Love your race 2024 02/10/24

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Love your race 2024 02/10/24

Post by White Man 1 » Fri Mar 15, 2024 3:56 pm

BEFORE I TELL YOU about this year’s Love Your Race campaign, let me quickly mention two important books that have just been added to our Cosmotheist Church book store.

The first is the Holocaust Encyclopedia — a full-color hardback volume produced by Germar Rudolf.

This encyclopedia gives you an uncensored and unconstrained look at all the pertinent evidence that upholds the orthodox Holocaust narrative: the true, the false, and the mendacious. It also exposes the various forces and influences that have dictated how this narrative was formed, and how it is protected from skeptical prying eyes. If you ever wanted to understand the post-World War 2 world we live in, this is a good starting point. Learn about the biggest propaganda campaign mankind has ever seen, and how it affected the post-war world psychologically. This encyclopedia gives you all the information you ever wanted, and information you didn’t even know exists, right at your fingertips, with 634 pages, 579 entries, 357 illustrations, and much more.

The second new addition to our bookstore is the great classic work The International Jew by one of the industrial geniuses of the early 20th century, Henry Ford.

Sometime in early 1920, auto magnate Henry Ford — then one of the richest men in the world — decided to single-handedly take on global Jewry. To that end, he initiated a nearly two-year-long exposé of the Jews and the Jewish Lobby, through his corporate-owned newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. His small journalistic team, led by Ernest Liebold and William Cameron, crafted a stunning series of 87 weekly articles, each one dissecting an aspect of “the Jewish Question.” The series has been called by its critics “the largest and most damaging campaign against Jews ever waged in the United States.” It retains this honorific title to the present day.

As the series progressed, Ford elected to publish the articles in book form: in four volumes, each carrying 20 articles. Of necessity, he bypassed seven articles. The volumes also altered the original sequence of publication.

Here, in the new Definitive Edition, the complete Ford series of 87 articles has been fully restored, and in chronological order. Editor Thomas Dalton has produced a clean, crisp edition of these classic essays, correcting typos and grammatical errors while restoring the original newspaper section headings. Helpful footnotes have been added throughout. All this makes for a highly-readable edition.

Unsurprisingly, The International Jew has never been given fair treatment —until now. Dalton’s Introduction and Epilogue provide a full and proper context; nine appendices fill out the story; and a bibliography and index aid scholars.

Though 100 years old, these essays are suffused with lessons for the present day. The Jewish Question, it seems, is eternal. Fortunately, Ford’s classic work has finally been given the careful, sympathetic, and professional treatment that it has long deserved.

You can get both of these superb books, and hundreds more, by visiting .

* * *

LET US CELEBRATE THE spirit of racial love this February. Join with the National Alliance in fostering a deeper appreciation for our race among the members of your neighborhood or community. For nearly two decades, Valentine’s Day, February 14, and the days leading up to it and immediately after it, have marked our ongoing “Love Your Race” campaign. This year, we will begin the campaign today, through Valentine’s day and then through the following Saturday, the 17th.

I’ve provided links in the text version of this broadcast on for both color and black-and-white graphics, including four new graphics for 8.5 by 11 sheets, both 1-up and 4-up per sheet, that you can have printed and distribute widely this month. Let’s work together. Let’s increase racial consciousness. Just right-click on the images and then “save link as” for the full size versions.

Here’s a version of our new fliers 4-up on one 8.5×11-inch sheet; right-click and then “save link as” to download full-resolution version. These should be cut for distribution. All of these fliers can be resized by your local or online print shop for anything from medium-size posters to small stickers.
Cherishing our race, flaws and all, is essential. Yet, in today’s world, there’s a challenge: the reluctance of many to identify those who oppose us. At this moment, a war rages against our people. The media are anti-White. The schools are anti-White. The universities are anti-White. The government is anti-White. Both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, oppose us or have adopted a “race-blind” attitude and are therefore anti-White. All are making war upon us. We will die if we lose this war. Be wary of deceivers lurking online, seeking to exploit your affection for our race while concealing our true adversaries. Coordinating, funding, and instigating this war against White people is one group above all others: the Jewish power structure. Those who obscure this truth endanger our people’s well-being and indeed very existence, whether out of confusion, corrupted religion, self-interest, or alignment with the enemy. Understanding who our foe is is paramount, as an unnamed adversary will always remain unconquered. Fortunately, this ignorance can be undone. Through education and advocacy, by telling your family, neighbors, and friends about the program of the National Alliance, you can help illuminate the path forward, fostering unity and resilience within our racial family. Just by distributing, say, 100 fliers during Love Your Race week, and getting one person a day to visit our Web sites and read about what we’re doing can make a huge difference!

All our new fliers are full-color, full-frame pictures. As such, they use a lot of ink on your home printer — well worth it, of course. But you might want to use our classic black-and-white Love Your Race flier, which has a lot of white space and so uses less ink, and no color ink, instead. So we have provided links to that classic version in the text version of this broadcast at This classic flier is available in 29 languages.

English • Afrikaans • Albanian • Bulgarian (Cyrillic) • Czech • Danish • Dutch • Dutch (alternate) • Estonian • Finnish • French • Gaeilge • German • Greek • Hungarian • Icelandic • Italian • Latvian • Lithuanian • Macedonian • Maltese • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Serbian • Slovak • Spanish • Swedish

Here’s another version of our classic Love Your Race flier.
My heart swells with love for my people. Despite our imperfections, I cherish all decent White men and women, even those without full understanding, for they are our kindred, and the people from whom the great future will be born. Some among us grasp the essence of my message today. It fully resonates in their hearts. They share the unique National Alliance perspective on the world. Others are just beginning to understand. And it’s far more than just an intellectual understanding of facts and ideas. It’s a deep feeling in our Race-Soul. It’s a spark, a light. It’s in our art, both written and visual; it is perhaps there where that light shines brightest. I feel it, too, in the wise counsel of our elders, in the innocent joy and curiosity of White children — a sight unmatched elsewhere on Earth.

When we’re moved by Bach or Mozart or Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi or the soul-stirring melody of an old folk song, that is the White race. When we marvel at the grandeur of architectural wonders like Vienna or Rome or London, that is the White race. From the exploits of the great heroes in the epics of our race, to the literary masterpieces of any century you can name, our race’s soul is woven into the fabric of history — that is the White race.

Blanket your neighborhood with our Love Your Race fliers this week! Right-click and then “save link as” to download 8.5×11 printable version.
The digital age, invented by our people, where knowledge and learning and sharing are instantaneously available to those who take the time to seek, that is the White race. Whether we stand on distant worlds or peer into the mysteries of the microscopic realm, our collective spirit shines — that is the White race

And when we’re moved to tears by the angelic voices of a children’s choir at Yuletide, it’s a testament to all that binds us together — the undeniable bond of the White race.

In all Earthly existence, it’s White people that have created the greatest and most beautiful marvels ever known. Loving our race means embracing the Life Force that courses through us, shaping us as we mount, ever higher, the spiral DNA staircase — a singular life stream with a destiny uniquely our own.

Here’s yet another new Love Your Race flier for this year — 300 dpi at 8.5×11 inches; right click and then “save link as” to download full-resolution version.
When we extend our deepest love to our race, we embrace that destiny completely. Our affection transcends the present moment; it’s rooted in the understanding that everything we cherish — the masterpieces of art, the triumphs of science, the depths of knowledge — are but the initial brushstrokes on the boundless canvas of time. The White race, unparalleled in its greatness, has merely scratched the surface of its true potential. It stands poised for an odyssey that stretches to the very limits of time, space, and infinity.

Love your race not just for what it is today, but also for what it is destined to become. Your love can actualize a beautiful new future. A future where greatness knows no bounds. Picture another Leonardo, another Hitler, another Pierce, another Athens, another Berlin (as it should have been in 1953), a new National Socialist Imperium, a new and greater Renaissance. Envision technologies beyond our wildest dreams, cultural and intellectual giants yet to emerge, scientific breakthroughs so far beyond startling as to be unimaginable now.

This vision of tomorrow can come true, but only if our race endures. It’s a future we can shape together, fueled by our love for our race.

Our fight isn’t merely to preserve the status quo, nor even to go back to some better time. No. It’s about safeguarding the unwritten history yet to be made, the unknown future of greatness in which our children and their children will live. It’s about honoring the promise inherent in us — a promise that extends far beyond our own lives. Our race’s demise would be a tragedy beyond measure, It would extinguish a new Universe we can’t even fathom.

This new Love Your Race flier for this year, like the other new additions (see below), is full resolution 300 dpi at 8.5×11 inches, but can easily be made a poster at 150 dpi, or any smaller size to make stickers (your local or online printer can help you do that). Just right click and “save link as” to download the full-resolution version.
Adolf Hitler, right at the end, said that what really mattered was “the man who is to come.” Our evolution as individuals and as White people isn’t meant to stagnate. Instead, we are to serve as a bridge to something greater, something our best thinkers, poets, and artists have only been able to glimpse.

Yes, love your race — despite its flaws, its terrible shortsightedness, its limited knowledge, and even despite the temporary triumphs of the Jew. Everything that will ever be hinges on that love. Nothing matters more.

* * *

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