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Escalation of the Jewish Reign of Terror & Mob Violence

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Escalation of the Jewish Reign of Terror & Mob Violence

PostSun Aug 20, 2017 7:13 pm

The More Free Speech Rallies The Better

I tried to organize a free speech rally years ago. My wise CSA supporter friends declined.

I encourage pro-whites from every state and city, and all over the world, to organize small "free speech" rallies as frequently as possible and to publicize them as much as possible, in order to draw the huge anti-white crowds that have been incited by the media's hate speech, and so that their violence will help more Whites to understand what is in store for our civilization and race. Such rallies may even encourage sympathizers to fight for our cause.

If the huge crowds of anti-whites lusting for our blood are disappointed frequently enough, their numbers may dwindle enough to make it possible for free speech rallies to help the masses to hear the truth that angers our exploiters.

How much longer will organizations like the NA be able to find Internet Service Providers? The more pro-white rallies there are, the less being deprived of free speech via the Internet will hurt us.

Could the US government make censorship of political speech via the Internet and airwaves as illegal as discrimination base on race?

I am praying that Trump will some how figure out a way to keep the Jews who own the media from exploiting America and corrupting our democracy. Lying to the police is a crime. How about making it illegal to use the public airwaves and Internet to lie to the America people?

What Happens When You Hold A Free Speech Rally in the USA?
Jews have been dividing and conquering America via the secular and religious mass media, and the rest of the world for thousands of years via any means possible.

Has the Jewish controlled media recently lost so much credibility (thanks to pro-white organizations like the NA?) that Jews must more frequently hire organizations like Swart's Crowds on Demand to recruit sadomasochistic antifa members and other criminals to mob the rallies of pro-whites and less liberal politicians like Trump? The more Jews have to expose their weapons, the better the masses will understand them.

The video called "Boston Free Speech Rally: What The News did NOT Cover" at shows that barricades and law enforcement agents protected members of a small Free Speech rally in Boston from the violence of thousands of Jew-inspired and hysterical hate-chanting protesters. Would Law Enforcement have been so protective if a member of that rally had displayed a swastika?

I assume that Shiva Ayyadurai (an Asian Indian) and his handful of supporters held that Free Speech rally in order to draw attention to Shiva's political campaign for US Senate. According to Shiva's speech, he is a "Social Justice Warrior" and anti-racist (a code word for anti-White). He claims to have invented email, and has a copyright.

I learned about Crowds on Demand while watching Alex Jones' video called Police Issue Statement On Actors Hired For Charlottesville Race Riot at I wondered if Crowds on Demand CEO and UCLA graduate Adam Swart was Jewish, since deceiving the public is a Jewish specialty.

To me, Swart looks and acts like a Jew according to his picture at and the video about him at (it is preceded by an ad).


According to the article about "Crowds on Demand" at,
Crowds on Demand is an American publicity firm that provides clients with the ability to hire actors to pose as fans, paparazzi and security guards and professional paid protesters. The company operates in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Las Vegas; New York City; and Washington, D.C. Crowds on Demand recently stepped into the political arena, conducting rallies and gathering signatures for clients in California, Arizona and Washington. This increasing involvement in political affairs has drawn criticism from some who believe the practice of providing paid demonstrators is unethical. . . company founder Swart said that the company was considering a request by a candidate for a staged political protest.

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