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It's behavior is not about the Star Spangled Banner anthem

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:02 am
by Will Williams
Its foolish biological mother, tramp Heidi Russo. She won't tell who its daddy is.
It's foolish adoptive parents
Wake up, Whitey. Quit supporting niggerball with your money and rah rah fanaticism -- then there will no longer be White-hating Negro athletes like it being paid $19 million per year to toss a pigskin or to shoot hoops. The time to withdraw your support is now. :|

Re: It's behavior is not about the Star Spangled Banner anth

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:30 pm
by Emily Henderson
Here is but a drop in the bucket in 'feetsball' and 'b-ball' rapes:

Austin: ... ll-player/

Dallas: ... 66267.html

Dallas: ... e-1.766519

Kobe Bryant, a partial confession followed by no punishment and on to being a b ball star some more: ... -mark.html

And then there are all the beatings, drugs, and other typical negro behaviors that big-time stars such as 'Emmit Smith' have been found to be involved in.

I remember when that idiot fest film came out 'The Blind Side', all about a 'nice white lady' who saw the 'value' in a gigantic negro who could play feetsball, so she put him in her home with her own white kids, and they all lived happily ever after.

These fantasies are a symptom of a disease known as 'Nice White Lady Syndrome.' I came up with this term based on a 'Mad TV' comedy sketch making fun of the film starring Kim Bassinger, about a white teacher who goes into a negro ghetto school and supposedly transforms the lives of the hardest of thugs, because all a ghetto needs is one 'nice white lady.'

Of course as those with two brain cells and a little bit of resistance to propaganda know, this is 99% of the time not the case, it usually ends in robbery, rape, or death. Otherwise people (white people) would not continuously flee black areas in an attempt to self segregate when they wake up from 'nice white lady syndrome.'

The title of the film 'The Blind Side' is so appropriate, but not in the way the filmmakers thought.
You truly have to turn deaf, dumb, and blind to think that being 'nice' to a football playing knee grow takes top priority over the safety of your own white children.


*This site being classier than most, there is no vomiting emoji, but here is where one would go if it was an option. ;)

Re: It's behavior is not about the Star Spangled Banner anth

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:23 pm
by MikeDinTX

No, I am not hypnotized by the Jew mainstream media and the way that they use Sports to deceive us and socially engineer White societies.

I understand that the Jewish cabal uses broadcast sports to try to make us believe that Whites are inferior physically and cannot compete with other races at the highest level.

And, of course, I understand that Sport does NOT possess the level of significance that the Jew mainstream media attaches to it.

We know that the Jews, in their protocols, have openly stated that they will use athletics to push blacks and other races into the forefront of White societies in order to make Whites, especially White women, believe that blacks are higher and better examples of manliness and virility.

So the sideshow that is Jewish broadcast sport in America today should, in no way, be taken seriously in terms of truth and reality.


I believe that it would be of value to take a look at a certain college football game that was played today, Saturday September 17, 2016.....

The #13 ranked team in the nation, the Iowa Hawkeyes, an almost completely BLACK team, hosted an almost completely White team from a LOWER division of college football, the North Dakota State Buffaloes.

ON THE ROAD, and in front of a very hostile Iowa crowd, the almost entirely WHITE North Dakota State team, BEAT the predominantly BLACK Iowa Hawkeyes.

The JEW and BLACK broadcasters on ESPN were almost swallowing their collective tongues as they broadcast the game live and were forced to announce the final score.

Do we understand the social and racial significance of the outcome of this game? The supporting details regarding both schools and their athletic programs are material if we want to truly understand the significance of what took place today.

The University of Iowa is a HUGE Division 1 team, with a MUCH larger student population, MUCH greater ability to recruit top players from around the country, and a MUCH larger budget with which to attract and pay the best Coaches and support staff.

The budget of the athletic department of the University of Iowa allows for far better practice facilities, better strength and conditioning equipment and trainers, better nutritional guidance and meal preparation, far better student housing, uniforms, travel, hotels, etc.....the list of advantages received by the Iowa players due to the far greater budget of their school's athletic department are virtually innumerable.

Therefore, the 'caliber' of athlete in the Iowa football program should be, by all accounts, far greater than that of teams from lower divisions, like the North Dakota State Buffaloes.

And yet, a VASTLY underfunded, underpaid, far smaller school, composed of almost completely WHITE players from a LOWER DIVISION of college football, went on the road to the home field of one of the BIGGEST and BEST funded teams in the nation and BEAT THEM!!!

Do we truly understand what this means?

This is the equivalent, in Major League Baseball terms, of an all-White minor league team beating an almost completely black and hispanic Major League team like the New York Yankees.

This is a Jew nightmare as it completely flies in the face of their agenda.

Again, Sport is NOT the most important aspect of our lives as Whites.

Yet there are incredibly positive aspects of Sport that make participation in such activities a vehicle for White youths to develop their bodies, minds, spirits, and a strong sense of racial unity.

The Jew mainstream media, academia, movies, and social engineering programs attempt to make Whites believe that they should not participate in such activities because they could not hope to compete with athletes of other races.

This, of course, is a filthy Jewish lie.

Whites can and DO compete with the most talented athletes of other races and at the highest levels, even when vastly underfunded.

This is just ONE of the many reasons why we need our own White world.

We cannot rely on peoples of other races to create and maintain systems by which young White people will have the means to achieve their greatest potential.

We cannot trust other races to create athletic and other programs that will provide the most good to Whites.

We need our own schools, our own athletic departments, our own training facilities, our own nutritionists, our own coaches, our own doctors, and our own scientists who will provide the means for Whites to achieve their greatest physical potential.

The beauty and virility of the White race cannot continue under the existing Jewish cabal and, therefore, we must remove those who manage and fund that system

- Michael Dubuss
White Nationalist

Re: It's behavior is not about the Star Spangled Banner anth

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:07 pm
by Will Williams
The beauty and virility of the White race cannot continue under the existing Jewish cabal and, therefore, we must remove those who manage and fund that system...
Thanks for that, Mike. Good story. It's White fans -- short for fanatics -- that fund football. Without the ignorant White fans, Black dominated football, and more so basketball, would wither on the vine. Television contracts are something out of our control. University alumni associations that control so much of college sports programs might be convinced some day to do away with football and basketball programs under the pretext of emphasizing academics instead, but any progress there would be incremental.

Building our own separate exclusivist systems as laid out here is a better plan than trying to reform the racial mess sports have become:


I count at least 27 darkies in NDS's 2014 team picture (couldn't find 2016) -- 27 too many for me to start rootin' for for them or caring who they beat. :|

Re: It's behavior is not about the Star Spangled Banner anth

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:33 pm
by MikeDinTX
HAHA! Excellent point!

However, there has been a VAST improvement in the team's demographics for 2015 and 2016.

1 black in the starting lineup.