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Post by Wolf Stoner » Mon Feb 19, 2024 4:46 am

The life and death of Alexey Navalny

Navalny was murdered by Putinist system. No doubts about it. Yet one crime of many of similar kind.

In the earlier part of his political career Navalny expressed some nationalist sentiments. But after gaining wider popularity he preferred to adhere to more bland rhetoric. The core of his program was the fight against corruption. He did good quality investigations about high-ranking officials, exposing their nefarious dealings and their foreign property. It helped greatly to show the rotten nature of the Putinist system. It is why he was so hated by high officials.

Navalny was excellent communicator; charismatic personality; it is why he gained so wide popularity. In this regard he was compared with Yeltsin (in his early years).

But Navalny wasn’t a nationalist. Yes, on few occasions he expressed negative feelings about massive influx of Asian migrants but this concern is shared by absolute majority of Russians, regardless of political affiliation. Even the Putinist officials now are compelled to address this issue and to pretend that they try to deal with it.

At some point Navalny was coopted into wider liberal opposition (I have written an article about the Russian liberal opposition and its most prominent personalities; it is 90% kosher). It opened him the door into the wider world. It is when he became a darling of Western media and politicians.

The most damning stain on Navalny is his part in denunciation of Tesak. Tesak was a popular Moscow skinhead leader.

Back in 2007 Navalny and a group of young liberal opposition politicians had gathered in a Moscow club to discuss various issues. Tesak and his followers came too and started to cry “Sieg Heil” and other nationalist slogans. They promised to cleanse the country of migrants and eliminate liberals but otherwise hadn’t done any harm.

But Navalny and his liberal friends all the same filed complaint to the prosecutor office. The criminal case was initiated and Tesak was sentenced to three years in prison. It started a chain of further criminal persecutions that eventually led to his death in prison in 2020 (most probably a murder disguised as suicide). Navalny forever has become an epitome of Judas among nationalists. Many people even see a providential justice in the similar death suffered by Navalny himself.

A few words about Tesak. Although he is the most well-known and widely popular Russian “Neo-Nazi”, I never considered him as a serious person. Yes, he was clever, inventive and charismatic but vain and shallow. The proverbial “Hollywood Nazi”. He cared more about an ostentatious part of activity than about inner essence. The Putinist system eliminated him because he became too popular and as part of the overall program of “fighting Nazism”. Yes, the Putin’s obsession with “denazification” started long before his war against Ukraine. He first “denizified” Russia in the years 1999-2011.

Both Tesak and Navalny tried to operate in the wider field of public politics and were eliminated by the system. The KGB state don’t want to tolerate any alternatives to itself. The natural evolution of the neo-Marxist totalitarian system led it to the present condition when it destroys any dissent and any hint of oppositional activity in the country. It can’t exist otherwise. The terror state that runs on corpses of its victims.

But Navalny, definitely, wasn’t “our man”. He was a charismatic ambitious political opportunist. He made a stake on cooperating with the western establishment. I doubt that he had any matured core beliefs. His whole life he tried to climb to higher social positions; took part in murky business activities (any business in Russia could be done only through unlawful means; otherwise it is unprofitable), which served the legal pretext for his eventual persecution.

Navalny’s death is yet one tragedy; a tragedy for his family. I don’t think that it is appropriate now to assign too much value to this personality. Especially at the time when each day hundreds of people die on the frontlines; many of them are much more decent, clever and courageous than Navalny.

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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Will Williams » Mon Feb 19, 2024 10:57 am

Thank you for your view of Mr. Navalny. In a nutshell:
In the earlier part of his political career Navalny expressed some nationalist sentiments... [He] was excellent communicator; charismatic personality; it is why he gained so wide popularity.

But Navalny wasn’t a nationalist. At some point Navalny was coopted into wider liberal opposition... its most prominent personalities; (..."90% kosher")... when he became a darling of Western media and politicians.... Navalny, definitely, wasn’t “our man”. He was a charismatic ambitious political opportunist. He made a stake on cooperating with the western establishment...
That would explain why "the western establishment," especially "kosher"-controlled media are nearly lockstep in using Navalny's anti-Putin position to support its pro-Ukraine mission.
Navalny’s death is yet one tragedy: a tragedy for his family. I don’t think that it is appropriate now to assign too much value to this personality....
As usual, we should wait until the facts of this man's death are sorted out. But Navalny was not an ethnic Russian nationalist, despite his early career as a critic of Jewry and non-Whites in his nation. He wasn't "our man."
If Whites insist on participating in "social media," do so on ours, not (((theirs))). Like us on WhiteBiocentrism.com; follow us on NationalVanguard.org. ᛉ

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Post by Wolf Stoner » Tue Feb 27, 2024 10:44 am

“No more brother wars”

There is a popular slogan: “no more brother wars”. It supposes that White nations should refrain from fighting each other. It sounds good but almost impossible to achieve. It is a multifaceted problem.

Everyone knows that when two dogs fight each other, they are so absorbed in this process that completely forget about everything else. Sometimes they don’t even notice an approaching car that presents much more real danger for both of these dogs.

Something similar happens with White people. They are focused mainly on other White people and don’t notice alien groups. The non-Whites are not even considered as a danger by many Whites. They are too much absorbed with internal White against White competition.

The First World War was the most atrocious example of this misperception of reality. In the hundred years since then the Whites have, essentially, lost control above this planet. But little has changed in their perceptions. They continue to consider other Whites as their main competitors, who must be opposed. Even faced with physical extermination, the remnants of Whites are much more happily engage in internecine wars than in defending their habitat against alien invaders.

We can lament it as much as we want, but it will remain this way. At least in the foreseeable future. Whites will kill Whites. The inborn instinct of competition drives this process. We can’t change it but we can turn it into more productive channel.

The natural selection presupposes massive sacrifices. Much more creatures must die-out for the sake of the few who have inherited useful qualities. Therefore, the fact of massive dying-out isn’t bad in itself. Even complete extinction of some groups isn’t something bad. It clears the space for others.

The modern White population that refuses to face the biological reality of race must die-out. Eventually, it must be replaced by racially conscious Whites. Those who understand and value their ancestry. Therefore, I don’t see any need to lament the massive extinction of those Whites who don’t want to defend and preserve their racial identity. They deserve to die. It is their choice. It is the obligation of Nature to cleanse itself of such creatures. And Nature uses the most radical means to do this job. The alien invasion is the natural process (regardless of the fact that Jewish community is the midwife of this invasion); it is the rage of Nature against those who don’t want to follow its laws.

The savage masses will kill, rape and plunder as long as it takes to teach stupid Whites the main lesson of life – to value their racial identity. It is a normal process. A smart pupil will learn fast and suffer less; the stupid one will die in great pain without being able to understand what is it all about. Why should we pity, for example, those white buffoons who, even now, continue to parrot those slogans about “I have a dream”, “Martin Luther King”, “slavery”, “evil Nazis”? Even now, when everything has become clear, when the enemy has fully exposed his intentions, these stupid whites prefer to remain ignorant. I don’t think that they deserve anything better than total extinction. Including those who don’t believe this official nonsense but repeat it because of fear. The future White race need neither blockheads nor cowards. It is difficult to say who of them is more harmful. Sometimes smart cowards are much more dangerous. They always prefer the path of treachery in order to save their own hide at the expense of collective interests.

Whites kill Whites and will continue to kill. There is nothing to lament about.
But we must always differentiate between those who are closer to our vision and those who are hostile to us.

If we take any war, it is easy enough to discern which side was more race-friendly. For example, the Boer war. Obviously, Boers were much more amenable to the racial ideals than the English imperialist forces. Back than all White countries were “racist” to some extent and all Englishmen shared similar with Boers views on race. But, the difference is that Englishmen were already deeply infected with the egalitarian virus. Even in Conan Doyle’s book “Anglo-Boer War” he seriously accuses Boers of being too harsh to “native population”. So, the Britain already back then was irreparably brain-damaged. What happens now is the inevitable result of this carelessness, stupidity, selfishness and cowardice. I don’t think that such Whites deserve anything better than what they have.

If we consider the First World War, we can trace the same subtle distinctions. To some extent all European countries back then were national states and ethnic nationalism was considered as a default view of any normal person.

But France, Britain, Russia and United States, even back then, were sliding along the slippery slope of multiculturalism and denying of biological reality. French and Englishmen gleefully “discovered” all kinds of abilities among savage tribes; Negroes were taught to play violin and calculus. In Russia Asians, especially from Caucasus, were gaining higher social positions. The very harmful trend was in place. Only Germany remained more or less on the firm ethnic foundation of its statehood.

Therefore, the First World War must be considered from this point of view. Although not seen this way by its participants, it was the first stage of the planetary struggle for White identity. On the one side there were White buffoons fighting for the “world safe for democracy” and on the other those who wanted to strengthen European identity. Germanic identity is the core of White identity. There can’t be any White identity without this Germanic core. It is why everything that advanced the interests of the Germanic identity must be considered as pro-White and everything that opposed Germanic identity must be castigated as anti-White.

The further development of events has fully confirmed those trends. Russia, infected by universalist virus (through its Byzantine version of Christianity), fell victim of Bolshevism; America and Britain, obsessed with capitalist greed, have lost their connection with the racial roots; and only Germans and affiliated with them European nations had continued to defend their racial ethnic identity.

It is important to note that it is impossible in real life to have anything in pure form. But it is possible to discern the dominant trends. Comparing different sides of any conflict, it is not difficult to see who is closer to us and who is irreconcilably hostile to us. But we must never allow any tricksters to manipulate our perception by pointing out to minor nuances that contradict the overall picture.

Yes, all modern states are officially adhering to the universalist ideology and condemn any expression of ethnic identity. But in some societies, you have better conditions for this than in the others. Some governments prefer to look other way, but others wage uncompromising war against any organized ethnic movements.

In the case of the war in Ukraine we have precisely this situation. Yes, Ukraine has adopted the western-style liberal ideology but it doesn’t suppress ethnic identity movements. Russia since 1999 wages progressively more aggressive war against any forms of European identity. At first it started to cleanse the political field inside; afterward, it continued to do the same abroad. Putin is dead serious about his “anti-Nazi” crusade. Only fools can’t see it. People with identified nationalist affiliations are killed on the spot in the occupied territories. It is not some kind of judicial persecution that happen in Europe or North America but wholesale extrajudicial extermination of people with a particular set of views. In essence, it is a war against White race. Those who don’t want to see it, automatically lose moral right to claim any pro-White affiliations. Being pro-Putin automatically means of being anti-White. These are irreconcilable worldviews.

It is not a coincidence that the Black and Brown peoples throughout the world gleefully cheer Russia. When Julius Malema of African National Congress loudly proclaims his allegiance to Putin and his state, he correctly understands the overall situation. He sees his natural ally and he sees that Ukraine is more pro-White than Russia. It is why all non-Whites tend to support Putin’s Russia. The situation is very clear. Much more clear than in many other cases.

We must brush aside all those vile detractors who try to divert attention by constantly pointing to negative sides of Ukraine and its pro-western leadership. Yes, they are not pro-White. But at least they are not as virulently anti-White as the neo-Bolshevik empire. I think everyone understands difference between being jailed for couple of years in Britain or being summarily executed on the occupied territories of Ukraine for mere possession of “Nazi” literature or wrong kinds of tattoos. Those fools who don’t notice the difference, should forever be expunged from pro-White communities.

When clearly identified, the enemy must be annihilated without hesitation. Don’t expect to have clear distinctions. It is all a matter of degrees. Any affiliation must be considered on the basis of prevailing qualities; not on the basis of absolute ideological purity. The most immediate danger must be dealt with first. As simple as this. It is the basic rule of fire skirmish. If you start to deliberate about abstract danger posed by lions that live thousands of miles away but totally disregard a viper that coils about your feet, you are a fool. Kill viper first, and afterward think about other issues.

Whatever the intricacies of the ongoing Whites against Whites war, the natural selection mechanism, eventually, will work in favor of race-conscious Whites and against those who disregard racial reality. Those Whites who, for any reason, chose the anti-White side, must perish and be condemned forever. They don’t deserve to be pitied or allowed into the future White society. Those who, like Tucker Carlson, loudly and unambiguously rejected their racial identity, are not worthy to be considered as White. They are white trash whose only destiny is either to melt away in the overall brown mass or to be slaughtered by invaders. By rejecting their biological identity, they themselves seal their fate. There is no possibility of resistance without clear delineated identity. No one will be able to resist without adhering to his biological identity.

People with low racial consciousness are bound to extinction. It can’t be otherwise. And I don’t see any point to lament their fate. On the contrary, we must be happy to see their demise. Even if it is accompanied by the overall destruction of organized society and a lengthy period of chaos. Any big construction project presupposes a lengthy period of chaos, privations, dirt and hard work. We are at the start of the most grandiose planetary construction project. The first phase of this project is the clearing of the construction site. The dirty slums of the decadent society must be mercilessly demolished and swept aside. Those who don’t want to be a part of the construction team, will have no living space in the new building. Those who resist the construction, must die. It is the will of Nature. No one can oppose it.

The seemingly senseless slaughter of Whites by other Whites have some meaning; otherwise, it would not happen. The process of natural selection is most intense inside the group. The outcome of natural selection between races was decided long ago; tens of thousands of years ago. There are no other groups on this planet that would be able to seriously compete against Whites. The only real enemies for Whites are other Whites; the white traitors. It is why the White on White wars are bound to be the most violent and merciless. It is an internal natural selection. Instead of lamenting it, we must understand this mechanism and tune our actions accordingly.

No pity for the white traitors. The new White world will require the best qualities. It is why the competition is bound to be exceptionally bloody and uncompromising. The weaklings who rejected their identity, must perish now. We don’t need them.

Considering any events, we must be guided exclusively by racial considerations, not by narrow ethnic interests, let alone by state interests. The racial identity is the most important factor that towers above everything else. Those who don’t want to acknowledge this obvious fact, don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

All true White people must put their ethnic identity into subordinate position to the racial interests. Everything must be evaluated through this prism. All events, all people and all ideas.

There must be neither Pole nor Russian, neither Swede nor German but only the White man. One hundred years ago our great prophet started this process of racial reunification. We must continue it; and the future generations of White people must complete it.

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Post by Wolf Stoner » Thu Feb 29, 2024 4:47 am

The global war and White resistance

The ongoing deterioration of the overall geopolitical situation compels all western countries to reconsider their defense policies.

USA and other NATO countries increase their military spending. Not because they want it but because there is no other way.

The Russian propagandist rhetoric about “aggressive” “expansionist” West is mostly false. On the contrary, it is the Asian ascending powers who are the root cause of the rising tensions. China uses Russia as a ram against the West.

NATO and USA, the whole decadent western system, are compelled to react and to exert its power in order to preserve its place in the world.

But for us, White people, the interests and desires of both sides are alien. Total victory of any of them would mean our eventual destruction. Therefore, we must not take sides in this conflict.

But it doesn’t mean that we should not use this situation. We must use it. Any crisis presents an opportunity to advance our goals. It is like a storm weather for a sail-ship. It is both dangerous and advantageous. If utilized properly, the force of the storm could bring you to the destination point much faster than in normal circumstances.

In order to skillfully use the force of the storm, we need to understand what is really going on and to clearly elaborate our own tasks.

First of all, we need to disassociate ourselves from the mainstream mentality. It is a dead-weight that prevents us from gaining clear understanding of the events. The mainstream aspirations and desires are alien to us; this way of thinking is unacceptable to us. We must purge our minds from all remnants of the mainstream mentality; to free our minds from the narrow constraints of the prevailing materialistic world view.

The result of this changed perception is akin to starting using calculus instead of primary-school arithmetic.

All dominant assumptions of the events must be either thrown out or thoroughly reevaluated.

Having no ground of our own, we find ourselves in a very different situation and with very different set of interests. The absolute victory of any side is undesirable to us because it would endanger our group interests. Any victor tries to consolidate his gains and to cleanse out any dissent; to impose uniformity of views. Doesn’t matter what kind of ideology is installed, the side that gains upper hand always imposes its absolute unbending will on all its subjects.

But, as I already said, all major geopolitical actors have ideologies and agendas which are alien to us.

Therefore, in order to maximize our gains and to advance our goals we need to balance between those major actors. The more intense their conflict is the more opportunities it present. Calm weather is an ideal for mainstream creatures but the worst condition for all great spirits. The more destructive is the storm the more welcome it is.

Although it is easy enough to formulate an idea of mental independence, the actual realization of it is far more difficult. Human mind had evolved to be a part of a collective. Herd mentality is the prevalent factor in any society. It is a default setting for absolute majority of people to copy the prevalent patterns of behavior.

It is where we need to start changing our minds. The collectivist mentality isn’t bad by itself. But in the conditions of degenerate society it leads people to self-destruction. Therefore, we don’t need to negate the force of collectivist mentality but to create a center of gravity of our own; to establish our own pattern, which others would follow.

The first step on this path is to reject the existing pattern.
The task number one is to clearly elaborate our aims; to correctly describe our short-term and long-term goals. Proceeding from this we will be able to guide ourselves among the ongoing geopolitical storm.

Our long-term goal is to establish a homogeneous racial state; preferably, on the greater part of the territory that historically belonged to the White people. The exclusive land for the White people only. No dissent on this basic issue should be permitted. Those who want any kind of racial diversity must be resettled into black/brown territories in order to enjoy this kind of life.

But this ultimate goal can’t be adopted as an immediate political target; we can’t proclaim it openly and can’t use it in any kind of lawful political struggle. It is too alien and too hostile to the existing global power structure.

It is why we need to elaborate and to adopt a set of short-term targets and tactics that would allow us to gain more favorable position.

What we need now? What must be our immediate goals? I will put it bluntly: we need all existing power structures to collapse. We don’t need them. They are the root cause of all problems. The sooner they go down the better. We have no interest in their continuation.

This part of the problem is more or less understood by many White nationalists throughout the world. But when it comes to practical application of this understanding, many start to falter and to adopt the mainstream patterns of reactions and behavior.

It is easy enough to understand something but it is much more difficult to apply this knowledge in real world. For example, the greater part of Russian nationalists has completely failed this test. For three decades they all expressed excellent ideas and showed determination to advance White racial agenda; but when the moment of truth had come, they jumped away into socially-acceptable, system-approved slot; and now they play a contemptible role of systemic Kremlin’s sidekicks. The centuries-long peasant-slave mentality happened to be a much stronger factor than any superficial convictions. The hoarse cry of the master exerts on them more influence than any racial ideals.

The significant part of the western nationalists fell victim of another illness. Being totally alienated from their local ruling elites, they started to perceive any of their enemies as friends. They imagined that if Putin trades hostile rhetoric against NATO, then, he is the friend of the White race and an ally in our struggle.

Both of these perceptions are false and unproductive. We don’t need to ally ourselves with any of the competing forces. We don’t need to take sides.

But it doesn’t mean to be neutral either. We must actively use the situation without proclaiming any allegiance to anyone. Our allegiance is only to our race; we owe nothing to any artificial entities, like modern states or ideologies. The well-being of the decadent western society shouldn’t concern us either. Their aspirations and troubles must have no weight in our calculus. Most of them are racial traitors in some way or another, therefore, will have to deal with inevitable consequences of their ill-fated choice.

But we must never openly express our hostile attitude to any particular group. The above elaborated understanding of reality is for internal consumption. No one would be able to ascribe to you any hostile intention as long as you yourself didn’t publicly utter it. Any tangential evidence and connections could be easily denied and brushed aside. We must not take unnecessary burden on our shoulders. Only as much as practically needed.

For example, we must not assert at each corner that Hitler was right. It is a self-evident truth but it is an anathema for mainstream cattle. Anyone who dares to express this idea is automatically considered as a freak and public threat. Besides, it is outlawed in many countries and entails imprisonment. No one would listen anything further from a person openly expressing positive attitude to Hitler and Third Reich. It is an epitome of the modern era Devil and Evil-worship.

Human mentality is not different from what it was 500 years ago. To expect understanding on this issue from mainstream people is akin to attempt to explain Copernicus’ theory to an average European citizen of 16th century.

Yes, eventually ever more people would change their minds on this issue, but not for now. The factor of social inertia is too strong and must be reckoned with.

Look at Jews, they don’t proclaim openly their clandestine aspiration for world dominance; they express all kinds of seemingly different ideas but they always guide their actions by this deep-seated aspiration.

We must adopt somewhat similar mode of behavior. Never say what you really want but something that would impel others to do what you need.

In the same time, we must clearly and openly discuss all relevant issues among ourselves. Any subterfuges and evasions would bring only harm to our cause. For example, National Vanguard publications must reman as clear as possible. It is a right approach; it is the only way to attract the best people. They would not follow those sweet-mouthed conservatives who try to please everyone and to dodge inconvenient topics. There must be clear distinction between our internal discussions and how we interact with outsiders.

When I say that we must not refer positively to Hitler and touch other hot issues, I mean only the interaction with mainstream creatures. Especially, when confronted with any kind of authorities and law-enforcement. We must always deny any connection to any kind of “Nazi” ideology and claim to be absolutely apolitical. It works. The blockheads that serve in law-enforcement are too stupid to understand anything in those matters. When you are a normal regular person (without ostentatious tattoos and other provocative paraphernalia) and deny any extremist connections, they tend to believe you; or at least have positive attitude to you. It is very important factor; especially on local level.

USA is the Rome of the modern world. What happens there matters for everyone. Therefore, I will elaborate application of this approach to the current American situation.

There are those who ardently support aid to Ukraine and those who utterly hostile to it. Actually, both sides could be utilized for our purposes.

On the one hand we must welcome military aid to Ukraine because it helps to widen the conflict and to destroy the post-WW2 system. On the other hand, we must tacitly support those who vociferously oppose Biden administration on this issue. Both of those factions are effectively tear apart the fragile American society and push it to the brink of abyss. The worse the better. Sounds harsh but there is no other way.

I am glad that Trump and his gang of half-wit supporters had adopted this uncompromising stance on the Ukrainian aid issue. The ongoing border crisis is the most potent factor that accelerates the process of social destruction. Both Trump’s and Biden’s partisan crowds unwittingly push their own society into abyss. Don’t try to argue with them. On the contrary – cheer them up; both sides; wish them maximal success.

We must support maximum military aid to Ukraine on the one hand and inflame hostility against the Biden administration for its wasteful financial policies on the other hand. There is no contradiction. The more weapons are sent into Eastern Europe the better. The more discord and chaos are sown in American society the better. Before collapsing America must give as much weaponry as possible.

It is calculus, not arithmetic.
I don’t support Ukraine as such. The Ukrainian society is not much better than the Russian one. But we need the Bolshevik empire to be destroyed once and for all. Ukraine is the best tool for this. The destruction of the eastern monster is the task of not lesser importance than the destruction of the American ZOG empire. The fact that these monsters tear apart each other is the perfect arrangement for us.

The uncompromising hostility towards the Bolshevik empire doesn’t mean it to be projected onto its current allies. Iran and North Korea are not our enemies. These are ethnic states with its own limited interests. They don’t present any appreciable threat for our racial interests. I don’t call to love them but we, definitely, should not hate them or support any hostility against them. It is the case when genuine neutrality is the best option.

The Chinese factor is much more difficult. On the one hand it is the force that plays key role in destroying the existing ZOG global hegemony, on the other hand it is the new pretender for the global domination. Obviously, if fully successful, China will happily annihilate all White people.

It means that we must conditionally support Chinese rise as a destructive force against the ZOG West but fully understand its danger.

The perfect outcome of the approaching fight would be the total destruction of both the American and Bolshevik empires and weakening of China to the extent when it will not be able to occupy the whole planet and to accomplish total ethnic cleansing.

When both globalist empires will be gone and China is recovering from heavy losses of the big war, the chaos would engulf the rest of the world. It will be the best condition for reestablishing the White society on its true racial basis. There will be no other option. It will not be the matter of choice but of necessity. Either to become racially loyal fanatical fighters or to cease to exist. The natural selection once again will work its miracle and return sanity into this world.

Holding those strategic considerations into our minds, we must approach all other practical political tasks. We must never constrain ourselves by any artificial “moral” considerations. Everything that advances our long-term racial interests is moral; everything that harms our long-term interests is immoral. As simple as this. There is no other basis for morality. We must impose our will on others and not allow others to impose their will on us.

But we can’t impose our will directly; we don’t possess any appreciable power for this. Therefore, the only way of doing this is by means of other centers of power. Let them destroy our enemies for us.

Who could imagine that the German tanks, once again, would destroy Bolshevik vermin? But precisely this is happening right now. Perfect arrangement. Never look at the superficial wrappings; always notice the inner essence. The deep providential justice works its way into real life. It will continue to do it. The perpetrators of the ritualistic destruction of Europe 80 years ago must be ritually destroyed. No one must be left unpunished, especially the society that made the foundation of its national identity out of this crime.

The show must go on. The more destruction the better. The more fuel to the fire the brighter the light.

But, in the same time we must openly oppose any attempts by the western governments to reinstate draft. They will be compelled by circumstances to do it at some point. There is not enough manpower for their militaries. This issue will become one of the main (if not the most important one) bones of contention among western societies.

The hedonistic western mainstream crowd don’t want to raise their asses and dig trenches. It is absolutely contrary to their life-philosophy. For generations they were nurtured in the conviction that the ultimate goal of existence is to maximize individual pleasure and to avoid any social obligations. And now, when the scared ruling elites started to cry about necessity to defend “our values”, the bewildered crowd was stunned: what values do they speak about? Our democracy? LGBT rights? Unrestricted migration? Abortion on demand? Degenerate art instead of European art? Is it all worthy to die for? There is no one who genuinely believes into those “values”. It is even more insane than the old Soviet slogans about proletarian brotherhood.

The society is bound to express utter hostility to the proposed militarization of the western countries. Militarization can’t be done on the basis of “defending our democracy”. It could be done only by appealing to the ethnic feelings of the masses. But how it could be done if it was methodically dismantled for decades since the end of WW2?

The western political establishment faces the most difficult impasse that it ever had. And our task is to aggravate their difficulties as much as possible. We must inflame public displeasure by all available means; to fan the flames of mainstream rage; to cry as loud as possible: “send your own children first”. It is bound to be popular. The same must be done in the Kremlin empire; to tear apart those societies by exploiting public rage. It is the most potent method. The February 1917 Russian moment.

It must be especially noted that it is not we who cause all those awful things. It is all done by the rulers who control the western world since 1945. Our task is to exploit their blunders and to widen the rifts. All bad things were already done against our race. Therefore, all accusations of our enemies that we plan to do something bad, must be rejected outright.

We must correctly assess the situation in order to chart our way through this chaos. Being the messenger of bad news doesn’t mean that you are the cause of the bad events. But precisely this is ascribed to us by our enemies and mainstream buffoons. It were them who brought society to the brink of destruction, not we. Our task is to deal with the mess they created; with the catastrophic consequences of the insane policies imposed on White societies in the last 80 years.

They destroyed our White world, thereby freeing us from any social responsibilities. Their degenerate social formations have nothing in common with us and our interests. Therefore, they have no right to demand cooperation from us or to expect any good will toward them. They wanted us to be exterminated, therefore, we have no other options except as to mirror their attitude. Especially, considering the fact that they destroy themselves better and sooner than any external enemy could it do.

We must be glad that they destroy themselves. And, certainly, we must reject any ideas about “saving our country” or “make America great again” or anything of this kind. It is all irrelevant and outdated. Those Trumpists who clamor now about the need to save America, are somewhat late for their efforts. It must had been done more than 80 years ago when Roosevelt administration steered American society to the path of self-destruction. Yes, back then it was yet possible to save the society and to “make America great again”. Now it is not only impossible but absolutely irrelevant. It is like calling to save mammoths. What is gone is gone. Our task is to look ahead; not to cry about the past.

But before the new White world could be recreated, the dirty, rotten, vermin-infested slum of the present-day West must be swept out.

The question about the neo-Bolshevik empire needs to be addressed especially. Besides the obvious practical task of physically safeguarding White people from these insane bloodthirsty hordes, there is yet one aspect of this problem. It is an empire that derives its very identity from its triumph above Europe. It asserts itself on the bones of the best White people.

More than this; it constantly resuscitates its past crimes and glorifies them as the highest virtue. The whole society was nurtured on this poisonous ideology. There is no way back for them. The neo-Bolshevik empire is the most anti-White entity on this planet. It has transformed its hatred of Europe into a quasi-religion. And the only way to deal with violent religious fanatics is to eliminate them.

The neo-Bolshevik society must be gone. It is the task number one. This anti-White cult must be destroyed by whatever means. Those individuals who don’t want to share the fate of this insane social entity, must disengage from it and seek their own separate path. But those who persist in their stupidity, must share the fate of their insane empire.

Any calls to support the neo-Bolshevik empire in any way must be considered as anti-White actions. No qualifications should be allowed. The neo-Bolshevik entity has declared an open war against White race; therefore, it must receive an appropriate answer.

There is dangerous mainstream delusion about the need to adhere to some allies. It is a manifestation of herd mentality. People fear to be alone and always try to ally themselves with someone. Seeing an enemy in the American ruling elite, the right-wing conservatives invented themselves an ally in the form of Putinist Russia. And vice versa, there are many Russians who hate Putinist system and think that USA is their ally. These people fear to act and think independently. They fear to take full responsibility on themselves. This burden is too heavy for their puny mainstream minds.

On the contrary, we must be happy to carry this burden. We can and we must act as independent actors, without allying ourselves with any alien entities, but using their quarrels to our advantage.

The greater the storm the greater the opportunities. We have nothing to preserve in the modern world. We have nothing to pity about. We must welcome its destruction because it is the only way for White renewal.

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Jim Mathias
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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Jim Mathias » Thu Feb 29, 2024 11:00 pm

Of the anti-White hordes' agenda for destroying us biologically, it is true we cannot bring about organized force to resist them as they have all the levers of institutional power. To survive, I agree with Wolf on many points, especially about identifying the most fanatical of those who make White genocide their religion but also other things identified.

One thought that comes back to me, influenced by Dr. Pierce, is that we should do what we can and building as powerful a voice as possible to expose those anti-White fanatics at every opportunity. Supporting efforts that come from the National Office, such as the expansion of National Vanguard's reach, is one such voice-enhancing activity. The creation and staffing of other approved sources of information that disseminate our message are limited only by our imagination and willingness to step forward with the talent, energy, and effort to make it happen.
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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Wolf Stoner » Fri Mar 22, 2024 3:17 am

Surviving the coming War

The world continues to slide down into chaos. The total collapse of the whole globalist system is inevitable at some point. But before it falls, the existing state structures will continue to play major role in the events.

The widening war is sure to devour yet more resources and people. I doubt that there is any possibility of stopping it. Regardless of who would occupy the White House the war will continue.

I am sure the Chinese masters urge Kremlin puppets to press forward at whatever cost. There is no sense for China to spare Russians. The corrupt Russian rulers totally disregard the interests of their own population; they too have no compunctions to sacrifice as many people as needed.

The East European countries have no other option except as to resist. The West European leaders are compelled by circumstances to provide assistance. Definitely, no one leader in the West wants a wider war. All of them would prefer any kind of peace. But there is no such an option.

The media narratives on both sides are firmly in Jewish hands. It is why both sides “fight Nazis”. What else could be expected from this insane crowd? Their obsession with imaginary “Nazi threat” goes beyond any logic.

But, however great the Jewish influence, we must not ascribe to them any kind of supernatural power. They don’t manipulate the events, as some conspirologists try to portray it. No one can manipulate the global events. Everything goes on according to some hidden natural logic. Jews, as usual, try to make most out of anything. The Jewish bloggers and correspondents live from the war topic, “providing analysis” and trading all kinds of predictions. The gullible goyims attentively listen those scoundrels and believe them.

The Jewish middlemen make huge profits from arranging all kinds of schemes to circumvent sanctions regime and to provide Putin’s state with all it needs. Jews make money out of this war, as was always the case for centuries. Nothing new in this regard.

What all of this mean for us, the conscious White people? What we must do in these circumstances?

We can hardly change the ongoing dynamic; and we must not. It is not our business. The decadent post-WW2 world has come to its inglorious end. We must not pity it. And, certainly, we must not take sides in this insanity. On the moral level it is preferable to unambiguously distance ourselves from the Putin’s regime. The White nationalists must not sully themselves by any cooperation, support or even passive approval of Kremlin's actions. The Putin’s state is the continuation of the Bolshevik state created by comrade Lenin; therefore, it does what it always did; it is silly to expect anything else from it.

But, in the same time, we can’t support anyone allied with the western globalist system. Both sides of this conflict openly profess anti-White ideology; therefore, we can’t have affiliation to any of them.

What are the practical conclusions from those facts?
First of all, we must make all necessary provisions against being sucked into the big war. When it starts the western countries will reintroduce draft; there is no alternative for this. Therefore, all necessary arrangements must be made in order to obtain either medical exemption from army service or anything else that would allow to legally avoid draft. It is imperative. It is not our war. We have much more important tasks to do.

We must prepare to work under conditions of total censorship and political persecution. When a big war starts, all constitutional provisions of free speech and freedom of assembly will be nullified. The internal suppression in USA will be even more harsh than in WW2. Any organization that wants to continue to operate will have to do it through personal informal connections; the diaspora mode.

The hideouts must be made; stockpiles of food, tools and other necessities. When the events start, there will be neither time nor possibility to do it.
It is preferable to avoid big cities and military bases. It is better to change residence for some remote place. If it is impossible, then, to buy property in a remote place and to think through how to reach it in case of emergency.
It all will be needed anyway; either in case of global war or in case of escaping from political persecution.

But all of those measures matter only if we can create a viable community. There is no way to survive on your own. It is better to be a tightly knit community with meager material possessions than to have plenty of things and weapons but remaining alone with only your immediate family around. Such survivalists will not last long; they will fall prey for all kinds of gangs. It is why the community building is the priority number one. Besides being a moral imperative, it is also a practical necessity.

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Jim Mathias
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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Mar 25, 2024 2:24 pm

Sound advice as usual, Wolf. You have my gratitude for saying this clearly and plainly.
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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Wolf Stoner » Mon Apr 08, 2024 3:45 pm

Jim Mathias wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2024 2:24 pm
Sound advice as usual, Wolf. You have my gratitude for saying this clearly and plainly.
Thank you, Jim. I visit NV rarely now. After Russia blocked this site, the only way to access it is through slow VPN connection and only through cable-internet. And even this sometimes fails.

You do a great job. It is extremely important to run the practical work on everyday basis. No endeavor could succeed without a dedicated organized group consisting of people willing to spend their time for common good. The global chaos continues to spread far and wide. Most probably, we can witness the initial period of the total collapse of the global Jewish post-WW2 empire.

There are few basic tenets that conscious White people must understand and accept as guiding principles.

The tenet number one: There is no White state at present. All former White states have become anti-White entities; to lesser or greater extent. It means that we must have no allegiances to any state whatsoever. We are a stateless nation at present.

The tenet number two: We must adopt attitude, mentality and methods of an ethnic diaspora surviving in hostile environment.

The tenet number three: keep as low political profile as possible. If it is yet possible in USA and some other western countries to openly proclaim political views that contradict ruling ideology, all other countries impose ever harsher measures against any dissent.

In such an environment any public activity becomes impossible and counterproductive. The schwerpunkt of our effort must be shifted into informal dimension that is hardly noticeable for outsiders.

What counts are the real deeds and activities, not appearances and political posing. Even the seemingly influential nationalist movements like those winning elections in Europe are nothing in real terms. They can be easily suppressed by the system at any moment.

The tenet number four: to withdraw from the mainstream society. It is the crucial task. It is impossible to preserve clarity of perception and healthy outlook when living in big cities and each day socializing with mentally infected individuals. The social environment is the most potent quagmire that can swallow everyone. No one can resist its force. The only defense against it is to keep distance from the infected crowds; preferably, to leave big cities and settle in countryside.

The conscious White people must socialize with the likeminded people. The only way to achieve this is to live together. There is no way around. Only those groups will have a long-term success that rely on real communities.

It is better to earn less but to live among your own people than to have more but inside an infected society.

Conscious White people must find ways to earn money outside of the system. We must reduce as much as possible any dealings with aliens of all kinds.

The tenet number five: All aspects of life must be administered and decided inside a community; no recourse to state agencies must be made. In the same time, this fact must not be publicized. The Waco 1993 example shows all too clear what happens with anyone who wants to live outside of the state embrace.

The community must exist without acknowledging its existence. Only the model community can be publicized as an example to follow. But all others must be kept out of public gaze.

It is needed to be repeated yet once: we must stop thinking about ourselves as citizens of any particular state. We are the White people. It is the only relevant factor. All other superficial features are either secondary or totally irrelevant. We must stop allowing any moral authority to any state structure; they must be nothing to us. Their laws and their ideological precepts are nothing to us. The real change starts inside human mind. The moment you wholeheartedly reject the existing state and political structure is the moment it starts to fall. 90% of political power are mental perceptions; people’s believe in the state is the main source of power of this state. When you stop to believe into it, it starts to fall. We must start this process; inside our minds, then, inside our community; afterward, it would spread into wider society.

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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Wolf Stoner » Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:46 am

The events become ever more serious. The FBI director said nothing new, but previously the official figures preferred to use milder expressions. This speech is yet one indicator of the inevitability of the global war. The funny thing is that even 10 years ago anyone warning about Chinese infiltration of America would be called a "conspiracy theorist". Now it is an officially acknowledged fact.

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Re: Words of Wolf Stoner

Post by Will Williams » Thu Apr 11, 2024 11:04 am

Wolf Stoner wrote:
Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:46 am
The events become ever more serious. The FBI director said nothing new, but previously the official figures preferred to use milder expressions. This speech is yet one indicator of the inevitability of the global war. The funny thing is that even 10 years ago anyone warning about Chinese infiltration of America would be called a "conspiracy theorist". Now it is an officially acknowledged fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6C7t1vzGzE
Actually, FBI Director Wray is saying something new. With 12 million-plus, or more, illegal non-White aliens swarming into the US in the past few years, including hundreds of thousands of Chinese, Wray made the absurd statement just five years ago and since, that the biggest threat to America is from a few hundred, so-called "White supremacists," (read: any Whites who criticized Jewry). https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fbi-chri ... a032fed83f

FBI Chief Christopher Wray Warns
Of 'Persistent, Pervasive' White
Supremacy Threat

His warning in congressional testimony comes after reports that Homeland Security dismantled its domestic terrorism unit.

By Mary Papenfuss
Apr 4, 2019

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress on Thursday that white supremacy is a “persistent, pervasive threat” to U.S. security — despite President Donald Trump’s indications to the contrary.

“How would you define the danger to public safety that is posed by white supremacist extremism?” House Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) asked.

Wray responded that the “danger ... of white supremacists, violent extremism or any other kind of extremism is, of course, significant.”

He added: “We assess that it is a persistent, pervasive threat. We tackle it both through our joint terrorism task forces on the domestic terrorism side as well as through our civil rights program on the civil side through hate-crime enforcement.”

The warning comes just weeks after Trump said he didn’t “really” see a rise in global right-wing violence after an avowed white nationalist was charged in the fatal shooting of 50 people at two New Zealand mosques last month. Such violence is committed by a “small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess,” Trump insisted.

Wray’s pronouncement also follows reports that the Department of Homeland Security dismantled its domestic terrorism unit even as American right-wing violence has become the leading cause of terrorism in the U.S. Officials of the department conceded to CBS News this week that the unit has been “restructured” but said that Homeland Security remains committed to battling all domestic terrorism. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen last month insisted that Islamist militants and those they inspire are the primary terrorist threat to the U.S.

In fact, more domestic terrorism suspects were arrested in the United States over the last two federal budget years than those inspired by foreign Islamic extremists. Most domestic terrorism suspects are right-wing extremists. But domestic terrorism is not a crime under federal law, so suspects are charged with weapon violations and other crimes.

Wray was also asked how the FBI is addressing a 17% spike in hate crimes in the U.S.

“We are determined not to tolerate hate-filled violence in our communities, so we’re going to aggressively investigate those cases,” he said.

Trump has been accused of emboldening white nationalists with comments such as referring to black-majority nations as “shithole countries” and immigrants as “animals.” He said after the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia, march of white nationalists that there were “good people” on both sides of the issue...


As economy falters, more
Chinese migrants take a
perilous journey to the US
border to seek asylum

Large numbers of Chinese migrants are making the perilous journey to the United States through Panama’s Darién Gap jungle to the California desert, filling a makeshift encampment as they wait to make their asylum claims.
October 30, 2023

Catholic Charities of San Diego [who else?] uses hotels to provide shelters for migrants, including 1,223 from China in September. The average shelter stay is a day and a half among all nationalities. For Chinese visitors, it’s less than a day.

“They get dropped off in the morning. By afternoon they are looking to reunite with their families. They’re going to New York, they’re going to Chicago, they’re going to all kinds of places,” said Vino Pajanor, the group’s chief executive. “They don’t want to be in a shelter.”

In September, 98% of U.S. border arrests of Chinese people occurred in the San Diego area. At the transit stop, migrants charge phones, snack, browse piles of free clothing and get travel advice.

Signs at portable bathrooms and information booths and a volunteer’s loudspeaker announcements about free airport shuttles are translated to multiple languages, including Mandarin. Taxi drivers offer rides to Los Angeles...
https://apnews.com/article/chinese-emig ... 118aa280c6
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