Always Take 01/21/22

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Always Take 01/21/22

Post by White Man 1 » Sat Jan 21, 2023 1:04 pm

HOW DO THE ENEMIES of the White race maintain their power over us? They do it through fraud and trickery and deception of every kind. They, the Jews, are the con artist’s con artists. Arguably the most important cons they run are those related to money. For money, perhaps as much as Jesus, obsesses most of our people, and controls us, and makes us jump when it commands — or, more accurately, when those who have it command. And the Jews have made sure that they have the money. There is a saying in the “Jewish community”: Always take. Always take what the non-Jew has, whenever you get the chance. And since you’re no fighter like the White man is, you have to take by trickery and by stealth and by lies and not by open combat.

Jews — with the help of some Gentile collaborators — have created some supreme con games, from the fight store to the race store to the big store — from the wire to the rag to the pay-off. Some of these games had a life of a hundred years. You can read about them in David W. Maurer’s The Big Con and see them in action in the Hollywood films The Sting and House of Games. The fake poker game ending in fake gunplay in which the mark is induced to write a large check to save his “new friend” who had engaged him in a “sure thing” scheme to cheat the other player (and everyone except the check-writing sucker is a part of the con) — the smiling traveler who tells you about his friend who works at Western Union who can delay the race results just long enough for you to bet on the winner and cheat the horse parlor — the envelope full of money entrusted to you that is really full of cut-up newspapers — the attempted con in which the mark is a willing partner stopped by a cop who is then killed, with the “cop” really being one of the con men and whose fake death is just to scare the mark away so the con mob can make away with his money without pursuit — the list goes on and on.

There is an audacity and a gut-level psychological insight about these con artists that fascinates. You feel that they, though usually uneducated in the conventional sense, have tapped into the deepest wells of human motivations and even the nature of animal life itself, knowing things of which our greatest anthropologists and psychologists are as yet unaware. When you study these con games or watch them, you can almost feel the emotions of the marks, as their desire for free money drives them euphorically onward toward their doom and utterly hopeless defeat — hopeless because the mark believes he may be implicating himself in murder or at least in fraud, and so cannot go to the authorities and almost never does. You can also feel the excitement of these predators in human form, as they slickly and skillfully manipulate their victim into exactly the right position for the insertion of their fangs.

These con games are legendary. But they pale in comparison to the ones they operate on a much larger scale, the ones they use to enrich themselves beyond all the dreams of avarice — and so also exercise power over us, weaken us, and make us powerless serfs in the nations we created.

I and other National Vanguard writers have covered these massive scams for years. There’s the so-called “Federal Reserve” — and there’s the entire fractional reserve banking system. Our articles “Money, Money, Money,” “A Primer of Social Credit,” “How They Steal Our Wealth” parts one, two, and three, will give you an understanding of how the Jews have managed to gain for themselves the “right” to create money at will and how they have used corrupt lawmakers to make it so that every single dollar exists not as a true neutral means of exchange, like a commodity, but instead as a debt — a “debt” to the bankers who created it out of thin air, a debt that we and our children and our children’s children are obligated to pay for our entire lives. A greater con game cannot be imagined, yet it goes on and on and on and, because this Jewish money-spigot has allowed them to buy up almost all of the mass media, hardly anyone outside the Bitcoin and hard-money and Jew-aware communities is talking about it. Those communities are growing and to some extent even merging, as is National Alliance membership, so watch this space!

I’ve occasionally had readers tell me that, even though they like my American Dissident Voices broadcasts and agree with me on racial matters and on Jewish power, they simply can’t accept the idea that our main adversary is allowed to create money at will. There must be something I’ve missed. They don’t understand the banking system, but probably Kevin Strom doesn’t understand it either, for surely the people wouldn’t put up with one specially-favored class of people being allowed to manufacture money. Or could they?

Well, one writer on Reddit recently had a Eureka moment and said:

Fractional reserve banking just clicked for me. Holy s___. So this whole thing is just money printing? Literally every loan is generated out of thin air? The government “borrowing” money is money that’s just been created? Same with me borrowing money? Private AND central banks print money, for all intents and purposes.

Wow. Seriously, wow. Mind blown!

That Reddit post has now been spread all over numerous social media platforms. And that wasn’t in a political area of the site. It’s in an area mostly frequented by young people trying to understand the financial system, and trying to help each other escape the chains of fiat money. I’d guess that there are now hundreds or thousands of people having similar eureka moments every day. That’s a very good thing.

So, yes, we are right on the money issue and have been right all along — and understanding the issue is one step toward finding our own freedom again.

There’s another depradation of the largely-Jewish banking system that few are talking about. It’s not as fundamental as their printing-money-out-of-thin-air scam, but it’s easier to understand. Anyone can see it in a few moments. It’s a good way to introduce new people to the ways in which our wealth and our nation have been stolen, and by whom.

You all know that credit cards and debit cards are now an almost-universal payment system. (One that is denied to our Cosmotheist bookstore, by the way.)

The same banks that refuse to let Cosmotheist Books customers use their usury cards to buy Politically Incorrect books, do allow them to be used for practically everything else, and many people these days almost never use cash.

What are the impacts on our local community, and on our people generally, of using debit and credit cards instead of cash? (For the purposes of this illustration, we’ll leave aside the very real harm that is done by locking political dissidents like us out of the system.)

Let’s say you have $100 in cash. You buy some plywood from your local hardware store with that $100. The store owner then buys his groceries with that cash, and the $100 passes on undiminished to the local grocer. The grocer then purchases new clothes for his children with that $100 cash, which passes on in full to the clothes shop owner. At the end of the day, that $100 cash has done what currency is supposed to do, facilitated transactions so that honest commerce between citizens can take place. And the $100 is still present among the citizens of the community, ready to carry on its purpose again and again. You could repeat the process hundreds of times or even unlimited times and the result would be the same.

Now let’s look at what happens when credit and debit cards are used to make the same purchases.

The banks typically take two or three per cent. as their cut when you use a card. Let’s make it 2.5% for our example. When you buy the plywood at the hardware store for $100 with your bank card, the hardware merchant doesn’t get $100, he gets $97.50. Then the owner of that business spends the $97.50 at the grocer with a card, and the grocer gets only about $95. Then the grocer spends the $95 at the clothiers, who gets just $92.68. Small deductions, you say? Think again. By the time 11 transactions have occurred, the purchasing power of the original $100 is down to $75. Where did the $25 go? By the time 27 transactions have taken place, the original $100 is down to $50. By the time a mere 55 transactions have taken place, the original $100 is down to $25 — just a quarter of its original value. Where did the $75 go? And the transactions keep going on and on and on, with the heavily Jewish banks getting more and more and more and more of every community’s purchasing power concentrated in their hands. Eventually their wealth dwarfs everyone else’s, even that of nation-states, and they can charge whatever they want to essentially lend the people back their own money. What a racket!

Think that that system might cause prices to rise? Think that that system might cause neighborhoods to become impoverished and in disrepair? Think that that system might make it very hard to get ahead?

And that’s not even considering that the banks create the money out of nothing to begin with. That’s not even considering the cutthroat 16, 17, 20, 25 per cent. interest rates these pirates charge the victimized people who have to use their credit cards sometimes to make ends meet! That’s not even considering the fact that these days the Wall Street carrion-eaters have replaced most local merchants with chain stores totally owned by Jewish banks and hedge fund billionaires anyway. That’s not even considering the fact that these financial vultures are the very same people who facilitate the importation of millions and millions of Third World savages to beat and humiliate and outvote us, so they can keep their rotten scams afloat with duller and more docile slaves than we, and want to silence and imprison anyone who exposes their crimes.

The tipping point approaches. As more and more people realize how they’ve been conned by these vampires ten thousand ways from Shabbat for their entire lives, the time of dissolution and revolution comes closer and closer. It is our duty to organize and grow and prepare for that day. Join the National Alliance and unite with the responsible and dedicated men and women who are doing exactly that.

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