Who instigated the wars in Europe and why?

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Who instigated the wars in Europe and why?

Post by Igraine » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:24 pm

In 1908 the Jew Count Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal secretly engineered an agreement between Austria and Russia for Austria to annex Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia was Serbian territory at this time and this was to instigate the Bosnian crisis destabilising that whole area of Europe, thus fracturing Europe’s exposed and delicate treaty system directly leading to World War I.

Meanwhile, Jewish terrorists had been actively subverting the Russian political landscape for decades with numerous political assassinations and attempted assassinations (The most prominent being the Jew Vera Figner who assassinated Alexander II in 1881 and in 1887 Aleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov, the older brother of the Jewish Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin who organized an assassination attempt on the life of European Monarch Alexander III.) The ‘upheaval’ of WWI, however, provided excellent cover for the Jewish Bolshevik land seizure of Russia occurring in 1917 and a great opportunity to trial run their new weapon-Communism. Invented by the Jew Karl Marx this was the formula to ethnically cleansing the European from his ancestral homeland. Incidentally, predicting ‘great world upheaval’ at the Zionist Congress in 1903 must have been simple for Jew Theodor Herzl when one’s own tribe would be instigating it (Bosnian crisis). 1917 was also the year that Arthur James Balfour produced the declaration made to the Jew Lord Rothschild acknowledging Jewish separatism and confirming that the government in Britain is occupied by a 5th column that serves its own interests. The letter to Rothschild advised that the British government viewed with favour the occupation of Palestine by the Jews.

However, for the materialisation of Jewish inhabitation world sympathy for their fictitious ‘plight’ must be gained. Consequently in 1933 international Jewry incited a new war in Europe with the boycott of German manufactured goods. All that was needed was a pretext to mobilise an army against Germany and this came in 1939. Britain had no justification for its involvement in a German-Polish border dispute it was merely used as a ruse to declare war against Germany. It is now known that the situation between Germany and Poland (ethnic Germans were terribly maltreated behind borders redefined by Versailles) was exacerbated by the so called ‘British’ (Jewish) government promise of military aid to Poland. With war declared international Jewry constructed the Holocaust myth which not only deviously concealed the atrocities of Jewish Bolshevism against ethnic Europeans (the Holodomor genocides 16.5 million Europeans murdered) but gained mass sympathy and support for their second land seizure. It was post WWII that the Balfour Declaration proved most valuable to the ‘chosen tribe’ for it was at this point that they pursued the notion of a people without a land. The concept is of course absurd since the Jew applies to its people the word Semite and that race has long existed in the land called Palestine. Even now the Semitic Jew is blowing the faces from the Semitic Palestinian children.


Re: Who instigated the wars in Europe and why?

Post by Cosmotheist » Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:07 am

Where have all the lampshades gone?:

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