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A Brit Wonders...If Germany Had Won?

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A Brit Wonders...If Germany Had Won?

PostThu Nov 23, 2017 11:52 pm

The UK, run by a heavily pro-German fascist government, would be Nazi Germany’s right
hand man when it came to international affairs and general relations. German Wehrmacht
troops would frequently find themselves on the British Isles, quelling rebellions and
enforcing the Nazi ideals, similar to what happened in Vichy France during the war. Many
fanatical Brits would likely join the Waffen-SS (or its peacetime equivalent), while
the actual British military would be used primarily for maintaining its overseas empire.
Soldiers would swear an oath of loyalty to the fascist regime, in turn pledging themselves
to fight for the Nazis as the government would simply be a puppet, operated by the higher-
ups in Germania (Europe’s new capital, built on the marshy foundations of what was once

Britain’s puppet government would happily collaborate and co-operate with the Germans,
handing over the ‘undesirables’ to the SS; in occupied Europe as a whole, the Holocaust
would be far deadlier than it was in our timeline. This is because without Allied
intervention, the genocide would result in extermination of all of Europe’s untermensch
(except those kept alive as slaves for the regime).

Wade says, "Kewel!"

Life in general (for an Aryan ethnic) would not be too hard however. Over the decades,
education would legitimise the Nazi regime and their ideals into the minds of the youth,
meaning that generations born after the war would be subservient to the Nazis and as
such would find no issue with the totalitarian society that they live in. Such ‘social
norms’ would include mass surveillance, police brutality perpetrated mainly by the secret
police, and a general acceptance and admiration of German culture by the masses.

Wade says, "Darkies and Jews on the run...kewel!"

Education in particular would be divided by gender; for boys, school would have a heavy
emphasis on sports, the sciences and history. Girls education would instead focus on
preparing them to bear children and how to be a good housewife - the modern equivalents
of these subjects would likely be textiles/sewing, child development and cooking.

Wade says, "Not a Darkie in sight...SUPER-KEWEL!"

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