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Re: Email Your Senators & Congressperson

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2021 11:10 am
by PhuBai68
Today I emailed my congressman about Lt Col Stuart Scheller being locked up.
Okay, I know he disobeyed an order to not say anything more about the miscarriage of a withdrawal from Afghanistan but with eleven dead Marines, one dead Army soldier and one dead Navy Corpsman (or corpse man in Obama speak) plus an unknown (to us) number of military injured and in the hospitals.
Then the blotched drone strike taking out ten, seven of them children by this joke of an administration so I felt obligated to contact someone.

Representative Jeff,
I find it an outrage that this man is being a scape goat for saying what every American should've realized - you don't pull out the military before you get all your assets out.
I myself spent four years in the Marine Corps and know about the chain of command however if the problem isn't resolved by the next person higher up what then?
You go above him/her to the next highest therefore breaking the chain - think of it as "whistle blower" in a way.
This man has an impeccable record, I noticed he has been awarded the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Ribbon with two silver stars plus many more decorations and as an O-5 officer is locked up in a brig (so far) without charges.
This is nothing more than spiteful resentment by Generals McKenzie and Milley for being called out for their mishandling the withdrawal.
Please do not let the honorable Marine officer be persecuted.
Thank you,