The Freedom to Flourish vs. The Will to Nothingness

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The Freedom to Flourish vs. The Will to Nothingness

Post by Patricia » Tue Oct 20, 2020 9:29 am

Below are some philosophical musings I've adapted. -- Dissident Millennial

True Freedom
Some considerations.

WHAT IS TRUE FREEDOM? The conservative view -- property rights. The libertarian view -- do whatever you please, with an emphasis on hedonistic debauchery and no moral judgment. The Leftist view for Whites -- self-sacrifice for the Other. The Leftist view for non-Whites -- pursuit of group interests, tempered by personal authenticity. It would seem that the latter, if applied to Whites, would be a good starting point.

The freedom promised by liberalism is a false set of goods. Humans are social animals. The problems of “bowling alone” show us the importance of a specific community; genetic interests, genetic similarity theory, and cultural compatibility tell us what that specific community should entail. Identity cannot be ignored. And at a personal level, freedom is found in overcoming, not as being a slave to one's selfish desires. The Overman is free; the Last Man is not.

The bread and circus "freedoms" of the sort valued by libertarians are the crumbs handed out by the System, but such freedoms have nothing to do with the liberty of free men. For what is the freedom to view pornography, or engage in deviant sex, or make money in the stock market, etc., compared to the freedom to live as an authentic self, rooted in a racial-cultural community and with debts to one’s ancestors and obligations to one’s posterity?

Freedom to do evil, and the lack of freedom to resist it, are not the kinds of "freedom" we seek. We strive for an adaptive and organic freedom which facilitates our racial flourishing in accordance with the law of nature. Our freedom is the freedom of the blood.

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Source: National Vanguard

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