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Precept 40

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:58 pm
by Ray W
In 1988, a hypocritical sedition farce took place
charging true Whites of being false to a nation in disgrace.
Fort Smith, Arkansas was the site of this bogus bolshevik trial
where modern-day knights battled kosher worms, Nuremberg-style.

Two-faced f.b.i. slime cheapened our language and the law
lying every time there was a parting of each slack jaw.
"Special" agents hardly need to review or plot-rehearse--
bullshit artists are well-refrained in rotten jewish verse.

A puppet judge puffed in his high chair and played the crowd
goo-gooing things oy vey, ensuring truth would not be allowed.
Heroic martyrs Barnhill, McBrearity, Scutari and Lane
challenged "useful idiots" with 14 words and didn't complain.

The Bruder Schweigen were acquitted, as a matter of fact;
unlike all the pillbilly rats their honor is still intact.
Treasonous jews falsely accused and as usual hebejeebies failed;
Blood and Race silently rule this Brotherhood: Order prevailed.