Toes In The Water

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Ray W
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Toes In The Water

Post by Ray W » Sat Jan 01, 2022 2:15 pm

Sitting by the blushing edge of a tree-charmed pond
one warmish evening two wished would linger on,
the minty glint of Mandi's dream-scented evergreen eyes
hint that life is needled with sugary worry and sigh,

choices to decide, blissful errors to make,
lessons to teach and learn--but not at our little lake.
Here sweet nothings mean something: a quick fish-kiss,
bear-hug, rock-skip or tickle-snuggle-leap-and-chase,

like feathers shed and nest forgotten, so face-to-face
songbird hearts in freeplay can splash away dirty nervous--
witness true lovesick kids getting their bare feet wet
stirring velvet sky tears...reflecting a moon-shy sunset.

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