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Defund the Thought Police

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:34 am
by Will Williams
What a Wonderful Headline. I don't agree with the premise that our struggle is more about class than race, but you have to love this headline.

Academic "elites," and their control of media, politics and Big Tech are a large part of the problem but race is the overriding issue that runs through everything today. What's needed is a racial elite, a White racial elite.

Defund Police? Defund the Thought Police: the Modern University
November 18, 2020/0
by V.S. Solovyev
If you had to put your finger on one organizing principle, or grievance among all of the riots that continue to plague America (and will be increasing), it is class, not race.[1] Putting aside election-year grandstanding and opportunism, and as a strawman, looking at BLM, antifa, and other groups strictly as anthropological distortions—they are symbolically rebelling against (or being incited to rebel against) what they believe (or were told) is racially based privilege, elitism, preferred access to opportunity, knowledge and social capital. But race really isn’t the direct issue of contention; it is a proxy for class economic disparity. In this way, it does indeed resemble a kind of modern Bolshevism, but with an ironic twist: the Left has actually become the party of the rich and privileged billionaire donors, indoctrinated, guilt-ridden White college graduates, and a dependent client base among poor non-Whites. But more, race has become not a source of liberation for minorities, but turned around to become a weapon of hatred and revenge that is increasingly, and dangerously, attacking Whites with a vehemence and bigotry that is turning the Civil Rights Act on its head....

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Re: Defund the Thought Police

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:30 am
by Jim Mathias
"Defund the Thought Police" would make a great sticker headline or flier followed by listing the ADL, SPLC, Facebook, and any other Jew-infested organization.

Re: Defund the Thought Police

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:48 am
by Will Williams
Jim Mathias wrote:
Thu Nov 19, 2020 1:30 am
"Defund the Thought Police" would make a great sticker headline or flier followed by listing the ADL, SPLC, Facebook, and any other Jew-infested organizations.
Excellent idea, Jim. Ask and ye shall receive.


Most of our Alliance members and supporters have already received the December BULLETIN since it was mailed four days ago, so it's OK to let everyone else in on what was enclosed with each copy of the BULLETIN this month.

Part of the accompanying text:
With all of the hullabaloo in controlled media about demands by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and many who voted for the Harris/Biden administration, hoping it will defund police departments, it 's time to put the idea out there to DEFUND those who censor and deplatform anything pro-White, particularly the Jew-controlled media, Jew-controlled so-called Big Tech and Jewish watchdog groups like the SPLC and ADL who tell Media and Big Tech Jews which thought criminals (read pro-White advocates) to censor and blacklist... It is a good time to catch the attention of people with our Web address like this. Many like having law enforcement around and funded as crime increases by those who hate Whites, and many hate that our voice, our freedom of expression is being squelched by controlled media and on the Internet by those like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and Twitter.