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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by Grimork » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:34 pm

I'm going to send a check in the mail for the Poisonous Mushroom on Monday. I saw it before but now I have a little money to get a copy. :) I love the illustration can't wait to read it for myself and my kids.

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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by bwhelan91 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:58 am

Thank you Will! We are going to make a list of books to order!!!
I sure hope more people come to this forum- especially with "lockdowns" now. I have not quite started looking into homeschooling programs. We just recently went to Donny Boy's two year "well child visit" ( just a way to make money and vaccinate the kids), the Dr heard we are not EVER vaccinating and after that.. It was like we didn't matter to him. No money to be made from us. So he asked if we are homeschooling because he'll NEED his shots by then if we're not.
I never wanted kids, never mind to have to actually take time and teach them!! (Then i grew up..) But all I want to do now is teach him! I hear so many people now a days all upset because the online schooling being forced on them.. Saying it's not their job, it's the teachers job. When you decide to get pregnant and or give birth, isn't it then your job to show the child right from wrong!! I can't imagine sending my kid to 6+ hours of learning that I have no knowledge of.. I don't know.. :roll:

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