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Anti-Semitism (also spelled antisemitism) is a term and contemporary epithet which has been used in a variety of contexts by different people and organisations, though it was originally invented in 1860 by a liberal Jew named Moritz Steinschneider, the son of a Talmudist born in Moravia. In its initial coining, it was applied in a criticism of Ernest Renan's contrast of Semites and Indo-Europeans, though at this stage was in a wider more general context than just opposition to Jewishness. It was the socialist Wilhelm Marr who popularised the term in the 1870s with his League of Anti-Semites, applying it to himself in a positive sense primarily in his attacks on Jewish finance, but also in regard to their non-assimilationism in wider society.

The earliest self-identifying "anti-semites" or those figures whom the term was applied to, were generally non-Marxian socialists who came to regard Jewishness and its values system, as the most anti-social form of the unrestrained bourgeoisie following the Industrial Revolution. This had coincided with the ascent of various monopolistic Jewish financial dynasties in Europe and soon North America following their "emancipation". For a time, the phrase was adopted by certain integral nationalists, especially in France such as Action Française. The phrase had its critics from the start and was regarded as inaccurate by people such as Eugen Dühring and largely fell out of use as a self-identifying term by the 1920s.

"Anti-anti-semitism" has led to mass murder on an industrial scale; following the Jewish coup d'etat in Russia in 1917 for instance, so-called "anti-semitism" was a "crime" punishable by death, often by shooting in the back of the head. Today the thought police continue their war against people who criticise the legion of Jewish crimes against humanity by throwing "anti-semites" into modern gulags (ie - prisons) in many parts of Europe or bring them to ruin financially. While in other parts of the world, particularly the United States, social ostracism is enforced. Because Jews believe they are a race "chosen" by God above the rest of humanity, they believe they can commit atrocities with impunity and the mere goyim have no business asking them to limit or take account of their grotesque behavior.

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