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Media & Government VS White Race/Civilization

Securing the existence of our people
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Media & Government VS White Race/Civilization

PostFri Apr 15, 2016 9:40 pm - According to his video, the media, government and police of Germany refused to report for several days the massive Muslim immigrant criminal behavior (rapes, etc.) against German citizens that occurred in Cologne and throughout Germany during a recent holiday festival.

German citizens spread the news via social networks and the Internet so the story was eventually publicized in order to keep Germans from distrusting the media, government and police of Germany.

Muslims who had lived in Germany for decades were interviewed during the video. Few were willing to admit that Muslims were responsible for the criminal behavior. Muslims who loved Germany and considered it their homeland were in favor of Muslim religion, customs, immigration into Germany.

I gathered from the name (Ezra Levant), etc. that interviewer is an intelligent, articulate Canadian Jew who traveled to Europe in order to cover this story, possibly because he is concerned that Muslim immigration to White homelands could backfire on the Jews themselves, and wants it stopped.

The anti-Muslim migrant mulatto in the video at shows crimes being committed against Europeans, and wonders why cowardly Whites are so dumb, etc. I doubt that the average White would dare to express such opinions.

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