Honoring Columbus Day: The Essence of "Whiteness" In America.

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Honoring Columbus Day: The Essence of "Whiteness" In America.

Post by White_Vengeance » Mon Oct 09, 2023 11:15 am

To everyone on the White Biocentrism Site--National Alliance members, supporters, and frequent contributors to this vtial pro-White activism/White Nationalist Site: a most contented, healthy, and extremely White Columbus Day—Monday, October 09, 2023.

Regardless of your personal thoughts about Columbus Day, it is imperative that we, as White Nationalists and White warriors, do whatever necessary to keep these White-only holidays as much a part of our heritage, history, culture, and future as anything else that is symbolic of our White race.

As I believe most racially-conscious White people know, the radical, leftist, progressive Marxist/Communist movement in America—controlled by the diabolical jew globalists—is doing everything in its power to permanently remove Columbus Day and replace it with the humiliatingly insulting "Indigenous People's Day."

Clearly, this is a direct slap in the face to most proud White people in general, but it is especially insulting to pro-White activists and White Nationalists—the White warriors and White revolutionaries who have sacrificed so much for the defense, protection, salvation, advocating for, advancement of, and the return to glory and prominence of our magnificent White race.

Some may be unaware, but the REAL, TRUE "indigenous people" of America are actually the White Europeans. Like most other issues affecting White racial pride, the radical leftist progressive Communists have done everything in their power to erase our history—and that is factual. One of the lesser-known facts that the radical leftist progressive Communists are desperately trying to erase is the fact that the so-called "native Americans"—a motley species of drunken, diseased, parasitic, welfare-collecting deadbeats—are NOT the "indigenous people" of America. No, that distinction goes to White Europeans. Archeologists, Geneticists, and Biologists—the truly honest ones—have uncovered evidence that White Europeans lived in North America in general, and in America in particular, thousands of years before the so-called, and generally accepted, "indigenous peoples."

Other facts that have been uncovered are that the drunken, diseased, parasitic, welfare-collecting deadbeats (i.e., who some people call "American Indians" and "native Americans") are not even Americans. Evidence has proven that these so-called "native Americans" are most likely Mongolians and/or Siberians. If one closely studies the facial features of the fake "indigenous peoples," he/she might likely see the stark similarities between the fake "indigenous peoples" and Mongolians and Siberians.

So, if the fake "indigenous peoples" are not American Indians, but actually Siberians (and/or Mongolians), how could they have eventually arrived in North America and America, proper?

At one time thousands of years past the Bering Strait was not actually a flowing body of water; the Bering Strait was a frozen plain, not unlike solid land. And even before becoming a moving body of water, the Bering Strait consisted of floes—sheets of floating ice.

So, some historians—those who are willing to speak the truth at the risk of losing their credibility and even their careers—have hypothesized that the fake "indigenous peoples" simply traversed the frozen Bering Strait on foot, putting down stakes in North America, and eventually America, proper.

These facts are so radical, so controversial, and so completely unsettling to the radical progressive, leftist Communists that they are frantic in their efforts to destroy Columbus Day. They are now so frantic that in blue states all across America bills are being introduced to change the name of Columbus Day to "Indigenous People's Day."

Recently, I read an article that in the deep blue socialist Marxist state of New York—not-so-affectionately called "Jew York" by many White Nationalists—there is a bill that has been introduced into the New York Legislature to eliminate Columbus Day altogether and replace it with "Indigenous People's Day."

Our White history—Columbus Day; Confederate statues, monuments, plaques, artifacts, mementos; names of parks; names of streets; names of cities, towns, and villages; our very history books—and even our very essence, our White racial pride, and the indomitable spirit that stimulates our race-soul is being erased forever.

So, please, regardless of your feelings about Columbus Day, take a quick moment to honor it and to honor Christopher Columbus, the White man who discovered America for the European nations. Please help keep alive the future of our proud, amazing White race.

As for my correct hypothesis that the TRUE "indigenous peoples" of America are White Europeans, please take the time to read this article by clicking the link (directly below); it supports and defends my hypothesis.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl ... 56972.html
Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the White race today and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his/her people does not deserve to be counted among them.

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