Survival Manual

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Ray W
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Survival Manual

Post by Ray W » Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:04 pm

Early in the Twentieth Century, an inventive White man
chose to oppose La Cosa Nose-stra--no small task
as he risked fortune, fame, name and ass:
Henry Ford, creator of the Model-T, took a patriotic stand

against hook-nosed heist of homeland, knowing we could win
if Whites were deaf to Red press and immune to nigger gin,
both brewed to confuse then abuse victim goy
tricked by yid drunks belching: "Divide-Conquer-Destroy!"

Ford's DEARBORN INDEPENDENT was the last free media voice;
now every play, magazine, movie and paper
reeks from Moshe and Hymie's zionist toilet vapor,
potty mouth and mind rotting Aryankind, leaving no choice

but to speed up Final Solution to the jewish question
hinted at by Ford and others adored by subtle suggestion:
human and jew must separate, not for reasons political--
hebe fleas siphon our blood and the situation is critical.

Filthy jewsquitos are riddled with whine flu and disease
and if unconfined could spread instant death of diversity.
Paleface need a holy book to learn a better-than-good Word
so the storied White Race isn't erased by Third World turds.

Henry Ford unmasked the jew and its bastard bolshevik excuse
for Chosen criminal behavior and genocidal abuse.
The International jew is a work of art, sacred racial reading
for heroic hearts to phase out jew-parts and keep on beating.

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Will Williams
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Re: Survival Manual

Post by Will Williams » Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:50 am

Very good, Ray. Every White American should be exposed to the hidden history of this great kinsman's warnings about our enemy: More here, in his own words: ... ed-states/


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