Wherefore am I Helmut?

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Do you welcome me with Aryan hospitality as your noncitizen guest?

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Helmut Stuka

Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Helmut Stuka » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:12 am

Greetings, allies and Kameraden.

By a misfortune which befell me nine months before my birth, I am an unwillingly natural spokesman for my principal pet issue, namely, the fight against miscegenation. In other words: I am a mongrel (non-Jewish, non-negroid). I say that not to be „in your face“ about it, but rather by way of candidly disclosing a fact too easily hidden behind the mask of online anonymity. (And in my case, only alert „race-spotters“ would notice in real life.)

What am I, exactly? For now, I will simply propose that you may consider me the avenging political antipode of Coudenhove-Kalergi. Perhaps the sorry circumstance of my genetics is the gods’ way of balancing the universe.

All of such leaves me in a delicate position when approaching people who are my ideological comrades. I understand why they may be suspicious of me.

As a need common not only to all humans, but to all social creatures on Earth, Whites urgently need a cohesive and homogeneous social community of their own kind. I am the first to preach that message! And this board is by Whites, for Whites and for the collective benefit of Whites: It is White Biocentric. I am therefore requesting the permission of the community to accept my presence on a limited basis as a long-term guest—a friend who is not part of your family, and does not pretend to be.

By analogy, there is no time or place in history where I would rather live and work than National Socialist Germany—as a „German subject“ under protection of the law, without the political rights of citizenship, and obliged to obey the blood purity laws. It would be for responsible National Socialist officials to decide whether my presence and contribution were in the best interest of the German people—and it would be for me to offer something extraordinary which would meet that criterion.

Foremost as such, understand that I understand that I would not have a „right“ to be there. I am partly of German blood, but I am not of the German blood. Apropos hereto, I am half-White—meaning, I am not White. Comments about being half-pregnant, half-alive, or half-dead apply. Upon that understanding, I will address a common fallacy, make a case for myself, and explain what you can expect from me. Whereupon the community will have its say. Although the board administrators let me in, I will not whine at them or you if the community desires that I leave. I will honour the wishes of the people—that is to say, you White people.
The race-mixers and „integration“ preachers always cry about „fairness“. So let us talk a bit about fairness. You White people have each other. I have nobody, in that sense: For I do not share with you or any other race both common ancestors and common descendants. I am alone, an atomized individual. No, that is not fair to me. But the unfairness is not the fault of you White people; therefore what would be even worse unfair, is to expect you to compensate for it. My exclusion from every racial group is the direct fault of my parents, who chose to mix the races, and above all of the Jew, whose mass lie-propaganda poisoned their natural instincts and seduced them into mixing the races. You had nothing to do with it (except indirectly, by failing to fight the Jew and failing to ban the crime of miscegenation many decades ago—omissions for which you are now being punished by Nature). Why should you be obliged to sacrifice the integrity of your community for the sorry byproduct of the crimes of others?

The foregoing is a matter of simple logic—which is likely the principal reason why n[Is this word allowed here?]s just do not get it. It is also a matter of elementary justice—which is why the Jews are opposed!

The shame of the matter is that Whites can be much more accepting of other races when they are secure in their own homes and homelands. For example, in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, Germany was for the Germans. Thus and only thus was the following possible; and personally, I think it is a beautiful exemplar of both high culture and interracial coöperation:
Goebbels_and_Nejiko_Suwa.jpeg (272.37 KiB) Viewed 4541 times
SPLC caption: „Racist White Supremacist Nazi German Laughs at Asian Woman, Steals Violin From Her.“ (Filed under: HOLOCAUST. Then he beat and strangled her, just like racist violent nutter Chairman Williams did to that fat woman!) As for you, I believe you may have faith in Dr. Goebbels’ authoritative credentials as an ideologically sound racialist. He could enjoy building diplomatic and cultural bridges with his Japanese friends, then go home to his German family in a German community in a Germany populated with German people under a German leader.

Looking further, „race“ at the White-Yellow-Black level is really a misnomer for what ought be termed different species—and yes, I am aware of some pertinent history. So I should also point out that the National Socialists cultivated friendship between many different species. From the Führer-birthday edition of Allgemeiner Wegweiser für jede Familie, Nr. 16 (Berlin, dated 1939-04-19, physical sheet 17/numbered page 449), I bring you more Nazi racists ominously titled in the sinister-sounding German language as „Ungleiche Freunde“:
awfjf-016.jpg (121.58 KiB) Viewed 4541 times
Look particularly to the puppy and rabbits on the left. Observe the malevolence writ deep in those twisted, hateful faces! You just know that the rabbits are thinking about only one thing: Killing Jews. And as Eli Wiesel’s ghost testified on a long-distance telephone call from Hell, the dog joined the SS and personally put 666 of his relatives into gas chambers. You know this, because the rabbits and the puppy are German. Really. And the magazine has a picture of a picture of Adolf Hitler on the cover. Gasp. Did you hear me? Adolf. Hitler! (1,2)

(1. Cf. how on certain important mass-propaganda sites like Jewipedia, the mildest suggestion that Jewish editors or sources may not always be entirely unbiased is drop-kicked with a sneer about „JOOZ“. On account of their natural honesty and respectfulness, Aryans are rarely adept at deploying the typically Jewish weapon of ridicule. I suggest they learn; but that a subject beyond the scope of this post.)

(2. I did not make a typo: The cover is a photo of a portrait of the Führer, with a beautiful German placing flowers before it. The resultant effect is quite artistic. I have made carefully cropped desktop wallpaper out of it, and a number of other NS images; please inquire if you are interested.)

Even whilst propagandizing all mammals with nasty „hate speech“ and „anti-Semitism“, the National Socialists brought about friends between rabbits and dogs, kittens and piglets, lambs and lions, Asians and Europeans. Such interracial and interspecies harmony was possible because Germans did not pretend to be Japanese, and Japanese did not pretend to be Germans. Germans had Germany; Japanese had Japan; and they could be friends, because they were secure with their own racial families.(3) Rabbits were rabbits; puppies were dogs; and they certainly did not try to cross-breed with each other! But when you are forbidden your own community—when you and your children are perpetually assaulted by forced association with non-Whites who do not act as guests, and certainly not as friends—then your every instinct is raised to the defensive.

(3. Another exemplar of this aspect of National Socialist racial thinking is the 1937 film Die Tochter Des Samurai (Japanese release title: The New Earth (新しき土)), a German-Japanese co-production. I recommend it highly. In addition to subtler cues, note how Gerda Storm, the beautiful blonde German, is careful to „clarify“ her friendship with the Japanese man, Teruo Yamato—who is from start to finish meant for Mitsuko, the Japanese woman. Miss Storm does try using chopsticks, in a scene sure to amuse both Easterners and Westerners; but she wears European clothes while commenting that Japanese women look better in kimono. The imagery of Japanese industrial production will be be recognized by anybody familiar with German NS propagandafilms of German workers—but here, with Japanese workers; and Teruo is so honest toward his European friend as to say of magnificent Japanese machinery, „Woe to our old Nippon if we had not learned that from you; there would probably be no free Japan now.“ The end is heartwarming! Watch it with the whole family; again, I suggest that you can trust the imprimatur of the „Nazi“ Reich’s Propagandaministerium (which only allowed racist warmongering films in 1937). —While you are on a download spree, snap up Ohm Paul, too. P.S., support the Boers.)

The Jew knows this better than you do. His deliberate objective is to destroy genuine interracial friendships, cultivate the very „xenophobia“ he so loudly condemns, and incite race war(4) by forcing people of different races to mix and mingle and worst of all, mongrelize!

(4. Are you aware that General Otto Ernst Remer, the German hero who crushed the 20 July Treason, was in the post-War era an advocate for friendship between Europe and the Muslim world? This was a boots-on-the-ground field officer who was wounded in action numerous times defending Germany and by extension, all Europe from invasion. A lifelong fighter who died in exile because even as an octogenarian, he insisted on telling the truth about the „Holocaust“. Well, year by year and day by day he is now spinning ever-faster in his grave. What hath those poisonous sowers of discord wrought.)

Since you are not so fortunate as to now be living in the paradise of Hitler-Germany, you White people need what egalitarian crybabies call „safe space“. You need a bastion against race-mixing. Your need is not so much a place with the physical non-presence of non-Whites (although that has its own import), but more a sanctuary with a psychological principle that here you are amongst your own. Therefore if the White Biocentrism community accepts me as a non-citizen guest (and with much hereof applicable elsewhere), I promise the following:

I will not intrude on purely social discussions between Whites, unless I am invited by a White participant in that discussion. I will not feel „excluded“ by you, nor will I be insulted; for I realize that it is not about me. It is about you, and the fact that many people posting here have nowhere else where they can go to be among Whites, pure Whites, and only Whites. Taking that away would be like seizing water from the hands of an innocent man who is dying of thirst. I would not do such a thing!

I will not deem you to be making an „exception“ for me, or keeping me as your pet mutt. I am nobody’s pet; I am not seeking acceptance for inner validation; I am a proud man. I am here for a cause, and I am on your side. I will earn your respect—as an allied foreigner to whom you extend Aryan hospitality, as a guest in your virtual house (far away from your White daughter’s bedroom). If I fail to earn your respect based on the quality of my contributions and their utility to the White cause, then I should leave. (Note that I said „quality“, not „quantity“.)

I may be unable to resist poking into (or starting) cultural and philosophical discussions, because I am passionate about such things. I am probably one of very few people to-day who lives in constant fear of having the cops called on him for playing European classical music too loudly. When I hear Bach’s organ works, I want to feel them in the pit of my stomach; when I hear a Beethoven symphony, I want its sound to reach the heavens from whence it came. (And don’t even get me started about philosophy—not just yet.)

I absolutely will kick down the door to political discussions, and shout from the rooftops a message which is pro-White, pro-European, pro-German, anti-miscegenation, anti-Capitalist, anti-Communist, and anti-Jewish. I am polite and honourable toward those who so are, too; when dealing with those who are not, I am a firm believer in the Dr. Goebbels Doctrine: Attack! And I do not believe in wasting my time arguing with Jews. (Consider the old aphorism about wrestling with a pig.)

Most of all, I am interested in cultivating connections to racial activists who are ideologically in-order. On a purely pragmatic basis, I will make whatever posts or other communications appropriate to effectuating that end. This takes precedence above all else, including the foregoing. I am here for a cause. I promise to break all of my other promises, if such action on my part be necessary for the cause and not in any way for personal aggrandizement. Where the two seem indivisible, I will presume the latter.

Tangentially as to that last, I have been exceptionally active online of late. Many of you may have seen me commenting on National Vanguard. Please be aware, I will not always be so active in comment sections and forums; actually, to the contrary. I am currently dedicating time I do not properly have to these all these posts; and in truth, I do not want to be posting online at all. For my selfish sake, I rather preferred the comfortable misery of just keeping to my stack of virtual books and my own private writings. Now, there is a reason. See the preceding paragraph. I will post here when the cause so urges, and begone for extended periods when the cause so needs. I am not here to „hang out“ or „shoot the bull“.
I want to share with you something special. It is precious and private to me. I am reluctant to speak of it in public, and even surprised to find myself so doing. But I want for you to understand something about me; and I know that between all the Jew filth and their Agentur who must read this board, some decent folk who deserve it may see this:

Watch this video. Watch it right now, from start to finish, and then come back so that I can explain something to you.
That is for what I fight—for whom I fight.

I was born to and lived in a stinking cesspit of postmodern brainwashing and Jew corruption. Even when I found the truth, I did not act immediately. Time slid by. The powder-keg of the world started exploding, as I kept to my comfortably miserable cesspit and stayed busy „educating“ myself (although as you can see, I learned much). And they who are not bold usually get slammed with what they fear. Now to turn Sarkozy on his head, I must change, so I will change. What do I want to live for? —What is the only cause worth living for with fanatical religious devotion? That. Them.

That is the childhood I never had. And they are the children I will never have—cannot ever have in this lifetime.

Their names are Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, and Hedda. (Heide was not yet born at the time of filming, but receives special attention in another equally heartwarming and historically heartwrenching video from 1942.) Their wonderful, beautiful, loving mother’s name is Frau Magda. They were such innocent, intelligent, and carefree children as are difficult to believe seeing on Earth—at least for somebody with my background. They are the children I want to have; they are the children I want to be, in my next childhood. I would labour and struggle and fight for ten lifetimes and die ten times over, just to grow up for ten years like that—even if I were to then die in a bunker.

All of which reflects on their parents, by the way. Children of really bad people always have something observably wrong with them. Either they are frightened of their own shadows, or they are smooth little psychopaths, or they are viciously ill-behaved. Here, to the contrary! Kids just don’t behave like that unless their parents are living saints—and have good genetics. Nature plus nurture.

Bear in mind that this video was produced for a proud Dad’s birthday, not spun as a propagandafilm. (I feel awkward, as if I am prying.) Consider also what kind of man would be thrilled to receive this video for his birthday.

These children are representative of an entire nation, symbolic Germany in miniature, not only in their personalities, but also in their fate. When I see them, I see millions. And they are just themselves—individuals with names and personalities and stories and a bright future—good kids, who had to die on account of who their parents were—or rather, who on such latter account narrowly avoided a fate worse than death.

I have watched that video so many times that I am glad my copy is not on tape; for I would have worn out the tape over and again. I watch it when I feel alone and scared. I watch it when I feel my resolve weaken about my future plans. I watch it when I need a reminder that my own life is in itself worth nothing beside the imperative of what I can do not for the world of to-day, but the world of a thousand years hence—or a reminder that my own life is very important and I must live, so as to accomplish something for that cause. I watch it when I am too angry, and need to remember that my principal motive is not revenge (as good as revenge is; I am un-German). And I watch it when I am not angry enough. Remembering how they died, how they were forbidden from living, how their country and their lives and their future was stolen, is altogether an excellent motivator to action.

Sieg heil!

Those children are my gods. They are my religion. They are my royalty, my Constitution, and my Supreme Court. They are my law, my conscience, and my justice. My sworn loyalty is to them. I must live to serve them, and raise my right hand to the one who teaches me better to serve them—them and the posterity of their kind.

Never forget their names:
  • Helga Susanne Goebbels, geb. 1. September 1932/43.
  • Hildegard „Hilde“ Traudel Goebbels, geb. 13. April 1934/45.
  • Helmut Christian Goebbels, geb. 2. Oktober 1935/46.
  • Holdine „Holde“ Kathrin Goebbels, geb. 19. Februar 1937/48.
  • Hedwig „Hedda“ Johanna Goebbels, geb. 1. Mai 1938/49.
  • Heidrun „Heide“ Elisabeth Goebbels, geb. 20. Oktober 1940/51.
The Daughters and Son of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, geb. 29. Oktober 1897/8, und Frau Johanna Maria Magdalena „Magda“ Goebbels, geb. 11. November 1901/12.

† 1. Mai 1945/56, martyrs of Germany.
Know ye this:

I am not only a self-described radical, but a self-described specialist in radicalization. Of course I will not do anything strongly against my moral values; and the doing of stupid things is strongly against my moral values. But subject to that proviso, you White people ought be more militant. Consider what is at stake!

That being said, given the direction of my sympathies, I wish to draw some more attention to a programme with which many of you are surely familiar: National Socialist Germany’s Winter Help. It was one of the achievements of which the Führer was personally most proud. It was the single greatest charity programme in history (as not seen on the „History Channel“); and it was consciously directed to the benefit of race and nation. Thus, it was wreathed by the special glory which attends giving to your own people: The glory of uniformed SA men in trucks flying Swastika flags, picking up donated food and clothes for needy Germans—„Nobody freezes, nobody starves!“ Sieg heil!

Whites need a similar programme to-day. But that is a subject for a separate thread (maybe someday—if I be accepted as your guest). Since this thread is supposed to be about me, me, me, such that you may get to know me, I will keep further discussion of Winter Help to offering an idea of mine to leaders and recruiters for White activist organizations who need an ideological and personality filter on new recruits:

Show your prospective Stormtroopers some Winter Help propaganda. Blitz them with heartwarming propaganda posters, imagery of brownshirted SA men on charity duty, passionate speeches and articles by both the Führer and Dr. Goebbels: „Everybody must give... Germans, help yourselves!“ If your prospect is not as enthusiastic about that as he is about brawling with Reds, you may want to reject him (and vice versa). If he is equally enthusiastic about both, then he is likely to be motivated by a deep familial instinct for protecting, supporting, and defending his own people.

Whereupon those of you who have the qualities of leadership will have some insight into how I think. Because this thread is about me-me-me, but of course—narcissism being globally fashionable to-day, after all.
A few further miscellaneous facts about me-me-me:

I do not exactly describe myself as a National Socialist; although my sympathies are obvious, given that I fly the Swastika and I call Adolf Hitler „mein Führer“. (On the latter account, it is self-evident that such reluctance does not rise from fear of the „Nazi“ label.) Among certain other reasons, it is difficult to be a National Socialist without a nation; National Socialism is a living applied philosophy, not a dead theory to provide mental exercise for people who do not or cannot put it to practice. I am aware that this is not a National Socialist forum; and I do consider myself ideologically compatible with Dr. Pierce!

I have a checkered history. Do not misunderstand; I have neither a criminal record, nor a reason for one (at least according to current laws). I mean this in the sense that either I could never have a political career, or I could have an excellent political career because the Jew would have a leash on me. (Protocols 8.3 is a reality, folks.) I intend to be quite open about such matters as I reasonably can be, to the right people and in the right venue (meaning, not this thread). Not only is it the honest way, but also it is the best defence against Jewish blackmail. If the Jew ever wants to broadcast on international television a lurid tale of what garbage I was immersed in when I was 20 years old, then I will beat them to it and haul myself up as an example of a mongrel with a thoroughly Judaized liberal-egalitarian upbringing. If the Jew wants to trot out details from much later about the wretched, pitiful, downfallen state I wound up in after Jewry wrecked and ruined me as a reward for my loyal service—well, Jews and their servants should be perhaps much more reluctant to go there than I am.

I am your poster boy for everything White Nationalists have spent decades warning the stupider GOY cattle about. The blacker I am painted, the more public humiliation I might someday suffer, well—not that I like it, but the better for the cause, I suppose. I am only here because my instincts, my reason, my Will, and what might be called my soul slowly but surely prevail in the overcoming of myself in a struggle which continues to this day. I will struggle for the rest of my life. But I am proud to struggle.

Speaking of past history, I am a former Judeophilic, Zionistic Shabbos Goy. Even after I was given such Jew-treatment as alluded in the foregoing, I was mentally beholden to the Jew! Only the Führer had the power to reach out across space and time through the pages of a book and free me from such mental and spiritual shackles as are beyond the comprehension of most reading this. This was the first reason I came to call him Führer; for no gift is more precious than freedom, and no prison darker than a prison of the soul. (Though such occurred only after I had passed through the intermediate stage of revisionism; continued Holocaust belief would have been an absolute bar to further progress.) The silver lining of this dark chapter in my life is that I have experiential expertise in Jew perfidy.

I dislike the term „anti-Semite“. I am a Jew-hater, plain and simple. I prefer „Aryan“ to „White“ in most contexts, although I adapt a bit to what is most appropriate for the people with whom I am communicating. Also, I revile censorship of the word which begins with N and rhymes with trigger (such being said with a „trigger warning“ to any race-mixers reading this). I am aware there is a forum here devoted to nomenclature, and it piques my interest.

Generally, I am closed-mouthed about myself. I like my privacy. I wanted a quiet life. I have been under the radar, and was desperate to stay that way. Spilling my guts on Internet forums and winning a Jewish 15 seconds of fame at the expense of my privacy is contrary to my nature. I am very uncomfortable pulling a stunt tantamount to filling out an inventory for the profilers at the ADL and a dozen different national police agencies—and then waving a big red flag (with white circle and Swastika) under their hooknoses. But it is for a cause. I will not fear. I am at a crossroads, and am determined to take the right way for once in my soft, bourgeois, miserable mongrel life. That last is not quite a fair assessment, for I have taken a hard road before—to immolate myself serving the Jew, when I was under „Holocaust“ influence and believed what I was doing to have been right. I am realistic. I do expect to be „outed“ sooner or later, and probably the former. What of it? Greater men than I have sacrificed not only more than I can contemplate without being terrified, but more than I have in my possession to sacrifice. I try to remember that. Greater men than I have had their whole families wiped out without so much as a gravestone. I always remember that; see above.
Feel free to ask me questions. I will try to be candid in answering any appropriate question as for which prudence does not mandate discretion at this time. Granted, that may be a hefty limitation. Also, please bear in mind what I said about spending time online. I will continue to glue myself to the computer as much as I am reasonably able; but you should understand if there are some odd gaps and delays in my replies.

In the foregoing, I have been as forthright as I can be without evincing outright suicidality. While I cannot quite yet stand naked in the sunlight, this is fairly close, all things considered. And I have put not inconsiderable effort into weaving otherwise-useful material into a post ostensibly about me-me-me. Please make good use of it. I am the vehicle for the message.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to this White community’s word.
P.S.: I totally reject and disclaim Jew copyright. I don’t ever want for my work to be censored with Jew copyright—as the occupation state in Bavaria tried to do to Mein Kampf, among countless other examples. I consider anything and everything I write to be the common property of all people who are both spiritually and biologically Aryan. Since such an identified party may not be recognized as graced with legal personhood by Jew courts, I release everything to the public domain (with certain limitations not hereto applicable; I have been intending to make an official statement about this).

Note that this is not an invite to plagiarism. For comparison, you mustn’t claim as your own, or quote unattributed from, the works of Plato or Shakespeare—both of whose works are obviously in the public domain. The Jews have done a bang-up job of confusing plagiarism protection with copyright in the public mind, so I need to point that out.

In sum, please understand that there is absolutely no copyright, no licence, and no limitation on you copying the foregoing (or my other recent posts elsewhere) in whole or in part, translating, &c., in exactly (no more, no less) the same fashion as you would with the works of Ovid or Goethe or Schopenhauer. All of whose works are the common inheritance of the Aryan, for as long as the Aryan may live...

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Will Williams
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Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Will Williams » Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:05 pm

Helmut Stuka wrote:Greetings, allies and Kameraden.

[T]his board is by Whites, for Whites and for the collective benefit of Whites: It is White Biocentric. I am therefore requesting the permission of the community to accept my presence on a limited basis as a long-term guest—a friend who is not part of your family, and does not pretend to be...[?QUOTE]

Permission granted, Mr. Stuka. We appreciate your honesty and your earnest attitude.

We're not much of a democracy here. I saw your recent articles and comments at nationalvanguard.org. Your unique perspective will be an asset at WB and NV, though you are ineligible for Alliance membership -- so you're welcome, even though a purist or two might object. We are interested in attracting excellent writers, and what you write fits the bill.

Thanks for your offer to help. I will contact you privately.

...I will not deem you to be making an „exception“ for me, or keeping me as your pet mutt. I am nobody’s pet; I am not seeking acceptance for inner validation; I am a proud man. I am here for a cause, and I am on your side. I will earn your respect—as an allied foreigner to whom you extend Aryan hospitality, as a guest in your virtual house (far away from your White daughter’s bedroom). If I fail to earn your respect based on the quality of my contributions and their utility to the White cause, then I should leave.

That's fair.

(Note that I said „quality“, not „quantity“.)
Breaking long posts into several shorter posts would be helpful. :|

Helmut Stuka

Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Helmut Stuka » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:33 pm

Will Williams wrote:
Helmut Stuka wrote:Greetings, allies and Kameraden.

[T]his board is by Whites, for Whites and for the collective benefit of Whites: It is White Biocentric. I am therefore requesting the permission of the community to accept my presence on a limited basis as a long-term guest—a friend who is not part of your family, and does not pretend to be...
Permission granted, Mr. Stuka. We appreciate your honesty and your earnest attitude.

We're not much of a democracy here.
I appreciate the Aryan hospitality, Chairman Williams, and will use it wisely. I did not mean to imply this to be a democracy, in the vile sense that word is used to-day.(1) I was simply applying, or in this case admittedly misapplying the German example in addressing what I do think to be an important question. But you are absolutely right: The community selects and supports its leaders, and the leaders make the rules!

(1. This rather interesting definition of „democracy“ includes the proposition that „in a modern mass-state the institution of the plebiscite is a dangerous thing for democracy as such. We know from experience that all tyranny in the world has ever had its origins in a plebiscite.“ Thus spake FDP Representative Dr. H. Schäfer, as quoted in Worm in the Apple by Friedrich Lenz (1952), Chapter 2, tr. by V. Diodon/Scriptorium. For those who obtained their historical miseducation in Jew schools, Dr. Schäfer was alluding to the fact that Adolf Hitler subjected his own leadership to a number of important plebiscites—all of which confirmed that he had overwhelming support from the German people. Thus, direct voting by the people is an enemy of „democracy“. Not to mention that Dr. Schäfer also had a topsy-turvy definition of the word „tyranny“.)

I have edited my original post to reduce the poll to one day (and made no other changes). I did not see a way to close it without deleting it entirely; and I am opposed to dropping things down the memory hole.
Will Williams wrote:Breaking long posts into several shorter posts would be helpful. :|
I will bear that in mind. Actually, I had been wishing for some means to link directly to the part about the Goebbels children. It had not occurred to me to split up the post, because I know that some forums consider that multi-posting and frown on it. (And not to cause the forum sin of topic drift, but it would also be helpful if National Vanguard had an approximate guideline for word count.)

Thanks again for the welcome. I will keep the ancient pact of guest-host relations. All for the cause.

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Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Mike G » Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:01 pm

Helmut Stuka,

In reply to my earlier e-mail, I was referring to the fact that I deduced that you were intentionally obfuscating the issue of your racial heritage. I did not find your writing as a whole to be convoluted, although very arcane, but you are in the right place I suppose. Nevertheless I appreciate your unique commentary.

http://racialobserver.com articles, bookstore, news

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Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by C.E. Whiteoak » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:10 pm

Thank you, Mr. Stuka, for the refreshing and remarkable position you have taken. I am one White man who welcomes your generous offer to help us in our struggle.


Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Michael » Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:32 am

Welcome Mr. Stuka.
May i ask you what your intentions are here on WBC, and if you are a member of any other website/blog with the same message you have here for us?
Also, if you are mixed race yet not jew or negro, what are the details please?
Thanks in advance.

Helmut Stuka

Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Helmut Stuka » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:22 pm

Mike G wrote:Helmut Stuka,

In reply to my earlier e-mail, I was referring to the fact that I deduced that you were intentionally obfuscating the issue of your racial heritage. I did not find your writing as a whole to be convoluted, although very arcane, but you are in the right place I suppose. Nevertheless I appreciate your unique commentary.

I appreciate the feedback Mike G., as I am writing to an audience and still finding my feet in that regard. My fiercely proud private literary aspirations and opinions are unimportant to a matter which must be approached pragmatically. I will split off a separate post about this issue, as it is important to my efficacy on behalf of the cause.
C.E. Whiteoak wrote:Thank you, Mr. Stuka, for the refreshing and remarkable position you have taken. I am one White man who welcomes your generous offer to help us in our struggle.
Thank you likewise, C.E. Whiteoak!

Given that you fly the CSA Battle Flag, I hope it will not be redundant for me to point out something I have mentioned in a few National Vanguard comments: Norwegian literary genius Knut Hamsun, who later was a firm admirer of Adolf Hitler, described the United States in (coincidentally) 1889 as a „mulatto stud farm“ due to the results of U.S. post-1865 policies toward those nasty, racist Southerners. Of course, you may already be aware of this information; but if not, I hope my tip will lead to some good propaganda for you. In addition to correcting the timeline which most people focus on 1954, it helps to counteract the Jew smear image of Southerners (you know exactly what I mean). Hamsun was a giant of European culture, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature (and later sent his Prize medal to Dr. Goebbels as a gesture sealing their mutual respect).
Michael wrote:Welcome Mr. Stuka.
May i ask you what your intentions are here on WBC, and if you are a member of any other website/blog with the same message you have here for us?
Also, if you are mixed race yet not jew or negro, what are the details please?
Thanks in advance.
My intentions on White Biocentrism are simple. As stated with some detail in my original post, I will do whatever is good and necessary for the White cause, and be guided firmly by that principle. That includes promoting the integrity of White social bonds by not intruding on them.

I did post a few comments at Renegade Tribune, which attracted me due to the educational import of Hellstorm. Actually, one of my National Vanguard comments (about Ezra Pound) was transplanted by me with edits from there; Renegade Tribune had run the Glaring Hypocrisy piece several days earlier.

However, I found myself just a bit uncomfortable writing there for one reason: I dislike putting my words and my name on a site where vulgarities are used. I do not want to come off as speaking ill of that site, as I have considerable respect for some of the people there. I am just personally more comfortable with National Vanguard’s house rules; and despite the cultural implications, the matter really is personal to me on account of a backstory which, of course, involves the Jews. (Split off to avoid topic drift and excessively long posts.)

I decided to start at National Vanguard, which has a nearly five-decade lineage (counting various Dr. Pierce publications) and a reputation for high standards. That brought me to White Biocentrism. And thus far, other than as aforesaid, I have not made any substantive comments or posts anywhere else. Actually, other than tech support and so forth, I have not made public Internet postings of any kind in years. As stated in my intro post above, long have I kept my thoughts to myself; and I should add, I have always avoided so-called „social media“ like the plague. I am unaccustomed to online discussions, and only now engaging therein for a cause—the White cause!

As to my exact racial composition, at this time I do not wish to identify myself down to eighths and sixteenths. Surely you understand. Given what I have already disclosed in various articles and the (arguable) three primary colours, you may infer that I am a White-Yellow mix of some sort, with a large German component.

[Edit: Added link pertaining to Hamsun. No other changes.]

Helmut Stuka

Re: Wherefore am I Helmut?

Post by Helmut Stuka » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:13 pm

Above, I said that I try to write for an audience; and I am still learning to do this. For a good explanation of why, see George Lincoln Rockwell’s „From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall: On the Art of Propaganda“, National Socialist World (1966).(1) And as a learner, I must request feedback from people who already agree with my message—who, sharing my goals, will thus be earnest and forthright in their opinions.

(1. Does anybody know of a more complete Rockwell archive? Also, NSW. I briefly tried searching National Vanguard and Flawless Logic, but could not find anything compact and comprehensive like the archives of Dr. Pierce. If I missed something obvious, well—that means it is not so obvious.)

Rockwell explains where I am going. Now, please understand where I am coming from (in so far as sound discretion permits that I say).

Privately, I consider every word I write to be sacred and unalterable. Call me arrogant if you wish; but I write for posterity, not for those living in the present. However, such an ambition presupposes the existence of posterity—meaning, White posterity. They are the ones I care about: The posterity of Aryan ancestors who gave rise, directly or indirectly, to all the great cultures of the world. To select a single representative symbol from a shortlist which would fill a lengthy tome, the posterity of the ancestors of Johann Sebastian Bach.

To adapt the words of the Führer only a bit out of context, my inner nature which I always heretofore betrayed is to one of „those who are said to please the gods only because they wish for and demand the impossible. They will always have to renounce contemporary fame; but if their ideas be immortal, posterity will grant them its acknowledgment.“ Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Ch. 8. I do wish for and demand the impossible. I have but little interest in contemporary fame, which I would rather prefer to avoid; and of the pleasures of this life, most are physically, unalterably beyond my reach anyway. In my particular case, if I please the Aryan gods, then perhaps I may earn the right to join after my death the posterity which my race-mixing parents forbade to me in life. Such is a matter between me and the gods, with my judgment to be passed by Aryan posterity.

But at current trends, that immortal posterity will soon cease to exist. It is terribly degraded already. Pragmatism is in order: I must learn to conform my writing to the audience. Dr. Goebbels (whose doctorate was in literature) would agree with my assessment.

Still, it is wise to start with what I have, not what I must learn. One of several reasons I chose to start on National Vanguard is that I could aim first for a „Dr. Oliver“ level. That my natural comfort zone, although I am currently rusty and not nearly as fluid as he. (In so saying, I refer only to style and usage complexity. I lack his vocabulary; and I must regard his polyglot linguistic expertise with an admiring envy.) However, it is not a style of writing which will reach most people.

In the initial post of this thread, I sought to write a generic forum post for an intelligent audience—and also to produce useful cut-and-paste material for other propagandists.(2) I tried to cook Rockwell’s Delmonico steak, although I may have spilt a splash of Kirschwasser into it. If split apart as Chairman Williams suggested, is certainly more suited to a wider audience than The Schoolteacher.

(2. It is sad that to-day I must remind the audience, the term „propaganda“ did not always carry negative connotations. It derives from the Church Latin term propaganda fides, idiomatically „spreading the faith“. I use it in that sense, as did the Reich’s Propagandaministerium. I always try to distinguish lie-propaganda explicitly. —As I know but little of Latin, I must note that I myself learned this from (who else?) Dr. Oliver.)

On „popular“ forums, I would try to speak much more colloquially. However, a substantial problem of our era is communicating with those whom I might call Winchellized, or worse, Twitterized. Such use, or more properly abuse of language is worse than „hawg jowl“; it is unfit for human consumption. The literary level of average people (especially youth) has been so far degraded as to open an abyss between them and anybody who has even attained basic literacy.

It is not difficult for a literate mind to emit simple sentences drawn from a moderately restricted vocabulary; and the result can even attain a high elegance, if done properly. It is excruciatingly painful (and nearly impossible in practice) for such a mind to conform itself to the negroidal trash language used by many younger folk to-day—and in so describing it I refer to far more than profanity, although that does make the abyss even wider. There is a large and ever-growing linguistic Lumpenproletariat; and only a fool would assume this trend to be accidental or unintended. When non-Jewish thinkers are completely unable to communicate with the masses, cui bono? You know there is always but one answer to that question!

I had a most excellent post 4 U bout h8 n ppl n jews n stuf but it not fit in 140 caricters LOL :-(. (Excuse me while I pack my things before Chairman Williams drop-kicks me for soiling the forum. Well, you get my point.)

All of which is a roundabout means of requesting feedback. Is the part above about the Goebbels children accessible to persons of reasonable intelligence and average education? Is my syntax too complicated? (This may be difficult to answer, for my syntax has been inconsistent; as I said, I am rusty.) What real-world audiences can I expect to reach? Most importantly, how effectively have I communicated my message to you?

All well-meaning and constructive comments and criticisms are welcome; and insult will not be inferred where none is intended. All for the cause.

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