Democracy is failing (proven statistically)

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Democracy is failing (proven statistically)

Post by Polemics » Sat Sep 09, 2023 10:40 am

I was thinking about democracy recently and alternative systems of governing our people. I started to wonder how supportive the masses are of democracy. How many people actually vote in modern elections and then I started to wonder if the support for democracy is growing or declining. Because if we listen to the Jew controlled media, politicians or the average lemming, they will try to tell us that democracy is the best way and in fact the only way to run a country. How does that claim bare against the facts? Not good actually. Voter turnout in many western countries is in a state of decline from its peak popularity.

It seems the peak popularity for democracy was when our countries were homogeneous, before multi racial forced integration was imposed upon us. For example, America had it highest (percentage) voter turnout at around 1900 when the races were segregated at 85% of the population engaging with elections. Now it is currently about 65% so that is a pretty big chunk of the populations who have given up on the democratic system.

The below graph shoes American voter turnout from the years 1789-2020 at the bottom. The other is the UK voter turnout history.

The UK is much the same with a peak of around 85% back in 1918, when it was a homogeneous society. Now it has dwindled to about 68%. The graph below shows UK voter turnout from the years 1918-2019

And likewise with many other western nations. The information is public for all to see.

So the point I am making is that firstly, this proves democracy is not as popular as the gatekeepers proclaim and in fact is in decline. And also our people don't want this system is suggested by the abandonment of democracy, multi-racial democracy to be precise.

We will find a better way. It is the white thing to do.
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