GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

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Re: GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

Post by PhuBai68 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 2:24 pm

Karen says:
February 12, 2021 at 10:59 am
Personally, I feel we are past the point of fixing anything in the U.S. through political strategies. That being said, the Republican party is dead to me and most other right of center Americans. You have three choices:
1.) Stand your ground, fight, and get mowed down
2.)Take a knee, sell out, and become a part of the globalist beast system
3.) Leave the U.S.
I’m taking the third option. Do it while you can.

JM/Iowa says:
February 12, 2021 at 11:04 am
So, “join the GOP to disrupt the coming police state.

We Whites have lost our country, and are now target #1 for elimination or abject slavery…and you want us to join our enemies and play their (losing for Whites) political games?

No, thanks. If that’s the best you can offer, then I’ll go with the National Alliance’s community building plans instead.

Angelicus says:
February 13, 2021 at 5:04 am
Excellent words. The National Alliance is the only decent pro-White organization in the USA. It does not matter it has zero possibilities within the Jewish electoral system. They deserve our full support. This article is a waste of time and space.

Will W Williams says:
February 13, 2021 at 2:44 pm
Let us make one thing clear, or two: the National Alliance is not “identitarian” nor does it recognize the trendy term “wokeism.” As strict racial separatists determined to preserve our race above all else, we advocate necessary, complete geographical separation of Whites from non-Whites — not secession of racially diverse red states from the more racially diverse blue ones.

Building autonomous Cosmotheist communities of like-minded Whites, like JM/Iowa prefers, is the Alliance’s preferred model. Those Whites who are not interested in our Alliance model should join with the identitarians to try and reform the moribund GOP to make it represent White interests — which will never happen — or join with the “woke” crowd who prefer more half-measures to slow our planned replacement, to strict racial separation.

Angelicus, you should join our Alliance, if not as a member, then as an official supporter. It’s easy:

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"Leave the US" ???
and go where?
Other than English what other language does she speak?
In The Camp of Saints is upon us.
Now with Biden (IDK if it's so much him or he just signs what's put in front of him) stopping the wall, releasing illegals and not enforcing northward migrations that book has really hit home. Plus what's been happening to Europe, fact following fiction.

The National Guard, high wire fences in our nation's capitol - Biden wanting to put into effect Cuomo's NY state SAFE Act nation wide - I'm thinking that
coming police state might not be all that far away.

Having lived in West Virginia for over a dozen years the main problems with majority White areas I found was :
1~ employment, employment opportunities are few and far between
2~ health care, in truth "not the best" or even very good
3~ cost of things, since the further off the beaten path you go the cost rises as stuff gets shipped there
4~ ignorance of blacks (& other so called minorities), since (other than TV/movies) they think they're just darker versions of Whites and more accepting

#1 is self explanatory
#2 I lived it. I asked my neighbor, "why did he drive to Low Moor Virginia and to Charlottesville to seek medical?" and his answer was "better doctors". I could tell some true stories about "medical professionals" there and the difference down here.
#3 logical, awful winding mountain roads that things have to be hauled on. A trip from Lewisburg to Elkins would be a breeze on an interstate but is one terrible winding, uphill, downhill half day drive.
#4 one just has to look at the more liberal White states (Vermont, NH, Maine, Idaho) to see our problem - they don't know "who" the enemy is because they don't have any real exposure (parts of Maine with Somalis are learning the hard way) to blacks and Hispanics.

Another problem I see is the infighting amongst ourselves.
On the Stormfront board on just about any "hot" topic or newsworthy story we know there will be "whizzing contests" between members.
We had to make a Theology section because of religion squabbles.
It seems just about any topic can start a flame fest - hunting • drilling on federal land • accelerationism • voting

"Building autonomous Cosmotheist communities of like-minded Whites, like JM/Iowa prefers, is the Alliance’s preferred model."
Hopefully we can do it.

It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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Re: GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

Post by Grimork » Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:43 pm

Yeah, PhuBai I'm not sure where we'd go or even if it's right to just give up our country and run away, eventually we will run out of places to run to.

I think your 4 reasons are solid, but the issue isn't that these are majority White areas, it's that the minorities have taken over the cities Whites have built and are reaping all the benefits of these high paying jobs, good doctors, etc. I like Tennessee because it's central to some big cities and with a commute you can live in a mostly White, hopefully ALL White area eventually, then drive to work or to a better doctor. Hell, we should get our own doctors. Why not? If the two doctors my daughter sees can work under the DPC model for a monthly fee of 25$ a child 50$ an adult. Can't our own doctors do that? ProWhite doctors? Granted you might need to go to the hospital for emergencies or the city for a specialist, but for normal maintenance a dpc doctor is more than enough.
You can't tell me we don't have people with medical degrees who could practice in such White communities. There will be a lot more doctors needing work if they keep using affirmative action against Whites.

I think if we can get the community started in the right location, maybe not in the wilds of WV but somewhere wild enough to be White, but central to centers of commerce nearby for a need basis (employment, specialists, etc), everything else will fall in line eventually.

I know for example plenty of people who drive over an hour just to work in the negro cess pit of Charlotte so that they can live elsewhere.

As for Stormfront it's just so big with a rainbow of ideologies and people. I mean you've got plain jane conservatives on there, we have an small presence, klansmen, skinheads, even people who glorify nonWhite music. Odinists, Christians, atheists, on and on. Of course there's infighting. There will always be with people so differently minded.

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Will Williams
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Re: GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

Post by Will Williams » Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:49 pm

PhuBai68 wrote:
Thu Feb 18, 2021 2:24 pm
"Building autonomous Cosmotheist communities of like-minded Whites, like JM/Iowa prefers, is the Alliance’s preferred model."
Hopefully we can do it.[/i]
We must do it, not just "hope" to do it, PB.

Those problems you named above will all be overcome once we control our own living space. Determined, eligible Whites will support and flock to our Cosmotheist communities when they see them as logical alternatives to the multicultural bs they're living in now.

Big Tent Stormfront is a disaster for trying to get folks organized with a common purpose. You describe it well.

If White separatism can't be conceived, it can't happen. Dr. Pierce gave us the plan. Some of us embrace it, others ignore it and keep yapping about reforming the Republican Party to save American Whites.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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