Jews Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Gentiles

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Jews Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Gentiles

Post by N567 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 9:35 am

There are 3 trends of cultural feminization being promoted by Jews to lower the testosterone levels and intelligence of gentile men:

Metrosexuality: there is a trend of metrosexuality going on among men starting in the 2000s. More and more men are dressing in girly styles of clothing like pink shirts, tight pants with bright colors, pointed shoes, getting girly haircuts, getting cosmetic treatments, reading sappy romance novels, listening to and singing sappy love songs, watching sappy, romantic TV shows and watching sappy, romantic movies.

Hipsterism: hipster music and culture are introduced in the 2000s and the vice as far as fashion is concerned goes to a great extreme: people now wear constrictive clothing such as tight shirts, tight jeans, tight ankle socks, and pointed shoes which can chafe skin, strain muscles and fascia, raise blood pressure, cause blood clots, damage nerves, and lower testosterone by inhibiting blood flow to the testicles.

During this time the Hipsters also promote pseudo-healthy foods like whole grains which are full of gluten and soy which is full of xenoestrogens, goitrogenic compounds and polyunsaturated fat, all of which are anti-androgens that can lower testosterone. With the Hipster music, which is as feminized as the Hippie love ballads and soft rock, being played all the time in public places, radio and TV stations, and music and video streaming websites, hipster clothing being sold on all clothing stores, which can lower testosterone, and pseudo-healthy testosterone lowering foods like whole grains and soy being promoted as part of a healthy diet, the feminization through testosterone reduction has begun.

Transsexuality: this is the most extreme trend of all: men are getting their genitals chopped off, dressing in women's clothes, taking anti-androgens, taking estrogen, and calling themselves female.

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Re: Jews Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Gentiles

Post by Grimork » Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:02 am

I agree with everything you wrote except the part about whole grain... What? Whole grains are way healthier than ultra processed white bread. There's nothing wrong with eating the complete grain. Now granted some of those whole grains are NOT healthful because they're made by the junk food industry and filled with lots of other things such as sugars and added chemicals.

Lots of grains don't even have gluten, such as rice. If I get bread from the store I usually buy Ezekiel
7 Sprouted Grains bread I keep it in the fridge because it doesn't have preservatives. Unfortunately it has a biblical name, but it seems like the most healthy grocery store brand I've come across.
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