After 100 Years

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After 100 Years

Post by Will Williams » Sat May 25, 2019 8:10 pm

I was looking at Dr. Revilo P. Oliver's historic speech that is printed in Volume 1 Issue 1 of Attack! tabloid from June of 1969 entitled After Fifty Years and it dawned on me that it may as well be titled After 100 Years today since the period of time he was talking about then, to now, encompasses a full century of failure by Whites to save their nation and race, not just a half century. :(

Read his speech and watch a video of it, here:

This speech by Professor Oliver was commissioned by the National Youth Alliance, predecessor to the National Alliance.

Dr.Oliver in 1969, at the age of 60
After Fifty Years
by Revilo P. Oliver

FOR HALF A CENTURY, generation after generation, large numbers of Americans have worked hard and sometimes desperately to avert the subversion and capture of their nation. And they have failed — utterly...
I do not venture to predict the future of the National Youth Alliance. It has great potentiality, but it will therefore be the target of open and stealthy assaults delivered with a fury and cunning surpassing all that we have seen thus far. And the time in which any action will still be possible is perilously short. I merely say that American youth is our last hope, and that at long last an effort is being made to rally it. The most that one can affirm is that the youth movement, with adequate support and guidance, has a chance of success.

If we choose to support it, let us not deceive ourselves. If this movement is not somehow frustrated at its very inception, if it ever gets under way, it will move forward with the gathering momentum of an avalanche. All that we can now foresee is the general direction in which the avalanche will move; that can be inferred from the pages of Imperium. That, as I pointed out years ago, may startle or even dismay conservatives of the older generations.

I wonder, however, whether the older generation has a right to tell young Americans how far they should go. The fight will be theirs. We may help them with our money and advise them; we may try to give them the advantage of what knowledge we have gleaned from history and our own experience. But let us remember that although you and I may personally have done all that we could — I hope we did — we nevertheless, belong to a generation that was too inept and too fatuous to keep what it had. Let us not try to impose the sentimentality and squeamishness that was fatal to us on our successors. The future, if there is one, is theirs.

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Re: After 100 Years

Post by White Man 1 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 2:15 am

Dr. Oliver's classic speech can now be viewed here at the National Alliance Bitchute channel. If you have an account, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on new uploads.

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