Happy Mother's Day 2023

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Happy Mother's Day 2023

Post by White Man 1 » Sun May 14, 2023 1:09 pm

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Re: Happy Mother's Day 2023

Post by Dillon_C_Rau » Sun May 14, 2023 7:09 pm

That is a beautiful picture. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

A woman recently posted this picture on the social media platform Gab. Stating that her husband bought them for her, for Mother’s Day. I personally think that this is a great idea for a gift to a racially aware woman.
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Re: Happy Mother's Day 2023

Post by Will Williams » Sun Oct 15, 2023 2:44 pm

Mothers' Day has passed this year, being back on May 14th.

This sensitive poem was written by the Adolf Hitler in 1923, dedicated to his beloved mother.

The Mother

“When your mother has grown older,
When her dear, faithful eyes
no longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks –

Then lend her your arm in support,
Escort her with happy pleasure.
The hour will come when, weeping, you
Must accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks you something,
Then give her an answer.
And if she asks again, then speak!
And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
Not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you properly
Explain all to her happily.
The hour will come, the bitter hour,
When her mouth asks for nothing more.”

My own dear mother was born in 1923, October 15th to be exact, so today would have been her 100th birthday. She lived a full life to the age of 91. My final walk with her was a couple of months before her passing. She was aware then that I was going to be named the new National Alliance Chairman. She knew what that meant because she had met Dr. Pierce and other Alliance members in the ten years I'd been active with the Alliance.

She was also well aware of and impressed by Mr. Hitler's touching poem to his mother.

She feared for me because of my years of open racial politics, as a mother would, knowing we White loyalists had many powerful enemies, but reassured me, "Son, just because people disagree with you doesn't mean you are not right."

I can't explain why these photos didn't attach well, but the top one is when she was 19 in 1942. In the one(s) below she was 24 in 1947, the year she brought me into this world.

My daddy got lucky when she picked him. ;)
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