Former National Alliance member's letter to Bill O'Reilly

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Former National Alliance member's letter to Bill O'Reilly

Post by Will Williams » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:26 am

Author’s Preface
The following is a letter I submitted to the journalist neo-conservative and television entertainer Bill O’Reilly. I have never been a fan of Mr. O’Reilly, or any televised liberal or conservative pundit. They all seem to be overpaid Pipe-Pipers. I was told that Mr. O’Reilly is offering the world a new book which deals, in part, about General George Patton’s death. I am not going to bless myself in reading Mr. O’Reilly’s book to find out. I am going by a good source who told me of the contents of this new “inspiriting” book. I have read the book by Martin Blumenson entitled Patton Papers 1940-1945. Whether or not Mr. O’Reilly will use this book as a source or how he uses it is another question.

historyThe point of all this is that Mr. O’Reilly’s politics is typical of most all entertainers: he believes in the racial alloying of all Western societies. He also believes that sovereignty only applies to Israel. So what I tried to do was to write a letter that would appeal to his inter-spiritual ancestral being, and at the same time tried to counter his thought synthesis which I believe he’ll present in his book. I also wanted to convey that there are people who look at the world differently than he does. And that these people are rational, intelligent and have solutions. I also wanted to express the era of difference in “thought” between Patton’s time and ours. These changes in “thought” in which Historians today seem to overlook or do not understand or condemn has had a devastating effect on all Western societies. History is a puzzle and in order to put any puzzle together you must first have a table. What follows are the legs for that table.

Aug 11, 2014

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

“A lie never lives to be old”


“Perhaps no one has ever been sufficiently truthful about what “truthfulness” is.”

“When scholars study a thing, they strive
To kill it first, if it’s alive;
Then they have the parts and they’ve lost the whole.
For the link that’s missing was the living soul.”


People have told me that I am wasting my time writing this letter to you. In many ways I believe they are right. It is well known that a stream of water can wear-down limestone if given enough time. What follows is but a few drops…

From what I’ve heard your new book will discuss, amongst other topics, the mysterious death of General George S. Patton, Jr. I personally have not read any of your books. I have learned a long time ago to be suspicious of the books that are displayed at the front of any library or bookstore. I usually proceed to the cellars or attics and work my way back toward the front door. I try to be fair in my assessment of the books I read, but the books that usually interest me most, are the ones found in the cellars or attics. I have found that the questions or gaps in the books at the front of the store are always, one way or another, answered by the books in the rear. I have never found it to be the reverse. I found Patton’s book, The Patton Papers 1940-1945, in the attic of a book store in Torrance, Ca. I hope you have it and will use it as a source of reference, but I doubt it.

A Historian, I believe, can write History in one of two ways: he can either defy or defer. I would say about ninety percent of the history books written today are of the latter persuasion. History books today deal more in proclamations than inquisitiveness. Historians should be our eyes to the past, not the glass eyes of the present. Historians today seem to have chips on their shoulders claiming their superiority at understanding formal epochs’ and the “Thought” processes of those times. To me, this self-righteous attitude comes from opinions made from soft couches. History is a gift. History will never have an “evil ending”. History “must result in something good” even though evil men and women are now in control. A Historian is clairvoyant. I see Historians (so-called) today, treating history more as the enemy than a respective parent. They seem to get confused between the subjects of history versus the objects of history. Historians sometimes remind me of an old Dilbert caption: “if you can’t tell the truth lie as loud as you can”.

I do not consider any person who makes a living as an entertainer capable of writing true History. A successful entertainer is too comfortable to jeopardize that comfort. He can only discuss History at the level of the newspaper-reading herd, and he can only interview people at his own educated level or below, which is measured at the level of the herd. A true Historian will always die poor. This is because the true Historian knows that he is living in an illusionary world where the same mistakes of History are being made.

A Journalist, whether conservative or liberal, lives under a statuesque, and today’s statuesque is egalitarianism. The Journalist can be nothing more than a “court historian” in their writings, and the definition of a “court historian” is of course television. Facts are presented in such a way that the herd believes in everything and in nothing. He is thus made nullified. The herd is grouped into a “dialectical relationship” of opposing poles with each pole claiming itself as the “corrective of the other.” It has always amazed me as to why people have not caught on to this scheme.

In Nature, the animals think with their eyes, while a Historian must think in terms of Alphabets. There would be no History without them. A People who remain homogeneous and develop a means of communicating to the future will have a History; learning from that History is another story. When History is studied from an Alphabetic point of view what develops is a predominate characteristic of history. Today this characteristic view happens to be Eurocentric, and this Eurocentric characteristic of dominance is absolutely hated. It creates an atmosphere of the ones that are above with the ones that are below, and this is considered a no-no in the pipe dreams of egalitarianism.

Today the History of Western Civilization is in the process of being rewritten, neutralized, it is being globalized, made Freudian. Freudianism attacks a cultural sovereignty by defiling its identity and spirit, its identity becomes hijacked and held for ransom. Western Civilization has been stealthily conquered. In fact the phrase “Western Civilization” is now considered to be “racist”. And the penalty or ransom for the “racism” is the import of the “huddle mass” of the world into its territory. The word sovereignty has now been made meaningless, because sovereignty means “white privilege”. What we are witnessing today is a rapid viral decay of all Western countries. You can only understand this decay when you look at History biologically. And yet a true Historian is a biologist in nature and attitude. He is not afraid of being called a Racialist! He must be in order to pass on the techniques and traditions that articulate a people’s ethos. History can never be taught heterogeneously, for it becomes an insignificant foofaraw. A Historian’s instinct is to preserve; it expresses favoritism. It cannot be denied, of course, that our past “ethoses” are not perfect, but they are “our” ethoses”. The techniques and traditions that we have developed can never be accepted by another tribe or race. They will only have contempt for them because they were left out.

In Life, not-to-belong is the same as to oppose, so a counter-will or force develops to malign. Now we have become what all civilizations end up becoming; organically detached with a softness and laziness in our material wealth. We have become bastardized organically and spiritually. We have lost sight of our mission! A mission which can never be shared! We have lost both our manhood and womanhood (yes, there is a difference). We have not learned the lesson of Prometheus and Dionysus. We have not heeded the warning(s) of Theognis. It has been a steady descent since the days of the Greeks.

Schools today are used to condition the people for a life of drudgery in which there seems to be no escape. Colleges have become simple minded, teaching that there are no sexes, no races, no traditions, no cultures, etc. To do so would mean to exclude. It always makes me laugh when I see the “superior” ones discussing and wondering why we have such problems in “our” schools. Our schools have a racial and gender problem. And this is a fact that must be addressed with courage and fortitude. But it is a sad fact to say that we will never find or see any solutions coming from “news and entertainment.” Western Man has lost his potency. He has lost that mental and physical stamina to say no. Just look at our Academies. They were once proud institutions for “our” elite men. The Academies should be our reservoirs for our Hellenic soldiers. Their motto should be: “to be more than you seem”. Now they have been turned into fashion shows to be stylish.

Patton was raised in a time when tradition, honor, and customs still had an ethos. It was a time when there were white male institutions for white males. There were also women institutions for our women. This was not considered hate, but the traditions and customs of the racial character of the society that invented them. And the whole world understood them and respected them. It was a time when Western Civilization looked at the rest of the world with reverse binoculars. Western Man had become Master of the world. He had created Institutions and Inventions that the rest of the world could only imitate and marvel at. These Institutions and Inventions by Western Man should have never been given to the other races. I will never forget the picture I saw of the thirteen year old black Belgian Congo rebel wearing his Nike hat and shoes and carrying his AK-47 rifle. The transferring of techniques to underdeveloped countries is the biggest mistake made by Western societies, and this also includes medicines! An Invention can only benefit the Race that invents it. But even with this all inventions must be judged with Taste and Posterity. How can a Lion benefit by giving its claws to the Rabbit?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, as I’ve mentioned, Western Civilization was riding high. When the world looked at America, Europe, Australia, or Canada they envisioned and saw the White race. There is no escaping from this observation. This is the world Patton grew up in, or should I say a world Patton had inherited. In truth this inheritance is a blood one, there is no denying that. But it is a History that I will stand behind because it is of my people, my spiritual organism. Civilization is the ponderability of an individual racial spirit, a collective spiritual ethos. All tribes and races have some form of Civilization to some degree, but never achieve it to a higher degree. And that is the important point. “We” have been given a gift, but have abused it. When the History of one people is left to be told by another people the people who made the History are finished and thus become extinct. Today this History has been left to the squeamish and the cowardly historians to pass on. They copy each others books and call themselves historical researchers. Yet all they do is repeat the same lies and misunderstandings, they retract from telling the story of their own Historical achievements. These achievements are looked upon as oppressions. They have missed the connection of what History really is; an organic spiritual manifestation. A Historian is in many ways a paleontologist, he reconstructs in a broader outline an entire organism from a single skull-fragment, and he is also a good weatherman and can predict coming conditions and voice them.

This world which Patton inherited is long gone now and has been replaced by a world (just walk through any Wal-Mart) that Patton could never comprehend. It is a world he never would have fought for, had he known the end results. But he did get an inkling of this “New World Order” to come, towards the end of his premature death.

“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race and we [are] about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist.

It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those did not were raped…” [Letter, GSP, Jr., Beatrice, July 21, 1945].

As for me, the “world” gives me the “blues.” It was at this late stage of the war that Patton began to smell something rotten going on. The favoritism afforded toward Displaced Persons (DP), whatever that meant; was simply a way to wreak revenge against their “oppressors.” It is toward the end of the book that we get a real taste of what Patton was seeing and thinking. Of course the author, Martin Blumenson was apologetic for Patton’s views, and of course this is understandable since “we” are the “victors.” Since Patton’s time, the World has been going through a phase change. A phase change that we live under today. It is a capitalistic world based on greed with a byproduct of garbage. How can a society be capitalistic when its money system is not based on a unit value of capital? Any society that centers itself economically, and says this is life and all else is secondary, lacks the true understanding of what High Culture is. Patton was right: we have become communistic. Even though we call our society democratic, our thought processes are communistic. There is no question that Communism (or democracy) “is the organized mutiny against High Culture.”

The following quote, I believe, is the most dangerous Patton ever made:
“I will resign when I have finished this job which will be not later than Dec. 26. I hate to do it but I have been gagged all my life, and whether they are appreciated or not, America needs some honest men who dare to say what they think, not what they think people want them to think.”

This statement, I believe, signed the death contract for Patton’s life. His public influence could upset the New World Order gang’s applecart. If the American people had discovered that WWII was totally unnecessary, the books of today would make for a very interesting read. To fully understand WWII you must understand WWI, specifically the Balfour Declaration. After my reading of WWI and WWII, I would consider Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin as Prometheans and Hitler as the Dionysian (in the Greek meaning of the words).

I am sure that if Patton was sitting across the table with you today, you would condemn him as a racist and anti-Semitic. And yet wasn’t the war fought to put an end to these words? WW II was not fought to save Western Civilization but to destroy it. And it has!

Western societies have never recovered from it. And now the West will become the world’s landfill. The West will eventually become another India, another pig sty. The world’s influence will eventually shift from the West to the East. And all of the sanctimonious hoopla that Western Man has fallen for (affirmative action, sesame street mentality, the poor children across the border, etc.); will only fall on deaf ears with the Asiatic. I do not see you, or the Rush Limbaugh’s, the Glenn Beck’s and the Alex Jones’s stopping this trend. In fact, you and all the rest are aiding and abetting it. You and all these people refuse to look at History organically; all of you view History materially. And this will be our ultimate downfall! Future people will look at the statues in Washington and wonder-just like we wonder at the statues in Egypt today-who these people were.

It distresses me to see the entire valor of our Race go down into oblivion because of our compassion. Yes, our compassion, our greatest weakness, but at the same time our greatest Taste. No other race has it; they can only copy it, it is a Chameleon pretence and a lot of people have been fooled by it. Taste requires conceptual creativity. This cannot be taught in our schools it must be in the blood to begin with.

I would like to end this letter with a quote I read years ago. It is a quote made way before you and I were born, but yet a quote so prophetic and scary, that it should be read to the American host population everyday:
“We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will instill into the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negro. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America into our cause.”

Israel Cohen, Head of the Communist Party in England in his “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”, 1912.

If you have eyes to see, this prophecy (which has been claimed to be “The Story of a Phony Quotation”) has been fulfilled. The pundits always argue the “authenticity” of the quote above, but never its “accomplishment.” America will go down in History as a Nation that ascended and descended faster than any civilization before it. Everything presented by the Media today is geared to that “cause” above, even you. Sometime I imagine what this country could have been like if only we had true artistic men in charge. When I look at the world of Nature and marvel at its Laws and Beauty, I say to myself, Man can only observe and define the Laws of Nature, but he can never change them. “Thank God.”

Harrison Elings
The Attic Dweller

Michael Olanich

Re: Former National Alliance member's letter to Bill O'Reill

Post by Michael Olanich » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:08 am

A very fine, well written letter by Elings. The only unfortunate thing about this is that O'Reilly or one of his pencil-pushers probably crumpled the letter and threw it in the trash bin.

However, I don't want to discourage others from writing similar, intelligent letters to the media pundit of your choice. Let them know how you feel and what you think of them, without being vulgar or using threatening language of course. I believe it to be a great exercise in enumerating our beliefs and feelings, without making any apologies about it.

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