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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by Grimork » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:34 pm

I'm going to send a check in the mail for the Poisonous Mushroom on Monday. I saw it before but now I have a little money to get a copy. :) I love the illustration can't wait to read it for myself and my kids.

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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by bwhelan91 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:58 am

Thank you Will! We are going to make a list of books to order!!!
I sure hope more people come to this forum- especially with "lockdowns" now. I have not quite started looking into homeschooling programs. We just recently went to Donny Boy's two year "well child visit" ( just a way to make money and vaccinate the kids), the Dr heard we are not EVER vaccinating and after that.. It was like we didn't matter to him. No money to be made from us. So he asked if we are homeschooling because he'll NEED his shots by then if we're not.
I never wanted kids, never mind to have to actually take time and teach them!! (Then i grew up..) But all I want to do now is teach him! I hear so many people now a days all upset because the online schooling being forced on them.. Saying it's not their job, it's the teachers job. When you decide to get pregnant and or give birth, isn't it then your job to show the child right from wrong!! I can't imagine sending my kid to 6+ hours of learning that I have no knowledge of.. I don't know.. :roll:

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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by UncensoredDeutsch » Fri May 27, 2022 2:24 am

Most definitely homeschool your children.

I have 2 sets of children which is about a decade or so apart. One set was public educated and the other set homeschooled.

Vast difference between the 2.

Homeschooling resources I can suggest:

Use YouTube for Alpha Phonics & Alpha Blocks for young children in learning how (as well as listening) to start reading and basic math. You only need about 100 hours EACH of English / reading and Math exposure to be able to "get" the basics. Limit screen time to educational only.

You don't have to have 12 years (& tons of hours in those 12 years) to even be able to read and do numbers.

Buy classic books with European themes / folklore / myths. This selection is unfortunately very small in a mainstream bookshop due to the big "diversity & inclusion" racket that is ongoing today.

Another option is to build your own personal library with all the hard copy books that you can possibly find & purchase from National Alliance, The Barnes Review / American Free Press, Antelope Hill Publishing, The White Press, and other pro-white publishing / book sites that you can find, etc. and allow your children to read those as well as that will also fall under "education".

This is also a good way to build up a personal library that can become family heirlooms and keep your family informed for future generations as we all know that many of these books are banned from mainstream bookshops and the library. Not to mention, there's always the possibility of books being gone out of print and/or memory holed if there is just a digital copy. If there is a digital copy, my suggestion is to save the PDF to USB.

Have them do many activities that are also European such as ballet, dancing, gymnastics, sports (preferably winter sports, hockey & figure skating as its still majority white), skating, art, 4H / FFA, singing / music, and the like. Art & music education expands the brain as well as physical activity for the young years as children mainly learn via play (and so do we as adults).

Another would be to look for Saturday school for language like German and/or cultural organizations if you live close by to that "rare" find as these days, you'd be hard pressed to find something for children, much less adults. We need to re-build these types of activities and communities, IMO, for our children as well as for ourselves.

Do family things to learn together - it can be survival skills, homesteading, home ec, walking, road trips, exploring, and the like. Life / real world skills.

Have fun. Make learning, thinking, asking questions and curiosity an everyday thing that will serve them well into their adult life.

This is also how your child will figure out what talent / passion that they have and develop it during their childhood and be prepared to use it to provide for themselves when they become of age.

Homeschooling get-togethers are also another great way to socialize and build community.

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Re: Home Schooling Resources

Post by UncensoredDeutsch » Fri May 27, 2022 5:33 pm

I wanted to come back and add a couple more resources on Telegram that has TONS of books that can be downloaded & saved to PDF - which you can then move to USB.

Ulrich Hirschmann Archives

Third Reich Library

White Alexandria's Library - MAIN

Jewish Slave Trader

My suggestion would be to use the web browser and bypass the censorship from the mobile apps.

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