The Feud 09/16/23

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The Feud 09/16/23

Post by White Man 1 » Sun Sep 24, 2023 2:32 pm

I HAVE A SENTIMENTAL attachment to certain places where I used to live and where significant events in my life happened — and I sometimes read news sources and blogs from those areas, just to see how they’re faring in this ever more corrupted Jewish world. One such place is Anchorage, Alaska, where I was born and spent part of my childhood.

Yesterday I was reading the Anchorage Daily News and my attention strayed to an editorial of theirs about a national story they were covering — Elon Musk’s recent feud with the crime-linked Jewish pressure group, the “Anti-Defamation League” or ADL, headed by Purple Gang mobster lookalike Jonathan Greenblatt. (By the way, the Anchorage Daily News, after its founding and a long history of ownership by White families, is now majority owned by a company headed by Alice Rubenstein, who is married to Bloomberg Television’s David Rubenstein, a well-sinecured East Coast Jew — so much for content produced by real local Alaskans with no System connections or control!)

The Anchorage Daily News editorial about Musk wasn’t even written by anyone on their staff or even anyone who lives in Alaska. It was just a reprint of what a Jewish reporter, Zack Beauchamp, had written for Vox, a Jewish media conglomerate headquartered in Washington and New York City, headed by Pam Wasserstein and Jim Bankoff. Beauchamp’s online bio tells us that “his pretty wife converted to Judaism” to marry him in a ceremony “that was officiated by Rabbi Max Chaiken.” Beauchamp’s officially listed job duties as “senior reporter” for Vox include “coverage …based on the rise of the populist right” and “how fringe ideologies shape the mainstream” and “the role of identity in American politics.” A near-perfect example of the Jewish livestock manager, media division.

This editorial (and its background) really is typical of the drivel that most readers, even in heavily-White redoubts like Alaska or western Pennsylvania, are consuming these days. No wonder our people are deceived and confused.

Let’s get to it:

For the past several days, Elon Musk has been engaging in a very strange feud with a leading Jewish anti-hate group.

In a series of posts on X (the site formerly known as Twitter), Musk repeatedly blamed the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for a 60 percent decline in the site’s revenue — alleging a coordinated effort by the group, which monitors extremism, to push advertisers away from Twitter after Musk purchased it last year….

In recent months, Musk has repeatedly engaged with antisemitic accounts on his site and even flirted with outright antisemitism in his own statements. His specific false criticisms of the ADL, that a high-profile Jewish group is “primarily” responsible for Twitter/X’s business problems, evoke a long history of antisemites using Jews as scapegoats. His allegations have also kicked off a Twitter/X hashtag, #BanTheADL, eagerly seized by antisemites.

The irony here is not, as Musk would have it, that a group called the Anti-Defamation League is engaging in defamation. It’s that, in attacking the ADL for accusing him of promoting antisemitism, Musk is actually validating their critiques.

Musk’s ironic point stands. Defamation is almost the entire purpose of the ADL, and has been since its very beginnings, when it was founded to hound and destroy anyone who told the truth about the Jewish sex killer Leo Max Frank, who abused and murdered a 13-year-old White girl who worked at his sweatshop. Back to the editorial:

Which raises the question of whether something darker is going on here.

Is Elon Musk antisemitic? That’s the wrong question.

Elon Musk is drawn to conspiracy theories. That much is obvious from the past decade of his public behavior.

I like that “darker,” part, Zack. So original. The Jews, whose organizations have engaged in real criminal conspiracies so numerous and so stupendous that it would be the work of a lifetime just to catalogue them, quite understandably work very hard to convince us that “conspiracy theory” is a synonym for “falsehood.” But it’s not. “Conspiracy theory” is a neutral term. There are innumerable conspiracies in this world — conspiracies to gain love or money or fame or power, conspiracies that are illegal, those that are not, and those that should be. They’re everywhere. While some conspiracy theories are untrue and unfounded, and yet others are fakes inserted into the national consciousness by hostile intelligence agencies, there remain many such theories that are perfectly true, and I am dead certain that Jews know this — especially Jews who live in Conspiracy Central, the running sore on the Potomac, as Zack Beauchamp does.

His editorial continues:

The problem, however, is that the modern enterprise of conspiracy theorizing is intimately bound up with antisemitism. Time and again, conspiracy theorists end up positing Jews or some famous Jew as the villain in their baroque stories.

This is because, in historical terms, antisemitism has always been a conspiracy theory. In fact, antisemitism created the tradition of “conspiracy theorizing” in the modern Western world.

This is the crucial thing to understand about antisemitism: It is both bigotry and an explanatory framework. Jews aren’t just detestable people, in the antisemitic mind; they are the force responsible for all that is bad in the world. While the exact contours of these conspiracies changed over history, blaming the Jews for the world’s ills — from war to famine to pandemic — became a persistent feature of the European social environment, morphing with the times to explain whatever plagued the continent at the moment….

The conspiratorial tradition in the West is so intimately bound up with antisemitism that it returns to that well again and again.

Well, if the same people who created 99 per cent. of the world’s greatest inventions, scientific discoveries, and works of art — and who created science itself, for God’s sake — European people, are also precisely the people whose “social environment” returns again and again to a view of Jews as malevolent and destructive, then maybe, just maybe, we should seriously and soberly consider the hypothesis that Jews, taken as a group, and especially in their organized form, are actually malevolent and destructive.

Back to the piece:

Which brings us back to Elon Musk.

When Musk blames the ADL for Twitter’s ad revenue problem, he’s not merely making a false claim about his business: He’s positing that a Jewish organization has tremendous behind-the-scenes power and is using it to hurt him, specifically. Whether he intends them or not, there are undeniable resonances with classical antisemitic conspiracy theories and that’s a large part of what separates Musk’s comments from legitimate criticisms of the ADL.

Zack well knows that something as tenuous and subjective and impossible to define as “resonances” don’t make a thing untrue, especially when thing they’re “resonating with” is itself quite true — which Zack also knows. But when you get right down to it, lying is his job, and he is pretty good at it. Subtle move, there, Zack — but I am sure that millions of us Whites who’ve never even ridden in a turnip truck have seen plenty of evidence that the ADL does in fact have “tremendous behind-the-scenes power” — remember when they threatened the entire country of Iceland with US-led retaliation if they didn’t repeal their anti-circumcision law there, and repeal it quickly. That’s behind-the-scenes power. Back to the piece:

Similarly, when Musk claims George Soros “hates humanity” and compares him to the Jewish supervillain Magneto, he’s not merely criticizing Soros. He’s casting the Jewish philanthropist as a monster, using his money to undermine the foundations of humanity itself — comments that tap into the myriad antisemitic conspiracies floating around about Soros and his actions….

When the billionaire claims that he harbors no personal animus toward Jews, it’s entirely possible he’s telling the truth. But antisemitism, much like racism, isn’t just about personal animus. It’s also about what you say and do relating to the group, and the effects that has on its standing in social life.

Put differently: Whether or not Elon Musk “is” an antisemite is immaterial. What matters is that his actions are making antisemitic ideas and habits of thought more acceptable on his social media site and among his legions of devoted fans.

That’s the end of the editorial. I didn’t quote all of it — Zack-baby is very repetitive, and thinks his White audience really “benefits” from his saying the same thing over and over again, which, when you come to think of it, is the whole basis of Zack-baby’s career: “White man bad; aware and conscious White man even worse; Jew-aware White man the very incarnation of evil.” And there are more than ten thousand Zack-babies out there in the media with, strangely enough, the exact same point of view on these issues whether they present themselves as “progressive” or “conservative,” whose job it is to gate-keep every single thing you see and hear on your big and little telescreens and spyphones.

The power dynamics are very interesting here. Elon Musk, who rates as the richest or one of the richest men in the world, has far more money than the ADL — many orders of magnitude more. (Somehow or other, the Jewish Rothschild banking family always gets left off of these rating lists, but that’s a subject for another time.) And we usually think that, in this capital-driven society, more money means more freedom of action, more real power. But it’s not so.

Musk has more of what some crudely describe as “f___ you” money than almost anyone you can think of. Yet he has to be very, very careful what he says, what opinions he dares to express, and he must hedge his criticisms of groups like the ADL with sugary denials that he loves Jews as a group and doesn’t have an “anti-Semitic” bone in his body. Like “Beauchamp” tells us, that even might be true. But coming up hard against the real power of organized Jewry can stimulate a few nerves, and some of those nerves are in the brain.

(I discount the claims that Musk is a Jew. But, even if he did have some more or less remote Jewish ancestry, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t lean toward free-ish speech or that his feud with organized Jewry isn’t real. I remember the half-Jewish general manager of WEAM, where I worked from 1977 to 1984, Stan Karas, who became so enraged when the ADL visited him to tell him that he should stop carrying Liberty Lobby’s radio program that he kicked them out of his office, and expanded the airing of the Liberty Lobby show to twice what it had been before, including a highly desirable drive-time slot, and gave them a live interview to promote the show, too. From that day forward he usually referred to the ADL not by its official name but simply as “those sons of bitches,” and we all knew exactly to whom he was referring.)

But even the personal possession of 200 or 300 billion dollars and control of corporations worth many times that amount does not give Elon Musk more power than the comparatively minuscule ADL. Why? Because Jewish power is paramount in our society, because Jews worked for 150 years or so to make it that way, and that power is near-absolute when it comes to 1) the creation of money and control of financial institutions, meaning that ADL budget and real estate holdings are nothing compared to the near-infinite capital of the elite whose thought-policemen and thugs they are and who at all times stand behind them, and 2) the control of the mass media of news and entertainment, the ability of which to destroy businesses, reputations, and politicians overnight insures that their power over the political and business establishments in this country approaches the status of ownership. Add to that the economic power of some 150 million rubes who have been marinated in Jewish-run media their entire lives and who jump to the “sacred,” “chosen” people’s tune whether they know it or not, and you can see why “the world’s richest man” has to be almost as careful of what he says as we all used to be before we discovered the National Alliance.

I think that Elon Musk’s feud with the ADL is real. I also think that Elon Musk has a lot to lose, and may end up having to make up and play nice with Greenblatt and his ilk just to avoid losing more tens of billions than they have caused him to lose already.

I also think there’s more than a possibility that Musk has been reading some White dissidents, and that my own 2015 open letter to him may have been a factor in that, and in that case he’s probably reading National Vanguard right now. The truth is very powerful in some people’s minds, and I suspect that men who design rockets are just such men.

I also believe that his own social media company, X, is honeycombed with agents, many of them Jewish, who are more loyal to the ADL and the massive forces behind the ADL than they are to their nominal employer Elon Musk. So he’s hedged in on every front. But I would be delighted, and history would remember his courage forever, if Musk did go all in and make total war on the Jewish tyrants who have taken our nations and our freedom from us.

Either way, the boundaries of discourse and thought are changing for Americans in a good way.

Zack Beauchamp, hack writer and liar though he is, had a good point when he said “It’s also about what you say and do relating to the group, and the effects that has on its standing in social life.”

Let’s work together to make the standing of the parasites exactly zero in our social life. Let’s work together so that Beauchamp and Greenblatt will be the ones forced to “play nice” and and leave our sons and daughters alone, and relocate to their housing project in Palestine, or wherever if that doesn’t work out. That’s justice. That’s fair. That’s good. That’s what Nature and Nature’s God demand of us.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten, “Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.”

* * *

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