Antivax degenerative duck

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Antivax degenerative duck

Post by Null » Tue Dec 28, 2021 12:41 am

For several months now I have been hearing about mysterious anti-axers who are against vaccines and at the same time against masks and restrictions. All of this seems promising. Fighting vaccines against destroying populations ... Christians add a few to talk about what this pandemic really is.But there is one thing If you dig deeper this dung heap, you will notice that it is systemic Constant screams about fascism, the demands of the communists to create their government, the repetition of clichés and phrases that have set the teeth on edge What is now an anti-Vaxon is yet another caricature of the true right-wing movement of consciousness. This is a Jewish parody where two Jews accuse each other of fascism in front of stupid goyim The insanity that I periodically see in anti-virus chats is simply not comparable to anything Specialists from the ANB and the FSB are clearly putting their hands on this movement. When parsing chat data, in particular in telegrams, and so on, you can see that they are not so decentralized. Information is served as if from one edition, reposting on multiple sites by other bots All this happens as if you are buying a hamburger and then they tell you there is a new version of the burger with a tastier filling and you buy it It would be worth paying attention to the audience of these degenerates The audience can often consist of whores as well as those people who just yesterday attended a gay parade and talked about LGBT support. The only ones who are a little more adequate in this fecal mass are Christians, but from leftist sentiments among Christians, survival of right-wing Christians in the information field turns into torture.Who are these mysterious antivaxers that scare the system? A renewed right seeking to create law and order? I do not think Often anti-Axers are LGBT liberals, anarchists and people who just like to rebel Only yesterday they gorged on food from fast food only yesterday they watched their shows with degenerates on NBC or through some kind of Channel One, but as soon as they started starving due to restrictive measures, they began to demand that these measures be lifted The message of the majority of anti-axers is simple, we protest for the reason that these measures of our state turned out to be too harsh and we sense that this will lead to collapse.These people simply left for one reason because of the greater reactivity compared to their relatives. Those people who often call themselves anti-vax people have often never been against vaccines, adhered to liberalism, they did not care about society as a whole they just appeared as a side effect of the actions of the system, which itself is headed to the maximum by the system. About provocateurs with anti-Semitic j pictures on the internet sometimes there are individuals who send out what may give hope. for example, a quote from a rabbi or something else. it might seem like this is the revival of the right movement Again, no. Those people who throw these article images are often either purchased by provocateurs who should create the appearance that the movement is anti-system This is done to attract a certain number of right-wing enthusiasts to eliminate them or destroy their brains with an endless stream of nonsense from anti-max channels This is just an advertisement, in fact, 90 percent of the anti-virus is communist liberal ... anti-axers at the moment are the same force against Jews as Soviet anti-Zionists A lot of volume is of little use
The final what we have in practice Antivaxers are far from being allies of the right-wing movement; they are often yesterday's pests Once again, anti-auxer news channels are a trash heap and the fact that they publish there is often rubbish. Imagine that you came to the trash heap and threw away, like during the USSR, 20 kilograms of aluminum, as well as metal sheets and useful tools, all of this is lying in the middle of the garbage Those smarter people would probably take 20 kg of aluminum and tools, as well as sheet metal, since they know its price But here the question arises as a garbage dump is not a metal-rolling base, the question is whether a new batch of useful materials will lie in the garbage? There are no such events even in conditions of destruction of society are rare The same thing is here and here you need to watch the anti-axers, use less liberal individuals and take away everything that is most important and specific from there, but not drag everything from the anti-axers in a row. This is where I end I apologize for semantic errors and grammatical errors. The text was translated by machine. I hope the mistakes did not affect the meaning and message of the text.
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Re: Antivax degenerative duck

Post by Jim Mathias » Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:12 pm

Mr. Null, we're neither "right wing" nor "left wing" here. While some of us are suspicious of the whole "vaccine" narrative that is remarkably similar in the Russian Federation as in the U.S., how are "anti-vaxxers" a threat to those of us of the Cosmotheist perspective?
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