exterminate all Ukrainians and to populate these lands with ethnic Russians. Jewish role is not only ignored but Jews are presented as victims too! According to this new version Jews died in Holodomor too! (maybe, few Jews really died as a result of stuffing their bellies with too much of confiscated food and, therefore, can be justly counted as victims of Holodomor). Speaking about Jewish role in Bolshevik terror and Holodomor is virtually forbidden in Ukraine (as well as in Russia). Some honest fringe politicians continue to raise these issues but it never surfaces to the mainstream level.

Yet one important aspect of this ongoing conflict is an attempt by Ukrainian Jews to spin their own ideological narrative of what is happening and to introduce globalist filth as a new ideological foundation for Ukrainian society.

First of all it should be clearly stated that the whole secret of Ukrainian tenacity lies in the spirit of ethnic identity. Ethnic nationalism is the backbone of resistance; the idea of common ancestry, traditions, culture and lifestyle. These are the foundations of high morale and ability to withstand the brutal onslaught of overwhelming military force. But Jews start to squeal ever more loudly an idea about “multiethnic Ukrainian people”; “Ukrainians of all ethnic backgrounds” and all possible variations of this all too familiar trash. “Ukrainians are fighting to join the EU family of nations”; “Ukraine has chosen its path of integration into global community”; “Ukrainian people have chosen the path of democracy”. Thus, Jews successfully substitute the true meaning of this struggle by their globalist agenda. And there are very few of those who see what happens.

For the time being Ukrainian Jews don’t play openly and don’t try to impose their whole LGBT and multicultural agenda on Ukrainian society; but they do preparatory work that would allow to proceed further when opportunity arises.

The mainstream media in Ukraine tries its best to introduce Hollywood mentality into Ukrainian society; with great success. The level of moral corruption in Ukraine is comparable with this of Russia. Both societies are all too similar in this regard.

There are many parallel dimensions of this ongoing struggle. It would be a mistake to try to find any simple and all-encompassing explanation. Russia and Ukraine are both heavily infested with Jews; therefore, both societies have similar illnesses, one of which is this constant “fight against Nazism” obsession. This symptom is the surest way to recognize a society infected by Jews. No healthy society ever could imagine such outlandish nonsense. It could be born only by a delirious society poisoned by Jewish mental excrements.

Taken into account all these facts, it must be concluded that we should remain neutral in this ongoing struggle. Both sides “fight Nazis”; let them do it as long as they like. The longer it goes on the better are prospects for the existing global system to fall apart. I suppose that it is the beginning of the end for all victors in WW2 and their unnatural global dictatorship. The judgement day is coming for them; their system is doomed. Neo-Bolshevik Russia and “liberal” America are the heads of the same globalist dragon and it is good that these heads fight each other. The further this fight spreads the better. When American and European prosperity is ruined, there will be nothing to hold this whole “liberal”, “multicultural” house of cards. Some of the western rulers vaguely understand this logical chain; it is why there are many high-profile voices calling for “negotiations with Putin”. But, it seems, the logic of events has already outpaced all human abilities to influence them. I hope that avalanche would continue to accelerate. The only salvation for the White Race is the total distraction of the post-WW2 system. We can’t survive in the given framework that was formulated and controlled by Jews. It is why we should welcome all events that accelerate coming collapse. Anything is good that destroys the existing equilibrium.

At the end I must repeat the fact that, despite of all shortcomings, the Ukrainian side is more amenable to our visions than the Russian side. Russian public mind is too heavily infected with communist ideology and Russians were soaked with Soviet-style imperialism for too long. Only few percent in Russia are potentially able to voluntarily accept healthy ethnic ideology; all other were too thoroughly corrupted by internationalist ideas. Ukraine, on the contrary, was less influenced by Soviet mindset and the nationalist/traditionalist component was always stronger there. It is why when USSR has collapsed, Ukraine had seen rapid reemergence of nationalist political movement, which from the very outset had a militant component. Those people were ready to fight, not only talk (as was the case with majority of Russian nationalists at the time). It is why I must repeat that Ukrainians should be put above Russians on the scale of usefulness for White Race. By the way, I am not Ukrainian and have no Ukrainian ancestry, therefore, my thoughts are not influenced by narrow ethnic agenda. The only criteria that I operate by are the racial ones. And according to these criteria Ukrainians justly deserve to be put above Russians. At least for now. We can’t predict what comes next. I hope that ethnic Russians at some point will be able to rise and to emulate Ukrainian example, hopefully, on even greater scale and without Jewish media and cultural tutelage.

In any case, we, the racial nationalists of all countries, must refrain from vilifying Ukrainians and to praise Putin’s Russia. This painful mistake was made by all too many people in the West. And they will pay dearly for this by eventually losing their reputation among true nationalists. I have multiple examples of precisely this happening among Russian nationalist community. In 2014 there were many Russian nationalists who supported this Putin’s separatist scam in Eastern Ukraine. Some of those simpletons paid by their lives (in some cases killed by FSB operatives or by Chechens in the lawless separatist lands) but some lost only their reputations. The new generation of true ethnic nationalists hates those who implicated themselves in the war against Ukraine. The longer it goes on the more it becomes obvious that this war is completely against Russian ethnic interests and that all those nationalists who supported Putin must be shunned as politically toxic. They will never be able to restore their names. I suppose that similar process (maybe to lesser extent) would happen in the West. I don’t think that in the long run anyone would be able to argumentatively justify their pro-Putinist stance. For an ethnic nationalist to be pro-Putin makes no more sense than to support Kim Il Sung or Robert Mugabe or Daniel Ortega.

In some way or another, this war would end and the Ukrainian nationalist movement would be the only one possessing real combat experience. This fact alone would elevate them to qualitatively different level. We will have to cooperate with them in many fields and anyone who smeared himself by supporting Putin’s invasion would be automatically put beyond the pale. And, as I said, the Ukrainian voice among European nationalist movement is surely to gain much greater value than it previously had.

On the contrary, all Russian nationalists who have taken part in war on Putin’s side, gained nothing from this affair (the luckiest outcome for them is simply to survive). Putin’s system is virulently anti-ethnic and it fears Russian ethnic nationalism most of all. This fear was one of the main motives why Putin invaded Ukraine. The notion of “denazification” is not fake; Kremlin rulers really want to exterminate the whole foundation for Ukrainian ethnic consciousness, let alone White racial consciousness.

It is frequently said that Putin fears the Ukrainian “example of democracy”. I would say that he fears the Ukrainian example of ethnic nationalism much more than any “color revolution” or “democracy”. The dormant Russian ethnic spirit is the main concern of Putin and his court Jews. From the very outset of his rule Putin on many occasions repeated his commitment to “combat ethnic extremism by all means”. It is hardly needed to add that only Russian nationalists fell under this category. Asian ethnic gangs operate freely in Putin’s Russia and their members are never prosecuted under “extremist articles” of the Penal Code. If an Asian extremist kills Russians it is always “domestic crime” but if a Russian nationalist kills an Asian it is always “hate crime”. Strikingly similar practice with what goes on in the West.

Returning to the main topic of the article I must conclude that at present Jews have global monopoly on truth. They successfully shape the narrative of all major events and can twist the public discussion in any fashion and to bend reality according to their needs. I doubt that this situation could be changed by any conventional means. They are too strongly established in the existing power structure of all major White countries. The only real opportunity to change this unhealthy situation would be presented when the whole system comes down. The funny thing is that Jews, due to their shortsightedness and unbound malice, themselves accelerate the events that would lead to their eventual downfall. It is the inevitable fate of all parasites. By destroying his host parasite kills itself too.

The Jewish media power is tremendous but Jewish zeal plays against them. They had become too vociferous and too omnipresent, too disproportionally prominent in all privileged social layers. Even the mainstream simpletons start to notice this fact. Combined with the worsening conditions of life, this global display of wealthy and miraculously successful Jews is sure to produce resentment.

Jews are exceptionally able to produce impressions and to dupe mainstream people but they are phenomenally inept in organizing productive work of society. They are too greedy, too selfish and too morally corrupt to be real guardians of people. Each time when they tried to govern any country, they miserably failed; and those failures almost always led to massive bloodsheds. It is hardly possible that this time their grandiose attempt to subjugate the whole world would end any better. The only difference being that now there will be no foreign country where they are yet not known…

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Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2022 8:18 am
by Wolf Stoner
Tattoos, rock-n-roll, guns and politics

In the last NA bulletin Chairman Williams quoted my remark about pernicious influence of pop-culture on our people. Because it is very important topic (and very delicate one), I decided to expand on it.

First of all, I need to note that I am not a moralist or purist that preaches moral values for their own sake. Moral values are important because they are useful, because it is codified social norms that were formulated by centuries of practical experience. Moral values work; it is why they are so important. Christians preach morality for its own sake; it is why their “morality” is fake and mostly useless. For example, their stringent accentuation of official marriage regardless of whom you marry; be it negro or Australian aborigine, it is all right if a Christian priest had read a few verses from a Jewish holy book. These few verses are supposedly sanctifying any union.

Recent acceptance of same-sex unions is a logical continuation of the peculiar Christian moral system. (If you can sanctify a marriage between a white person and a negro, why not to sanctify a union between two males or even with an animal?). The Christian example shows why it is so dangerous to detach morality from its practical essence. Any moral precept must have its logical justification.

The influence of pop-culture on the whole society since 1960es had worked havoc in social relations. In 60 years the essentially healthy society was transformed into a mad crowd. This process had an impact on all people without exceptions. The only difference is that the mainstream majority has accepted it is a new normal and only a tiny minority understood that it is intentional destruction of traditional society.

But to understand something doesn’t automatically frees from all destructive influences. The modern technological society is a force too strong to resist. Pop-culture reaches the most remote corners of any country. There are no more backwaters where traditional provincial life could go on as it was. Everything is corrupted and muddied by Hollywood; nothing is left untouched.

Therefore, the starting point is that we are all harmed by pop-culture in some way or another; and the first task is to start with our own self-purification; with cleansing of those heaps of Jewish mental manure that were put into our heads since childhood. We live with this manure and perceive it as our own thoughts; it is the most dangerous effect. The mainstream men can’t even understand this phenomenon. It is why they are incurable; It is impossible to cure someone if he deems himself healthy.

The very fact that all of us had seen hundreds of Hollywood movies, especially in childhood when all emotional impressions are especially strong, and were part of mainstream society, means that we too are infected with this Jewish virus. And we must apply all our mental forces to clean it from our minds; to block its harmful influence. I have pointed out to this fact in order to define a framework of my further reasoning. I don’t try to put myself above and to preach others about how they should live; I myself, as all others, was heavily infected with Hollywood pop-culture without even understanding it. Therefore, all judgements that I will make here will be directed not only against some other people but against myself too. I don’t say that “you are ill” but I say “we are ill”. The younger you are the worse is the illness, because the latest technological means had allowed pop-culture to ever more deeply invade our minds. And people who were born in internet-age, with all those devices and realistic computer games, are affected worst of all. Their process of curing will be the most difficult. It is why the best solution for the future generations is to be brought up outside of the system; to isolate them from all those destructive media influences.

Let’s start with the present-day conditions of our movement as a whole (movement in broad sense; meaning all those people who self-identity themselves as nationalists or patriots or traditionalists).

As I said before, most of those people, even if they started to see some of the most outrageous effects of pop-culture, continue to be mainstream people in almost all aspects of their lives. Their opposition to the system and to Hollywood is very superficial and inconsistent. For example, they dislike bearded man in woman’s dress winning a song-contest but they worship Beatles and Rolling Stones. They refuse to realize that both phenomena are the two sides of the same coin. Beatles and Rolling Stones was the first stage of the war against traditional society and a bearded man in woman’s dress is an advanced stage of the same Jewish war. You can’t effectively resist the enemy if you from outset allow some of his assets to live in your mind. If you accept Merilyn Morneau as “traditional American culture”, then, you must accept the whole crowd of Los-Angeles gay pride parade as an integral part of this culture. You shouldn’t divide one from another; you shouldn’t perceive roots of the tree as totally unconnected parts from the leaves of the same tree.

Hollywood started to corrupt American society since 1920es. Therefore, we should not perceive any of its earlier productions as something “traditional” and “family-friendly”. Nothing that ever emanated from Hollywood was family-friendly, be its seemingly harmless old cartoons or its modern gay movies. Hollywood evolved along the very definite path that was set by the enemies of White race and came to its logical destination point. The Hollywood’s present-day open hostility to the White people is the crowning fruit of its whole life. Almost anything, any idea, any life-style, any song, any fashion that comes from Hollywood is a weapon against White race. It was always so, even when Hollywood was seemingly white. Hollywood’s anti-White nature had become apparent since WW2. From then onward it spawned ever more vicious anti-White productions.

Now, when Hollywood is all too obviously non-White and rabidly anti-White, absolutely all aspects of its work are directed to harm White race; to harm it in the most uncompromising and destructive way. It has dropped its former clothes of seeming decency and family-friendliness and has exposed itself for what it really is.

But despite of its open nature, Hollywood continues to be the main trend-setter and fashion-maker. Everything that Hollywood brings into life instantly becomes the unwritten law of the land; any clothes style, any behavior, any pattern of social interaction. Hollywood is the supreme dictator for mainstream crowd. This mental dictatorship is the most potent and the most effective one. It doesn’t require police coercion and acts immediately through human minds. People don’t even imagine to resist this dictatorship because perceive its orders as their own thoughts. It is a hard task to destroy such a dictatorship. The first and the most important step in this direction is to break its grip on our own minds.

The problem is that instead of doing this primary task, many of newly-converted nationalists simply try to integrate their mainstream beliefs and patterns of behavior into the movement, thereby gradually transforming it into yet another adjunct of the overall pop-culture. The well-known phenomenon of Hollywood-Nazi illustrates it well. Instead of going along the true path, these fake Nazis start to copy patterns imposed on them by their very enemies.

In essence, such groups are even useful for our enemy because they inadvertently help them to create public bugaboo that supports mainstream legend about “Nazi threat”.

One of the most conspicuous manifestations of this infiltration of mainstream vices into the nationalist movement is obsession with tattoos. It has become especially evident in the last decade. Fueled by Hollywood, the false image of a super-hero (or super-villain) covered in tattoos, acquired a universal popularity far beyond USA. Movies about Vikings, (Hollywood Vikings, akin to Hollywood Nazis) were especially effective in spreading this grotesque nonsense of a tattooed hero.

As I said before, we should judge any particular issue exclusively on the basis of its practical usefulness or its harm.

To whom tattoos are really useful? The answer is all too obvious; first of all, for police because it greatly simplifies identification of a suspect or a corpse. Before introduction of genetic methods of identification, tattoos were even more important for police. Prison inmate’s file always contained a detailed description of his tattoos. In Soviet prison system the inmates’ tattoos contained all kinds of information about the internal prison status of any particular inmate and about his crimes. The longer an inmate was in prison the more tattoos he had. It was some kind of his informal personal file. Soviet police encouraged this love for tattoos among inmates for obvious reasons. Back in Soviet times tattoos were invariable companions of prison inmates. The use of tattoos among general population was exceptionally rare; only some soldiers had them (mostly from third-rate military units that were more akin to prisons than to army).

Therefore, by seeing tattoos, people instantly identified former prison inmates. But it all started to change in 1990es when prison sub-culture spilled over into general public. Before it, these body marks were considered as something abhorrent and unacceptable for decent people. Therefore, in Russia this massive spread of tattoos epidemy is the result of two factors: spillover of the prison sub-culture and of Hollywood promotion. Nowadays it has become a plague; about half of young population have tattoos; some of them tattooed their whole bodies. It makes no sense but it continues to spread. Social obsessions of such kind have no logical justification. If asked why they do it the most common answer is that they “want to express their personality in this way”. But it is not the case. It was said on many occasions by pop-culture celebrities and stupid mainstream buffoons simply repeat this standard nonsense. In reality their tattoos resemble the cattle markings that were painted on collective-farm’s animals in order to identify them.

One of the recent examples how these Hollywood-Nazi attributes could backfire is the Ukraine war. Hundreds of people were shot on the spot for only reason of having nationalist tattoos. In the initial assault on Kiev the Russian troops rounded up all adult males and checked their tattoos. Those who had anything even remotely identifying nationalist views or even service in Ukrainian army were shot, just in case; to prevent any possible troubles in the future. They kill not for something but do it as a preventive measure. It is the way NKVD worked. They are happy that so many buffoons were duped into voluntary exposing their believes. If anything, the main lesson of this war is to stop making tattoos. Does anyone think that it will be different in USA when internal war starts?

It is the most important aspect. Security concerns must be always a priority. Especially because it concerns not only those who have tattoos but all those around them. If a man was identified as a “Nazi”, the likelihood for those around him to be killed sharply increases. The Marxist reasoning is very simple: “if your friend is a ‘Nazi’, you are ‘Nazi’ too and you must be killed”.

The second consideration against tattoos is the negative health effects. It is well known that the process of tattoo-making can cause all kinds of troubles, including blood-poisoning and spreading of various infectious deceases.

The third consideration is that it is unnatural; actually, this argument should be the main one; everything that is unnatural should be discarded as harmful. It is an obvious perversion of nature. Even a bit of inborn logic is enough to see it.

But as I said above, we live in a society, which is ill; therefore, expecting sound thinking from general populace would be too much. A man with jungle fever is not able to think logically; in the same way a society infected with Jew-virus is hardy able to understand its own actions and to objectively evaluate reality.

There are plenty of nationalists with tattoos. They made them in different times for different reasons. The fact that a man has tattoos doesn’t say about him anything. Maybe he was in prison; or, maybe, he was young and impressionable and did what others did. To copy peers’ behavior is the common human quality; it isn’t a bad trait in itself. It becomes harmful only when society is in a state of decay. Nowadays, the society is ill to such an extent that to expect men to remain perfect would be a folly. Some people abuse alcohol, some make tattoos, some commit stupid crimes and making all other nonsense attributable to morally ill society. But it doesn’t exclude the possibility of these people eventually discovering the true path.

Here comes the key point: it is irrelevant if a man has tattoos; it shouldn’t be considered as something disqualifying for anything. It says absolutely nothing about the spiritual essence of any particular man. But, once having become a member of a true nationalist organization, this man should stop being a mainstream buffoon. And making tattoos is a sure sign of being a buffoon. Yes, people tend to do stupid things; it is not a problem. The problem is when they continue to do them for a long time and even try to find some exalted justifications for it. Then it become a problem; then it is an obstacle for productive work in the organization. Any serious nationalist organization should expressly forbid to its members to make tattoos; at least for security reasons. Those who don’t want to comply with this rule, must go their own way. Because it is not simply a matter of tattoos but of discipline. It is how I see it.


Rock-n-roll and other modern music styles is yet another issue that must be discussed. It is not a secret that rock music was created for the purpose of undermining traditional society. Starting with Beatles and multitude of other pop icons of 1960es the mass media spread this virus throughout the world.

Music has very great influence on people. It can be more persuasive than words. It is why the enemy weaponized it.

If music created by White European composers in 17-19th centuries was conducive to morally elevated life, the modern music promotes something opposite. The whole wave of moral decadence that engulfed western society in the last decades is accompanied by corresponding music.

Rock-n-roll of 60-70es was conducive to spread of drug addiction and sexual promiscuity. The music styles that followed were even more explicit in its message. Hip-hop and rap are based entirely on Negro mentality and spread their lifestyle, thereby destroying anything that yet remains of European culture.

Among nationalist the attitude toward music is built on the same mainstream background that they have. Very few of them were acquainted with the true European music and they perceive all this modern trash as “European music”. And they bring these delusions into the movement. Some of the musicians with nationalist mindset start to create “nationalist” music but it is always based on the same pop-music and rock-n-roll styles that are alien to European values. Therefore, people who supposedly promote White values using music, in reality promote the same mainstream garbage but covered in nationalist wrapper. Yes, it is harsh judgement but it must be said.

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, old folk songs is European music. Rock-n-roll and all its derivatives are not European music. This truth could be too much for someone; especially for those who are addicted to those styles. But it is what it is. Truth is often a bitter medicine; but without this medicine there can’t be cure.

I myself listened too much to this rock trash with supposedly nationalist lyrics. But the main message of music is sound, not words. What use if you write right words but accompany them with wrong sounds? Those wrong sounds would surely kill your positive message written in words. Sounds are stronger than words; therefore, a good text would never salvage bad sounds. One little Bach’s organ chorale has more value than all “nationalist” rock songs taken together. Because Bach’s music is an expression of pure European spiritual essence. Those who disagree with this simple truth, hardly have moral right to reckon themselves as European nationalists. If we want to safeguard and to advance our racial identity, we must take the best of our racial legacy as key symbols. And we should purge all this pop-culture induced trash that is frequently smuggled into our ranks under false designation of “nationalist music”. All those insane shrieks and jumping like monkeys on the scene has nothing to do with White racial identity; it is its opposite. I suppose that our enemy love this harmful trend of nationalists listening this trach called “metal”, “black metal” and so forth. They would be much more alarmed if nationalists listened genuine European music.

It is better to not listen any music at all than to listen this modern trash. At least your mind would be unaffected by this factor.

I must reassert yet once: sounds have paramount influence on humans; it is why this aspect should be addressed carefully. We must not allow into our heads those harmful melodies that pop-culture spreads. Yes, it is a problematic proposition, especially for people living in cities where it is impossible to evade the exposure to those sounds. It is everywhere; in shopping malls, in offices, on public transportation, on the streets, everywhere; human mind is under constant assault by those abhorrent destructive sounds and immoral lyrics.

Yes, the “nationalist music” has moral lyrics but it can’t compensate its alien to European mind sounds.

This opposition to the modern music doesn’t exclude possibility of something good being composed. Yes, there was relatively good music composed back in 1950es-80es when European mindset was still dominant. But even the best compositions of those times bear hallmarks of decaying society. It was not uplifting music of the triumphant nation but a death knell of the dying race. Although not mentally destructive, such music that was composed by James Last, Paul Mauriat, Ennio Morricone conveys the mood of overall racial despondency. Therefore, even such music can’t be reckoned as something healthy and recommended for us. Those tunes are typical examples of escapism, of the reflexive attempt to deny the grim reality of racial humiliation. The simple truth is that almost everything that was created after WW2 in the field of culture bears this hallmark of the defeated race, of the dying-out society.


The third item that I want to address is the American irrational obsession with guns. The love of weapons in itself is normal, especially for men. But the problem is that in the last decades in America, mainly due to Hollywood movies, gun-obsession turned into a frenzy. For many people guns had become the end in itself. The gun craze is a movies’ induced phenomenon. For decades Hollywood’s movies promoted the uncanny agile super heroes who are constantly running and jumping and shooting in all directions from all imaginable guns, killing crowds of villains and saving the world. This image has produced an indelible impression of American collective psyche. In American mind a hero always must be with a gun and always ready to kill “bad guys”.

But after a while the seemingly good moral message of Hollywood movies was substituted by promotion of naked violence for its own sake. Hollywood Jews don’t feel now any restraints to advocating killing sprees as something glamorous and enjoyable. The computer games have aggravated situation even further. I am sure that the majority of the mass-killing incidents in America in the last two decades were the immediate results of this propaganda. From the earliest age children are imbued into this movie anti-culture of violence. It becomes something normal for them; the moral threshold of using guns ever decreases (computer games are especially dangerous in this respect).

It should be noted that in the same time, the other side of the same Jewish system that promotes this senseless violence, the legal side, the “good Jews” in Congress and government, are constantly calling to ban all guns in order to curtail the ever increasing crime waves. I suppose that both sides are act in accord. The Hollywood Jews promote gun violence and the Congress Jews plaintively call to ban all guns in order “to save innocent lives”. Excellent arrangement.

But I want to deal with another side of this multifaceted problem. Yes, in the normal White society people must have access to handguns in order to defend themselves. Beside it, all willing citizens must have unrestricted opportunity to participate in various militia units and train together in using big weapons. All of it make sense and increases the overall strength of society. But it is only in a normal White society. The problem is that we have none of it anywhere in the world. Even tiny Switzerland had acquired its share of black and brown “refugee” population, which is bound to destroy Switzerland’s racial homogeneity with inevitable subsequent plunge into social chaos. Therefore, any deliberations pertaining to the normal White society are pointless. The whole gun controversy in USA lacks substance because it is based on wrong premises. The conservative crowd that so vociferously defends gun rights, makes it on the basis of universalist principles. They literally defend the idea that all bipedal creatures should have the right to possess and bear arms. They even have the audacity to proclaim that the “founding fathers meant it this way”. What did the founding fathers meant when making provision for people to freely possess arms? For negro and Mexican gangs to freely roam around American cities? I doubt that it was the original dream of the people who declared American independence.

The universal gun right in the modern multi-national America makes no sense; this very idea is unsustainable. To provide at least some semblance of social stability in any multiethnic country requires confiscation of guns in order to prevent it from falling into a bloody chaos. The only society that can allow private gun ownership is a monoethnic one; or at least a monoracial. The more genetic differences people have the more likelihood of their conflicts grow into violence.

Therefore, the idea of universal gun ownership in modern America is simply unsustainable and irrelevant. It doesn’t solve anything. Even this assertion that due to millions of guns in private possession US government don’t dare to go further with its globalist agenda is simply not true. They go as far as they want and there is almost no resistance on the part of the lavishly armed mainstream public. USA is the best testimony of the fact that gun possession in itself is not a guarantee from totalitarian state or abuse of power by oligarchy. The American traditional society was successfully dismantled for the last 60 years without any noticeable resistance on the part of general public. On the contrary, history provides multiple examples when a determined group of people, having decided to defend their ethnic interests, rapidly takes all necessary arms and fights against the enemy. It is not guns what matter but the will to fight. Guns are of little help if there is a deficiency of will.

The gun ownership in America had transformed into some kind of national past-time. Americans like to gather and shoot at empty bottles and all kinds of other objects, gleefully screaming in the process. Not very inspiring show. People whose country is occupied by alien crowds and humiliated by ruling traitors, instead of doing something about it, buy automatic rifles and even machineguns in order to shoot into bottles. Being for decades poisoned by Hollywood, people have lost the ability of logical thinking. This behavior has nothing to do with the idea of “responsible citizens exercising their right to bear arms”. These gun shooting crowds don’t make an impression of “responsible citizens”; otherwise they would use their guns differently.

Having looked at the gun issue as it stands in relation to the whole society, now let’s look on it from the perspective of our narrow interests.

I should warn our people not to be obsessed with guns too much. If you love guns very much, you can study this topic as much as you like, especially ballistics and its practical application to long-range rifle fire. Guns are needed but not more than necessary for immediate self-defense against roaming negro-bands and for survival in wilderness. AR-15 are good but too provocative for the system. Much better is to have a long-range bolt rifle (like Mauser 98k and its derivatives), semiautomatic shotgun (SPAS-12/15 or Russian Saiga) and a revolver; revolver is much better adapted to be used in confined conditions (from a pocket, for example) than an automatic pistol, therefore, is perfect for self-defense in any unexpected situations. Anything above this arsenal is superfluous to self-defense and survival, therefore, should not be acquired. To assemble an armory for the future big events is not a good decision. The bigger your arsenal is the more possibility of troubles for you before those events start. All people with big arsenals are under scrutiny by state security services and they will be the first to have Waco-style treatment. But if you have less than 5 guns (especially if you are living in countryside), you are most probably would go beneath FBI radar.

You should acquire all necessary spare parts for your guns. And you should have a few hundred cartridges for your rifle and shotgun. It is better to acquire cartridges through other people in order to conceal the information how much ammunition you have. You don’t need many cartridges for a revolver; not more than a hundred a year; it would be enough for periodic practice shooting. In practical situation a revolver is only useful for its 6 shots. It is hardly possible to be able to reload it in a stress situation of close combat. If there is a real danger of encountering multiple armed adversaries, an automatic pistol should be carried in addition to a revolver. If pistol is needed the old models are preferable (Browning HP35, SIG-Sauer P220, Walther P5 and so on). They are more durable and easier to repair. They can be used for decades.

It is all that you need in real life. Everything above it is from the unreal realm of Hollywood action movies. Machineguns and automatic rifles are the instruments suitable for war. And if war starts there will be totally different rules and calculations.


“American democracy” is a holiest of all cows in American society. Everyone is supposed to worship it and to defend from any attempt of compromising it. “Threat to American democracy” is the main rallying call of Washington politicians when they need to consolidate support for any of their foreign adventures or to organize an internal power-grab. It is the magical incantation that dispels all doubts and paralyses all opposition.

The whole “American democracy” scheme is the greatest political fraud of all times. Never before the ruling class was able so successfully to camouflage their dictatorship and to persuade their slaves that they are “free citizens”.

The main secret of this success is the all-American never-ending electoral game. “People choose their representatives”, “politicians are serving to the interests of their electorate” and constantly hearing it from the media, mainstream crowd start to believe that it is true.

The system allows the crowd to express their anger and to debate any issues they like. The “free” media provides the whole range of the issues. The trick is that the media decides what issue is to be given priority and which one is to be thrown out as if it doesn’t exist. In this way the system can always determine the range of issues that public can discuss. It can be compared with the choice between drinks with strawberry flavoring or raspberry flavoring or pineapple flavoring but you can never demand – “give me something natural!” Because it would be “extremism”. You have a choice between multitude of all kinds of flavors but never a real thing. You can vote for a congressman with a flavor of communism or conservatism or libertarianism or even civic nationalism but the basic substance all those flavors are made of is the same; and produced on the same factory. You can enjoy this whole multitude of flavors but never have anything real. It is the main trick; it is the unshakable foundation of “American democracy”.

When it all started? First of all Americans need to free their minds from the founding mythology of their country. The people who initiated the rebellion from Britain were not especially noble or selfless. They were wealthy and powerful but wanted more. They had seen an opportunity to disengage from the British crown and to have all local reaches for themselves. But to accomplish such a grandiose project required participation of wider public. Therefore, they started to agitate people and to inflame hatred toward Britain.

Having an advantage of knowing the following 240 years of history, we can clearly see that the “American revolution” was neither necessary nor noble. The whole war that lasted 8 years and caused death of at east 100 thousands of White people, brought no appreciable advantage to the White race. In racial terms it was a useless conflict. Instead of cleaning further territories to the west, White people had engaged in a fratricidal war that distracted their attention from more important issues. Americans under British rule had already enjoyed liberties far exceeding those that all other European peoples had in their respective countries. Therefore, this whole “American revolution” affair was an exercise in futility. The only people who substantially upgraded their positions were the wealthy instigators of this war; they gained political power and had become a new aristocracy. The mainstream public had gained nothing of substance; is it relevant whether you pay taxes to London or Washington? Yes, the new state espoused more liberal values and allowed wider range of expressions of all kinds of views; but is it really important in the final reckoning? Is the ability to criticize politicians and to worship any religion is more valuable than to have a strong homogeneous ethnic state?

USA was founded as a state for White people but instead of writing it in precise clear terms preventing any different interpretation, those self-conceited men in wigs, preferred to express their ideas in nebulous lengthy sentences smacking of Biblical “revelation syndrome”. You can’t take seriously people who say something like:
“… We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”
Actually, the whole “declaration of independence” is a document lacking substance; a combination of “French enlightenment” nonsense with voluminous slander against British rule. The only point of substance that I found there is the following accusation against British monarch:
“He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions”.

But as far as I know Britain started to use Indians against Americans only after they started their Revolution. Maybe I am mistaken. In any way, it is a racial crime and must be firmly put against the British government of those times.

In the same time we should understand that this passage could be an attempt to use natural White antipathy against racial aliens. If founding fathers would attempt to extend their cherished equality on Indians, they would be promptly kicked out by the White men. They knew it and preferred to side with the prevailing opinion of the times.

But how we can fit the passage “all men are created equal” to this “… the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions”? Is it not a contradiction? At least it testifies about the obvious internal inconsistency of the whole document. As if it was written by a dozen of writers without coordinating it between themselves.

The result is that anyone can extract anything from this “declaration” and interpret it in any imaginable way; up to “gay-rights” and open borders policies. The price for imprecise language in laws and political documents is indeed very high.

This ambiguity and the lack of precise definitions in political documents had brought about the whole political crisis that led to the American Civil War. This political crook with dictatorial ambitions, Lincoln, was able to extract from the “declaration” his justifications for the war against White people and for elevating of Negroes to the legal status of White people. It is the price of nebulous documents with pompous wording. What is good in fiction writing is abysmally dangerous in legal documents and laws.

Yet one point against the sanctity of “American Revolution” is the use of foreign power in the war against your ethnic brethren. This crime was committed by both sides but it doesn’t free the revolutionary government from its crime of treason. They were traitors if judged by the laws and customs of any tribe and any country. Not because they started a rebellion against the central authority but because they invited military force of a foreign country. The participation of French troops and navy in the war played a crucial role in the eventual defeat of Britain. America would not gain independence without French factor. This fact alone is enough to deny the holy status that this event had enjoyed until recently.

I need to point out that, although it could seem irrelevant now, the French-British mutual hostility at the time was a very important factor in European affairs. To cross the line to the French side meant much more than it seems now. It is the same as for Poles to invite Russians in order to gain upper hand in the internal fight against their political opponents (actually, there were such cases and all those historical figures who did it are universally despised in Polish society).

I repeat, that at present all those differences are irrelevant and should be downplayed but we need to remember these historical peculiarities in order to do right conclusions about the moral character of the seemingly “saint” founding fathers. They were far from saint and not far-sighted. They failed to see the brewing racial problem around slave-negro issue and they failed to include precise racial provision in their founding documents. Something of the kind: “only White people can become American citizens. The American laws and rights are applicable exclusively to American citizens and have no bearing on people from other races”. The legal and ideological fence, the impenetrable White fortification should had been erected that would forever deny to outsiders any place in America. But it was never done; we can’t reckon those feeble occasional references to the White people that we find in some writings and documents as an expression of strong racial sense and readiness to defend it.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 had more clearly stated that only “…free white person…” could become an American citizen. But although clearly stated, it wasn’t accentuated enough. It was put in a sentence with other qualifications as if those factors were of equal value. As if the fact that a person had lived two years in America is equally important with his race. All in all, from the very beginning the founding fathers tried to evade this whole issue of race; or simply didn’t understand its overwhelming significance. In any case, it disqualifies them from being revered White historical figures who advanced our collective racial interests. They were a bunch of political opportunists and adventurers. Not evil, not scoundrels but not heroes either.

I needed this lengthy historical digression in order to put at rest this whole issue about “founding fathers”. Anyone who still perceives them as something holy, cannot be taken seriously. To understand our present perilous state we should first dispel all our illusions.

Having looked into the obviously unholy American political foundation, we can now proceed further into dissecting the modern American political theocracy.

I think that it was a grave Jewish mistake to initiate this dethroning of the founding American mythology. It is the same mistake they made in USSR in 1980-90es when they started gleefully to vilify the whole Soviet founding mythology. Being once vilified, dethroned and trampled down, any mythology loses its holy status. It can’t be used effectively anymore. Any attempt to reuse it now in Putinist state comes to nothing.

But the Jewish hate of everything White is so intense that it beclouds rational thinking. Jews can’t understand that by dethroning White delusions and false idols, they inadvertently help our cause of bringing racial reality into the field of politics. If the founding fathers are not holy and if all those monuments to White generals must be teared down, the whole political system loses its original legitimacy. And when it happens, when common men lose their social markers, the only factor that remains is the tribal-ethnic identity. It is the default subconscious position for any human being. Therefore, Jews, in their insane drive to inflict maximum pain on us, actually help us in our collective return to the original racial path.

But before it happens the mainstream delusions would continue to reign supreme for some time. Our task is to disengage ourselves from this whole Jewish-run political theater. Despite of the fact that all nationalists understand this situation, many of them continue to entertain futile hopes for “political solutions”. David Duke even tried to run for Senate in 2016.

The most widespread idea among nationalists is that “we can’t win on federal level but we can successfully participate in local elections where the role of Jewish media is less pronounced”. Yes, maybe. But the whole population is thoroughly poisoned by the Jewish propaganda and they themselves would reject any nationalist ideas. The mainstream public is conditioned to “fight Nazism” in the same way as Medieval Europe was conditioned to “fight heresies”. No one would be able to change this established paradigm through electoral process.

“Why not to participate in elections if it is allowed? It would help our cause”. But those who think so fail to make a simple business calculation of expenditures and revenues. Even the most frugal electoral campaign requires substantial expenditures and hundreds of hours of work time. And in most cases the result is an assured failure with a slim consolation that you have “spread the message”.

We should stop thinking along those lines. We should work for palpable results, not for nebulous prospects of being noticed by mainstream crowd. It concerns all nationalists in all countries. They should stop playing in those Jewish dirty electoral games. Even if nationalists succeed in them, they are dealt with like it was with Golden Dawn in Greece.

The experience of the whole period after WW2 should be enough to teach this obvious lesson. You can’t succeed by playing cards with a crook by his rules. The only way to effectively play with him is to kick his head, stuff the whole card deck into his mouth and to tear away all the money that he had acquired. It can’t be otherwise when you dealing with such creatures.

“But what if it is impossible to do it now?” – someone could ask. The answer is very simple and obvious: if you can’t do it now, then, spend the whole available time and money on preparing yourself, on upgrading your abilities and knowledge in all relevant fields in order to eventually be able to execute the above formulated task. There is no way around. When you come to the obstacle you must overcome it, not to vote about it.

Yes, it is easy to say but difficult to do. Yes, it requires years and decades of hard work but there is no alternative. You can’t substitute this necessary hard work by playing electoral politics. All those who continue to play politics, thereby, delude themselves and their followers. They divert attention and energy into a dead end.

The only way to successfully use electoral/mainstream political process is to influence it through puppet politicians, like Jews do it. But for this you need to accrue real power first. The ability to wield real power (the ability to enforce your will) is the main factor behind any power. If you have this ability, then, you can either buy or intimidate various mainstream figures to be your obedient servants. It is the best way to participate in politics.
The human nature doesn’t change. The majority of bipedal creatures are influenced exclusively by two basic motives: fear and greed (stick and carrot). It is how Jews hold in obedience the whole media and political establishment in the West. And it is how this system could be destroyed.

Any political force that would be able to present more convincing alternative to the mainstream politicians, is sure to become the new source of real power. If the prospect of unnatural death to a white traitor would be great enough, he would think twice before continuing his work for Jews. For now, it is too secure for them to be traitors and too profitable.

So far this system was fairly stable but mainly due to the White factor. But proportionally to its diminishing influence the overall social instability would grow. At some point Jews will lose their dictatorial ability to impose their will. It will be the moment when other groups will be able to act as alternative centers of power.

But in order to be able to catch such an opportunity, some preliminary conditions must be established. The most important of them is the real community of people united according to their race, religion and lifestyle. Such a community is the main prerequisite for successful work in all other fields. For now it is the main task. Not playing electoral politics but to creating a real community. We cannot win by living on internet; the only way to win in this existential struggle is to go into the real world, make real connections, occupy real ground and impose your will on real events. It is better to have real power on a small patch of land than an imaginary power in Jewish-run legislative bodies.

As long as Jews and white traitors continue to preserve their dictatorial grip on America, there is no way to gaine anything from public politics. The only result of any public events is self-exposure. By participating in them we help the enemy to concoct his legend about “Nazi threat”. But if we keep quiet and unnoticeable for mainstream crowd, it would be difficult to stick at us their “extremism” labels. It is very hard to stick such a charge on men living peaceful life and not participating in public politics.

Americans more than other White peoples are conditioned for electoral theater. It was an integral part of their whole history and is considered as something holy and immutable. It is why this question needs special enquiry. It is much easier to reason with Russians about “democracy”. Here almost no one believes into it because it was never a part of collective identity. Everyone perceives politicians as crooks and elections as shams.

But having rejected the participation in modern electoral process, I don’t want to deny some virtue to the American historical experience. It is very valuable. It has failed miserably but this failure provides very useful lesson for all other White people. America as it was sine 1783 up to 1861 was a country of White men. No one even dared to question it. This fact alone is enough to have respect to this country as it was. But, definitely, there is nothing left of this old America. Lincoln started to ruin the American political system and Roosevelt completed its wholesale destruction.

Since the end of WW2 America was the anti-White globalist entity. The silly idea that everything was all right in 1950es don’t even deserve to be disproved. For some mainstream buffoons even Reagan years seem a paradise lost. Some of the most stupid specimens suppose that it was all right before Biden stole the elections. But, obviously, we don’t need to persuade those blockheads. The mainstream Trump electorate is a useless crowd that wants to worship Israel and their “victory against Nazism” but don’t want to be invaded from Mexico and to be subjected to Negro brutality. These buffoons don’t even understand that one is the logical consequence of another. Their “victory against Nazism” inevitably led to everything that they have now. But those who don’t understand this simple interconnection, deserve to have these results.

We should stop trying to save society as a whole; it is beyond repair. The task should be limited now only to those who know the truth and who are ready to act accordingly. Everyone else is of little value.

Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2022 7:16 am
by Wolf Stoner
The avalanche of events in Russia keeps me preoccupied with local news, therefore, I look much less frequently on NV than before; 1-2 times a week; certainly, to listen weekly radio broadcast and to read headlines of the articles with rapid skipping through their contents. Simply have no time for more.
Fully agree with Chairman Williams about his accent on education and enlightenment of our people. It is the main task. In the long run only those who are more informed and more enlightened (and as a result more motivated) will triumph.