Inspiration, Conciousness, Hope 03/04/23

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Inspiration, Conciousness, Hope 03/04/23

Post by White Man 1 » Sat Mar 04, 2023 12:48 pm

IN SAINT LOUIS THIS WEEK an armed Negro, Deshawn Thomas, casually loaded his gun in full of view of dozens or hundreds of people in a nearby office building, at least one of whom was recording everything on video, pointed the loaded gun at the head of a homeless White man sitting on the curb right next to him, shot him at point blank range in the head, killing him instantly, all supposedly over some petty argument at a nearby gas station. I doubt that the petty argument is the full explanation. The Jewish media, “our” Jewish-dominated government, and anti-White NGOs funded by Jews like George Soros have been stirring up hate against White people for many years. The result has been demoralization, depression, self-hatred, and despair among Whites, and murderous violence against Whites on the streets and in the schools of our former nation. It’s gotten so bad that even formerly Establishment-friendly celebrities (like Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams) forcefully say they are sick of it.

Casual street execution, St. Louis, Missouri, 2023
And just this week, White schoolchildren at Kenwood Elementary school in Springfield, Ohio were mobbed, punched, dragged, and forced to kneel and mouth “Black Lives Matter” slogans in a schoolyard by a gang of Black students whose crazed hatred of Whites has been inculcated in them beyond the boiling point for a long, long time. This time the violence was caught on camera. Hundreds of times in the last month or two such acts of hate and violence against White American men, women, and children have been caught on camera. How many have not been recorded — or, if recorded, not posted anywhere where we can see them? Multiply the attacks we’ve seen by ten, and I think you’d be just barely approaching the real numbers. There’s a reason White people have abandoned huge swathes of territory in the nation that used to be ours. People know!

White students attacked, beaten, dragged, forced to recite “Black Lives Matter”
Let’s demand investigations of the media propaganda — and organization contacts and links — of every single one of these violent anti-Whites. Let’s put the kibosh on the anti-White haters in our society. Let’s condemn them. Let’s shame them. Let’s ostracize them. Let’s make them feel uncomfortable. Let’s sue them for the horrible damage they’ve caused. When they’ve broken the law, let’s punish them. Let’s work for the day when we write the laws we use, too — first locally, near the White community we are building, then nationally. This is a great moment to join the National Alliance and begin this necessary process.

United, we can do something about this. Our main goal right now is to get the word out that we exist — that the National Alliance exists — to the White people of this nation. Then we can grow and organize. It’s a positive feedback loop, and those can be very powerful — if you do your part. Armed with paper, a printer, and a pair of legs, you can make a difference for White families in your community. You can take part in making history. You can do that by taking part in distributing National Alliance graphics and literature in your community. Don’t believe me? Listen to some of the media coverage I’ll be quoting in a moment..

Let me say bravo to our members and supporters who got the word out recently during our Love Your Race campaign.

The controlled media follow what I like to refer to as a “template” in writing stories about National Alliance activism — the story is largely ghostwritten using cut-and-paste “boilerplate” language, with contemporary local details added in to the prefabricated framework, which goes roughly like this: Any literature critical of multiracialism or its saints or untouchable groups is “hate.” When such literature is found, it “disturbs” and “shocks” decent people, who immediately contact law enforcement (people who agree with the literature are seldom if ever interviewed)…. At this point the story template can go one of two ways, depending on the attitude of local law enforcement officials, whom the would-be censors nearly always invoke. If the local police are malleable enough to overlook such minor details as freedom of speech, then the template calls for local authorities to condemn the literature and find some legal pretext for threatening the White citizens, sometimes implying that disagreeing with multiracialism is illegal — but it’s a threat they almost never carry out, because they know they’d find themselves in legal hot water if they did so. If the police have the honesty to say there’s nothing at all illegal about distributing pro-White literature — and there isn’t — then the template calls for the piece to hint darkly that “White racism” may not be illegal, but it ought to be, and the mayor and all “right-thinking” citizens will constantly be on the lookout for such “hate.” Phone numbers of local police will be given. Phrases like “person of interest” will be used. All to give a false impression that telling the truth about anti-White hate or media lies or racial differences is illegal, which it is not. Once you comprehend the “hate” template used in writing articles about us, you’ll see through it every time.

Here are some excerpts from controlled media news reports about our recent Love Your Race campaign. All of these are a result of the efforts of just one group of National Alliance activists in California. National Alliance members have already read these reports in our printed monthly BULLETIN.

Our members in northern California have not only been holding regular monthly meetings in preparation for forming our first west coast Local Unit in more than a decade, they have also been participating in well-organized distributions of Alliance materials. During mid-February we had two campaigns, one, our annual Love Your Race celebration around Valentine’s Day — see the article “Love Your Race 2023” on National Vanguard; the other being our remembrance of the 78th anniversary of a real holocaust, that in Dresden, Germany, when the mass murder of an estimated 250,000, mostly women and children, refugees over a three-day period, at the hands of American and British firebombers. (See “Remembering Dresden 2023” on National Vanguard.)

Here are some examples of local media hysteria about our flier distributions:

“Chico locals “shocked” over antisemitic flyers left on their lawns: The flyers depicted a message of “Love Your Race” with a Caucasian woman depicted praying underneath. Below was a link to website that focused on white supremacism, antisemitic ideologies, and anti-LGBTQIA ideologies…”

Praying? White supremacism? Hardly. LGBTQIA? We had to look that one up since it’s not on “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), intersex, and asexual (or allies).” Other local periodicals covered our “shocking” pamphleteering, including this report from something calling itself “Action News Now”:

“Police investigating antisemitic flyers distributed to multiple Chico homes: This is the third instance of racist or antisemitic flyers put out in our area. Someone left antisemitic flyers in neighborhoods in Redding and Chico. In Magalia it was racist propaganda. We’re working to find out if these cases are connected. Folks in Magalia told Action News Now they’re shocked and concerned about the racist propaganda distributed in their neighborhood. Sunny Morgan didn’t get a flyer in her driveway but is still angry this still happens. “I can’t believe in the 21st century that people are filled with such hatred. It just disgusts me,” said Morgan. [The] Chico Police Department tells Action News Now that more flyers were located Tuesday morning at multiple homes on W. 3rd, W. 5th, and W. 6th Avenues. The flyers are believed to have been distributed during the evening hours on Monday. Authorities say that they do not have a person of interest at this time and they will increase patrols in the impacted areas. [The] Chico Police Department asks that people in the affected areas to [sic] check their surveillance systems for any activity consistent with distributing flyers and encourages members of the public to report any incidents of hate or bigotry they witness or experience by contacting the Chico Police Department at (530) 897-4911.”

Redding police looking for someone distributing offensive flyers in Country Heights subdivision: …In the meantime Cassidy wants you to know, the paper had nothing to do with this. “We do want to let people know we don’t condone this, we wouldn’t allow that kind of advertising in our paper. This was done without our knowledge and we want to reassure the readers this had nothing to do with [the] Chico News and Review paper,” said Cassidy. “I have kids and I was just grossed out and appalled. It’s kinda scary to have something like this happening around here,” said Nash. Action News Now reached out to Butte County’s Sheriff Office and they are investigating and will release more information later.

The problem with the controlled media’s “hate” template is that it doesn’t work with National Alliance literature, which cannot effectively be condemned as “hate.” It may work with the crude and senselessly violent literature of other groups which claim to be on the side of Whites, some of which may in fact be ‘black ops’ pieces designed to repulse decent White folks and fit neatly into the stereotypes that the Jewish supremacists have created. But “Love Your Race”? — or the scholarly refutation of the M.L. King myth that we’ve published — or our exposure of the world’s most horrific terror bombing in Dresden — far from it.

And the simple, elegant Love Your Race flier that we put out with your help is so far from hatred as to be its antithesis. The controlled media simply cannot attack it as “hate” without tying themselves up in knots. If they attempt to do so, they embarrass themselves and further our message. If they ignore it and give us the silent treatment, then you who have distributed this flier will have reached hundreds or thousands of people in your home town with our message of hope and truth, without interference from the real haters. Either way, it is a victory. It is a win-win situation for White people, for White community-building, for White awareness.

And, when you distribute literature, make sure it is National Alliance literature. We in the Alliance know what our people need. Unlike other groups that blow with the breeze and the latest trends, we are focused and consistent and uncompromising. We know that to survive, every people needs 1) the will to survive as a distinct people; 2) its own exclusive territory; 3) a healthy sexuality; 4) its own government; and 5) control of its own education system and its own media.

Having our own government is of the essence when it comes to racial survival. Without our own government we by definition will be ruled by others. Without our own government we will be helpless when the time comes to make hard, critical, life-and-death decisions involving putting our interests as a people before those of other peoples. As we veer toward the insanity of making war on Iran or intervening in Ukraine for the sake of Zionism or Jewish hegemony over the West, it is well to bear that in mind. A government by, of, and for White Americans would not be committing such atrocities as wars for Jewish Zionism or Jewish domination of European nations. We desperately need our own government.

But the paradigm being enforced by our would-be rulers and by the controlled media precludes us having our own government. They openly say they want a world where we are not allowed to have our own exclusive territory. They say they want a world wherein every government is a one-man one-vote “democracy” ruling over a melange of various tribes and peoples. This guarantees that all peoples will be at the mercy of the forces of international capital and international Zionism, and within their own borders will always be forced to play balance-of-power multiracial politics — with the “balance of power” always held by the owners of the mass media.

And those mass media who always hold the balance of power in multiracial “democracies” — who are they and where do they stand? Jews are far and away the most powerful group in the mass media today, and they relentlessly use that power to push their multiracialist agenda, an agenda which, if allowed to succeed much longer, will result in the end of our nation, our people, and our entire race. And surely I need not mention what is so obvious to every parent and every student today and what should be the subject of many more American Dissident Voices broadcasts: the fact that our educational system is just as much in the hands ofanti-Whites as are the media.

The way out of this morass is clear. We must secure all of the five things I mentioned which are necessary for our people’s survival: we must have 1) the will to survive as a distinct people; 2) our own exclusive territory; 3) a healthy sexuality; 4) our own government; and 5) control of our own education system and our own media.

To help us raise the consciousness and recruit the healthiest among the millions upon millions of racially-aware White people into a force that cannot be stopped,. and to build a new and better society to come, please help us get the word out and financially support the work of the National Alliance.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

* * *

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