Becoming Revolutionary

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Becoming Revolutionary

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Becoming Revolutionary
Kevin Alfred Strom Kevin Alfred Strom (Editor) · 15 October, 2022

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 15 October, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE CENTRAL FACT with which we must deal is this: Our enemies — who possess decisive power over the United States of America at this time — want us dead and gone as a race. In order to accomplish that goal, they have as one of their primary purposes the abuse and killing of White children. We see his happening both overtly and covertly.

This week at a hospital in Odessa, Texas, a male Black calling himself Marcus McCowan Jr., went on a rampage and attempted to kill two infants. Though the controlled media have, surprisingly, shown us McCowan’s face, revealing his primitive African features, they have purposely avoided describing the race of the infants he attacked or showing their faces — though witnesses to the attack telling us that the babies “turned blue” as McCowan was throttling them suggests they probably did not have dark skin.

McCowan was allegedly at the hospital because his pregnant “girlfriend,” race also unspecified by the media, was in labor. According to media reports:

A nurse said McCowan approached her at the nurse’s station and grabbed her arm and made an “unintelligible statement.” He was asked to leave, but he then began running back and forth in the hall performing actions nurses described as “odd and unreasonable.”

McCowan then reportedly approached a new mom who was holding her newborn in a carrier while waiting to be discharged, the affidavit said. The nurses said McCowan focused his attention on the newborn but walked away when the mother moved her child out of sight.

A short time later, nurses said, they saw McCowan running toward them while yelling and screaming. According to the affidavit, McCowan charged three nurses and tried to enter the nursery, which was locked and inaccessible to the public.

McCowan reportedly pushed one nurse to the ground while trying to break into the nursery but initially failed to gain access, the affidavit said.

McCowan then grabbed the newborn in the carrier from its mother and took the baby into the nearby lactation room, according to the affidavit. A nurse followed him inside and reportedly saw him with his hands around the baby’s neck, causing the infant’s face to change color from lack of oxygen, the affidavit said.

Nurses wrestled the baby away from McCowan and he was removed from the room, according to the affidavit. Shortly thereafter, a respiratory therapist heard yelling and saw McCowan force his way into the nursery, where, the therapist said, McCowan grabbed another newborn and began strangling her with both hands.

The therapist said McCowan then picked up the baby — who had since turned blue — by her neck and began to shake her.

The therapist said McCowan repeatedly said “die” to the infant and made a move as though he were going to throw her to the ground, according to the affidavit. The therapist tried to get the suspect to release the baby while also attempting to keep the child from falling until help arrived.

Officers arrested McCowan after a brief scuffle during which he tried to resist, according to the affidavit. Investigators said as he was being escorted away, he tried twice to take an officer’s gun from his holster but was unsuccessful.

The McCowan case, regardless of whether or not the attacker had an anti-White motivation, is a very good argument for not having Congoids in our society — on average, they are low-IQ, uninventive, unreliable, and unproductive drags on all the rest of us; they are volatile and unpredictable; they are irrationally and unreasonably violent; and their genetic contribution to the next generation is a purely negative one. In fact, if their genes enter our gene pool, it is for all practical purposes genetic death for us, and any branch of the White European family tree that absorbs even the smallest amount of Marcus McCowan or his ilk’s germ plasm is effectively dead for all eternity. He and his kind are walking murder — walking death — as far as we and our future generations are concerned, regardless of how many or how few White people he actually kills.

This incident could have ended very differently. The Congoid could have been just a bit stronger and quicker. The hospital staff could have been a bit further away or somewhat smaller in numbers or just a bit more intimidated by McCowan’s violence or by the possibility of being accused of “racism.” The officers could have arrived a few minutes later than they did. The Negro could have been successful in getting the officer’s gun away from him. Many children would be dead.

Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that it did work out that way; that McCowan did kill a dozen White children, and that he did do it for racial reasons — that he screamed “die you White mofos” instead of just “die” as he choked these newborn babies to death. It would have made the news, surely, but also briefly, just like the case of Black attacker Darrell Brooks, Jr., who killed six White people in Waukesha last year and injured many more as he brutally mowed them down during a Christmas parade — but who has now nearly disappeared off the controlled media radar even though his trial is ongoing.

And so, just as in the Waukesha case, nothing of significance would be done. A single “offender” would have his “day in court” and be treated with respect and allowed to cross-examine the witnesses and survivors on the long and winding road to his eventual conviction. (By the way, you have no idea how maddening it is to see Darrell Brooks abusing and lording it over the White survivors and witnesses to his killings in the courtroom, until you actually see it. I’ll embed a link to some of the live courtroom video in the text version of this broadcast.)

McCowan and Brooks will likely be convicted and spend some time in prison. (Though with Jewish-funded “Black Lives Matter” “set them all free” district attorneys being installed by the likes of George Soros and supported by the Jewish-run mass media, who knows? They might just get a slap on the wrist, if that. God certainly knows that the “mostly peaceful” attackers and vandals and arsonists and killers and thieves of the antifa-BLM-anti-Trump riots of 2016 to 2020 have gone free and totally unindicted by the tens of thousands, while if a putatively anti-leftist White man dares to put his shoes on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for ten seconds, it’s a serious Federal crime.)

But so what if they do spend some months or years in prison? These genetic throwbacks have been weaponized by the mass media, and by the equally anti-White educational establishment, to hate us — and hate us they do, by the millions. Sending one or two or a hundred of them to prison, years after the fact and with millions of dollars spent in prosecuting and incarcerating them when their anti-White hate gets them in trouble with the law, doesn’t even make a microscopic dent in the problem, which just keeps getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. With the increasingly non-White profile of juries and legal officials, soon prosecution of non-Whites for crimes against Whites will become totally pointless anyway — they’ll always, or almost always, get off. We are trying to deal with the problem using legal action — an avenue which is rapidly being closed off to us — when the only possible solution to the problem is, and always has been, military and geopolitical action. That is: Non-Whites must be permanently removed from our territories by whatever means are most effective — and we must once again establish a government answerable only to us.

Here’s the lesson: White people must have their own territories again. White people must have racially-conscious White leadership again. White people must have their own media and educational institutions again. White people must have their own military forces again. Or all is lost.

The bad decisions that led us to give up all of those things were largely made in the living memory of millions of us who are still alive. They were all “moral” decisions. They were all decisions that leveraged the average White man’s Christian morals against him. They were all decisions framed as being “fair” and “good” to non-Whites. They were all decisions pushed and promoted by the Jewish minority and the mass media they control. In sum, they were all fatal.

Is it too late to reverse these bad decisions? Is it too late to save our race? Well, it is too late for those Whites who have fully committed to the anti-White corporate world, to the anti-White churches, to the anti-White regime in Washington, and to the anti-White inverted morality espoused by them all. Their children will be mind-raped and physically raped. Their children will be groomed for homosexual and pedophilic abuse. Their children will be groomed for racial mixture. Their children will be sterilized with chemicals and knives. They will go extinct in just a few generations.

But not all Whites are going quietly into the night of racial death. They are the healthiest Whites, the most perceptive and far-seeing Whites. They are the Whites with the soundest instincts. They are the Whites who care most passionately for the future lives of their children, and their children’s children, and so on into infinity. They will make a new society and a new people — stronger than any White society that has come before; more dedicated to racial survival and progress than any White nation in history; absolutely committed to a new morality and a new social paradigm in which the survival and upward evolutionary progress of our race are the central, unassailable, and eternal values that can never be changed.

They are the Whites who work day and night to make Cosmotheist books available to you. They are the Whites who commit the revolutionary act of founding explicitly and consciously White families in these dangerous times. They are the Whites who write the checks every month to make sure that American Dissident Voices stays on the air. They are the Whites who do the hard, back-breaking labor to build the new William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. They are the Whites who know that that rising new community is the seed of a new White nation.

We are those Whites. We are those National Alliance members.

It’s not too late for us.

* * *

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