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Separate now from the offended, White man

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Will Williams

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Separate now from the offended, White man

PostWed Jul 26, 2017 12:18 pm

NYU librarian bemoans 'racial fatigue'
from being around whites

July 19, 2017
By Michael F. Haverluck

After being subjected to too much time with too many white people at an academic conference, a black New York University (NYU) librarian complained in a recent blog that she is the latest victim of “racial fatigue” – from having to endure being “in the presence of white people” for an extended period of time.

Describing the trade conference that she attended for those in the library profession as if it were a five-day prison term, April Hathcock – who identifies as a “Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU” – claimed that she came away from the event with a severe mental affliction that can apparently only be shaken by white people steering clear of her.

Nappy-headed, blue-gummed blogger, April Hathcock

“I just spent the last 5 days at the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago, and I am suffering serious race fatigue,” “Hathcock wrote in her personal blog post titled “ALA Race Fatigue,” that she published last month after attending the event. “Race fatigue is a real physical, mental and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people. The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.”...
More, here: ... und-whites
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White Man 1

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Re: Separate now from the offended, White man

PostWed Jul 26, 2017 2:41 pm

Hopefully she'll do us all a favor and convince her fellow coloreds to stay as far away from White folks as possible...

Jim Mathias

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Re: Separate now from the offended, White man

PostThu Jul 27, 2017 2:35 am

The next boat to Africa is leaving in 3....2....1...


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The next ship to Mars is leaving in 3..2..1..

PostThu Jul 27, 2017 3:09 am

"Hathcock concluded her diatribe with a battle cry to fight for something – possibly the eradication of whites … at least from the areas where she and other like-minded and afflicted blacks congregate." SOURCE:
Jim Mathias wrote:The next boat to Africa is leaving in 3....2....1...
The eradication of ALL whites, i.e., "hate speech" has been the more or less hidden theme behind all of the Jewsmedia propaganda that we have ever heard, especially during World War II, when the Jews really needed Americans to exterminate the Jews' chosen victims, the Germans.

I doubt that many Jew-worshipers realize that the "hate speech" that permeates what they read in the Bible and the sermons of their preachers is in reality about the Fertile Crescent ancestors of the White race, and that the genocide that Jew-worshipers read about in the Bible is actually directed at all non-Jews

Whites hate themselves so much as a result of this secular and religious propaganda that having a baby, especially by a White man, is the last thing that most White women want. Women love fashion, and nothing beats being seen with a mulatto criminal or sport hero.

Christianity and the Jewsmedia have made the society in which most people live so insane that most White people hate each other even if they don't attend a church, and possibly consider suicide at sometime during their lives.

Most of us have probably seen TV programs in which huge herds of elk are preyed upon by parasites like mosquitoes, or are stampeded by a bear or a small number of predators like wolves or lions. I usually ask myself why these huge herds don't attack the threat instead of running away from it. I assume that they run because of their instincts, and are not intelligent, or well coordinated, enough to think of alternative solutions to their problems.

I doubt that Elk who are being eaten alive by wolves appreciate the fact that their predators are actually doing their herd and wildlife in general a favor. Too many Elk make life more difficult for other plants and animals. Whites have the opposite problem: having too many predators and parasites is quickly leading to the extinction of the Aryan race and its civilization. Most Aryans are so focused on their personal problems and saving other races from diseases like Ebola that they never think that what they are doing will destroy the future of life and civilization on Earth and beyond.

Every time I see a video about how poaching and the exploding population of Africa is causing the extinction of elephants, lions and all other "bush meat" in Africa, I realize that diseases like Ebola were sent by God in order to offer the Aryan race/civilization a last chance to save itself and help all life to outlast our planet.

African buffalo have a better tactic than Elk: a herd of thousands of wild buffalo approaches the threat as soon as enough of its members detect its smell in the wind, even if it is miles away. A dozen or two of the dominant bulls approach the threat as closely as possible and line up in a semi-circle between the threat and the rest of the herd. The bulls communicate their intentions by snorting, pawing at the ground, lowering their heads and swinging their horns, etc., and probably kill the threat if they see an opportunity to do so (at this point you better climb a tree and stay there until the herd moves on). A lone African buffalo is one of the few animals in Africa that will track a man down and kill him (not for food) without provocation.

The Jewsmedia's lies and propaganda made most Americans, Russians, etc. hate the Japs and Germans so much during World War II that most of their soldiers probably took their hatred of the Nazis out on every German woman, child or old man they encountered, e.g. by shooting, raping, robbing, displacing and torturing them to death. Americans are told about how awfully the Russians treated German civilians and the soldiers who surrendered after the end of World War II, but not the truth about how American soldiers, military leaders and governments treated Germans even worse (despite their claims to the contrary). A country ruled by Jews is likely to behave like Jews as much as possible. If Jews had their way, Germany would be as radioactive as Chernoble

After the "end" of World War II, the civilized Poles, etc. treated the Germans far worse than what Jewish liars accused the Germans of doing to the Jews, even though the Germans were innocent (and still are) of most of the crimes that the Jewsmedia accused the well-behaved German soldiers of committing. Polish citizens attacked, killed, etc. the German civilians and drove them from a third of Germany without any protest from "righteous Jews", and the governments that were manipulated by Jews into fighting each other during World War II. The Jews treated Germans even more savagely, since it is in their nature to do so (read John Sack's book "Eye for an Eye", all in the name of retaliation for crimes that the Germans never committed. :lol:

Why have we Americans behaved like the Elk of Alaska, and run from our parasites and predators, instead of having attacked them, as the African buffalo does? Most people are more intelligent in some ways, and have more choices than other animals. Are we too brain-washed by the secular and religious Jewsmedia to defend ourselves and our race, or just afraid of Jews because we understand that the brains of our fellow citizens, our governments, etc. are in their hands?
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David Pringle

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Re: Separate now from the offended, White man

PostFri Jul 28, 2017 3:00 pm

I know all about it. Having lived in La Cesspool Grande for too long.

Mexicans when I lived in Southern California, New Mexico (blacks and wagon burners too) and Arizona (wagon burners too). Blacks in Louisiana (87% in the Parrish I worked in). Rampant race mixing in Alaska.

Since moving to The Land and an almost exclusively all White area last year I can literally count the non-Whites I have seen total.

I was recently in Charlottesville, VA. I saw 15 blacks, 4 mexican looking guys, Arabs working inside 7-11 and one southern Indian looking guy. Oh, and an incredibly fat (maybe 450-500 pounds) woman with one of the blacks.

I didn't see another black until last week when I saw one free ranging black walking along the road. Not long after I saw him the Sheriff stopped, ran his ID and escorted him out of the county.
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Will Williams

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Re: Separate now from the offended, White man

PostFri Jul 28, 2017 4:52 pm

David Pringle wrote:...Since moving to The Land and an almost exclusively all White area last year I can literally count the non-Whites I have seen total...

...I didn't see another black until last week when I saw one free ranging black walking along the road. Not long after I saw him the Sheriff stopped, ran his ID and escorted him out of the county.

This story by the lesbian Jewess Ms. Eisenberg, unfolded a year or so before you came to The Land. It didn't end well for Hillsboro's only racially-mixed couple despite their having brought a Reggae cultural and music festival to Hillsboro. :lol:

MONDAY, JAN 19, 2015 02:00 PM EST
“This morning my worst nightmare came true”
Hate speech aimed at a beloved biracial family in this tiny West Virginia town sparks fear -- and a "love fest"

...Mike May, who grew up in town, responded to the incident by writing, “I was born and raised in Marlinton and left at age 18 simply because of the racist, sheltered, and uneducated thought process of more then half the county … Have you forgotten about William Pierce and the National Alliance? I haven’t forgotten being called nigger, coon, or half breed HUNDREDS of times throughout high school.”

In 1978, the National Alliance, a white supremacist group with Nazi ideologies, moved its headquarters from Washington, D.C., to Hillsboro, for reasons unknown. The organization has been largely defunct since 2009, most people say, and recently the compound has gone up for sale. Its official website asks all correspondence to be directed to an address in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee.

“We grew up in a fearful place,” says Sarah Riley, friend of Blair Campbell and director of High Rocks Educational Corp., an innovative leadership program for young women from southeastern West Virginia of which Campbell is an alumna. “There are families in Greenbrier County who won’t send their kids to High Rocks because they’re afraid for their safety.”

“I had nightmares about the National Alliance,” she continued. “When they showed up, there was nothing we could do. We didn’t want to mess with them, we were scared of their retaliation.”...
More of this Jew "journalist's" poorly researched gibberish, here: ... came_true/

Hillsboro, WV's last remaining Negro resident, Charlan Campbell,
with his big-boned miscegenatrix and their pickaninies

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