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GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

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Re: GOP can't be seen as the White man's party

PostWed Jan 31, 2018 5:06 pm


The National Alliance was warning White America back in 2016 about the Republican Great White Hope Trump with this flier:

And Alliance Chairman Pierce was warning White America about Trump as far back as 1999, here: ... tolerance/
"...[T]he Jews themselves should stay in the background in their campaign against Buchanan and should use Gentile “front” men as their tools against Buchanan: men such as Republican candidate George Bush, Jr, New York real estate developer Donald Trump, and Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. The idea is to keep the public from understanding that the campaign against Buchanan is a Jewish campaign, lest there be a public reaction against the Jews and in favor of Buchanan.

Reform Party presidential candidate
Buchanan shares a moment with current
NA Chairman Williams (sporting the
UNEQUAL lapel pin) back in 1999

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