Spreading the Word, part 1: An Interview with Kevin Alfred Strom

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Spreading the Word, part 1: An Interview with Kevin Alfred Strom

Post by Grimork » Mon May 09, 2022 6:47 am

FOR THE SECOND TIME, I was interviewed live on the Patrick “Dino” Ryan Show — an independent broadcast that allows guests to speak on the all-important topics of race and Jewish power. After the network news, Mr. Ryan introduced me and the National Alliance, and then began welcoming the many listeners to his show, after which we began our discussion. Here’s our interview; listen.
https://nationalvanguard.org/2022/05/sp ... red-strom/
Here are some of the topics we covered in the show:

Fox News still has a large audience, and is viewed by many as a true alternative, but the reality is that it is controlled opposition.
The primary enemy we face as a people, beyond any question, is the Jewish power structure.
.Any writer, any speaker, any leader who tells his readers or followers that we can survive multiracialism, or that we can survive having our media controlled by Jews, is a liar.
Jewish behavior and the depredations of the Jewish power structure are driving a growing opposition to that power structure, among Whites and non-Whites alike.
There are a number of Jews who have defected from that power structure and “blown the whistle” on some of its exploitative and genocidal activities.
The “can’t we all just get along” attitude of many Whites when confronted with racial problems shows an appalling ignorance of Nature and reality, and a potentially fatal weakness.
In the real world — the world of group competition for land and resources and dominance — only those races who are fanatically committed to doing whatever is necessary to secure their continued existence have even a chance of survival.
Nations are biological entities — living extended families. They are not just random collections of humans who happen to be living between imaginary lines drawn on a map.
The two best resources for gaining an understanding of our plight — and the only possible way out of it, the only possible way our people can have a future — are natall.com, the organizational site of the National Alliance, and nationalvanguard.org, our online magazine.
The list of truths that the Jews forbid us to say gets longer and longer by the day, and more and more the remaining sane White people will come to us — to the National Alliance — when they are no longer willing to tolerate pretending to believe what isn’t so, and pretending to love the things that are killing us.
There are other societies with draconian laws and thug-like government goons — there are other societies forcing multiracialism on their people — but when it comes to absolute commitment to immediate White genocide, no one tops the modern West.
and much more!
This program has been edited for broadcast. Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time for part 2 of this interview — right here on American Dissident Voices.

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