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Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

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Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

PostSun Jun 18, 2017 2:38 pm

Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

The Ents and the Ent-wives represent the roots of race. The Ent-wives have left the ancient forest of Fanghorn representing the rift created between men and women by feminism that leads to the decay and aging of the racial stock-women have departed their role and seek only to be with their own selves immersed in the immanent conciousness of the lower ego which constitutes the fabric of their mind. They can't see the roots leading back to the past and so allow those of the present to dry up at the expense of their irresponsible self-seeking. They cease to perform the role and function of a bridge to the future and idle about while the bridge of the present crumbles around them leading to the extermination of their race. The Ent-wives must be recaptured through the Ents pulling themselves away from their lethargic slumber and complacency and fighting the orcs of Orthunc and Saruman which represents Modernity with its foreign economic units of different races and technological monstrosities. in destroying this threat that enables them to magnetize the Ent-wives and bring them away through the law of attraction from their egotism and barren self-seeking to the fruitful role of a fruit bearing tree that is the bridge to posterity and a future salvaged form the ruins of modernity. Thus the onus lies on men to be men and fight for the right to mate with their natural complement.
The orcs who hack at the trees represents miscegenation and outright genocide through economic/demographic/physical/spiritual warfare against the Ents(White Race) and their territory and survival-territory being necessary for survival as the legions of orcs who invade white societies are aware. Saruman is Masonry behind the White-hand/Hidden-hand and his coat of many colours he uses his honeyed words of tartuffery and mendacity to beguile and deceive those who would threaten his supremacy-under of course the all-seeing eye of the Jew-Sauron/Saturn(their god), a.k.a Lucifer the Rex Mundi. Their rapine of the Ent-wives both allegorically through burning with fire and hacking with axes and through sexual rape and physical assault and murder in real life is an act of war and hostility against White people deliberately undergone with malice aforethought. To destroy the evils of feminism and its endless discontents the men must fight and oppose the economic and physical rape and murder of their own people as the Ents smashed the technological monstrosity of Orthunc so the liberal-democratic/libtard-hypocritic Regime must be smashed and replaced with a natural order that enables the putting down of roots through the putting down of anti-nature religious creeds of the Abrahamic strain.

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Re: Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

PostSun Jun 18, 2017 6:04 pm

Or consider the story of Eowyn. When Théoden King becomes emasculated through the sorcery of Saruman and the ill-counsel of Grima Wormtongue, and the men around her seem likewise helpless, she adopts a masculine, warrior persona.

But ultimately she finds happiness and contentment not as an artificial man, but as the helpmate of Faramir, an actual man of proven worth.

This is what I have always contended: Men set the tone in society. When White men begin acting like real men again, White women will resume acting like real woman.

Jim Mathias

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Re: Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

PostTue Jun 20, 2017 1:19 am

While I enjoyed Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (and its prequel, The Hobbit) for its characterizations both individual and racial, those of the Ents didn't occur to me to have any human analogues that I could tell. I believe that Tolkien was taking a bit of creative liberty with the personality of tree---if they had one--for the sake of making a rich tale.

In that, he succeeded.

That different races had both biological and behavioral patterns does ring true "in the real world" and having an entertaining tale to impart this lesson in a light fashion is quite welcome. Would I go so far as to equate niggers with orcs? Probably not, though I will admit there are a few similarities--enough to make many see there is some possible connection.

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