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Fake News @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:46 pm
by Will Williams
In the Activism and Alliance-Building section of White Biocentrism forum, on page 27 of a topic thread entitled "White activism in the news Apr-Oct 2019," here: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4000&start=260 is an AJC article that is an excellent example of anti-White FAKE NEWS by Jew-controlled media.

So, I sent an email this morning to Chester Doles, a former Alliance member from years ago who is apparently organizing a rally in North Georgia, Cc'd to investigative reporter for the AJC, Chris Joyner <>, who wrote the fake article. As of now I have not received a response from either Mr. Doles or Mr. Joyner.

Posted here in Mainstream Media so as not to get buried on page 27 of the White Activism thread.

Jim Mathias wrote:Dahlonega braces for rally
organized by white supremacist

By Chris Joyner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
[...] ... kdyat6OTM/

* * * * * * *

Hey, Chester!

I see you're still waking North Georgians up to vital truths, as usual. Good. Received this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, lamenting a rally you're organizing: ... kdyat6OTM/


That is a very nice professional photograph of you, credited to AJC photographer Ben Gray. May I ask when was that taken? The National Alliance's (NA's) Life Rune symbol behind you and this accompanying caption mistakenly indicates that you are currently the NA's state coordinator and that the Alliance is sponsoring the 14 September pro-Trump rally in Dahlonega.

Chester Doles, Jr., of Dahlonega, is the
state coordinator for the National Alliance,
a white supremacist group, and the
sponsor of a pro-Trump rally in
Dahlonega Sept. 14. BEN GRAY/AJC

Where did the AJC get the idea that this information is accurate? I'm Cc'ing this to AJC investigative reporter Chris Joyner whose byline is on the article. Perhaps he can clarify for me how his investigative reporting could be so far off the mark?

Chris links to an utterly outdated, 4,000-plus word Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith smear article about the National Alliance that's "For Law Enforcement" and tagged "EXTREMISM, TERRORISM & BIGOTRY." At least the ADL admits in the subtitle that their report "may not reflect the most current facts or developments" about our organization. There is nothing in the ADL's anti-NA smear sheet that's less that 12 years old, and most dates back to 20 or more years ago. For example, not a single one of the Alliance's publications or businesses that the ADL lists -- Publications: Resistance, National Vanguard, Free Speech; Businesses: Resistance Records, National Vanguard Books -- exists today. One would think that a ultra-Zionist watchdog group with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of Jewish sayanim enlisted in 29 states and three foreign countries could be more accurate in its investigations of so-called "EXTREMISM, TERRORISM & BIGOTRY."

Chris, if you want to know something about the National Alliance, why not contact the National Alliance instead of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith with it's boilerplate smear that calls into question the Alliance's reputation with negative propaganda? I have been Chairman of the National Alliance since 2014 and am accessible, yet all you can come up with in the first paragraph of your AJC article is that our Alliance is "a mostly defunct white supremacist group with deeply anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant beliefs."

Here is a truthful report on Alliance activities from earlier this year. Read it, please: ... ch-center/ And if you want to learn what kind of organization your oh-so-civic-minded ADL watchdog group actually is, do a search on 'ADL' at and you'll come up with literally dozens of articles, like this recent one: ... tionalism/

For the record, Mr. Joyner, correcting the misleading caption that accompanies that nice photo of Mr. Doles in your article: Chester is not an Alliance member, much less a "state coordinator"; NA is not a "white supremacist group, and we do not support Donald Trump. Being an investigative reporter writing for AJC and an Atlanta native yourself, you may want to look into this local story for your readers: ... ry-part-1/


Will Williams,
National Alliance Chairman

Re: Fake News @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:14 am
by Jim Mathias
Once the "White activism in the news Apr-Oct 2019" thread finishes up at the end of October, I'll go with a monthly time frame for the "White activism" type thread so the many stories out there don't get buried so deeply.

With Whites becoming more organized and more active, this sort of thread is a busy one! I'd like to report more Alliance activity though...

Re: Fake News @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:00 am
by Wade Hampton III
I remember Chester Doles wife Theresa back many years ago when their troubles began.
Send over there by UPS lots of stuff..canned goods...bedding , clothing, everything I
had over here and thought they could use. Gliebe was in WLPs seat then at that time
everyone thought it was OKay. In time learned what the scumbag he was. Hope the
Doles did alright with what I sent over....after many years...they may not remember.
..but of course I do.

Re: Fake News @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:44 am
by Will Williams
This reporter Chris Joyner doesn't work with just the anti-White Anti-Defamation League of B'ad B'reath, he also works with anti-White Antifa to "dox" anyone who believes the White race is worth preserving.

Georgia jailer latest to lose job
over alleged extremist views

By Chris Joyner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A West Georgia man is out as a jailer for the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office after antifascist activists in Atlanta exposed him and another man as leaders of a Norse pagan group with numerous white supremacist ties.

Brandon Trent East, fired for having White loyalist beliefs

Brandon Trent East is at least the third Georgia law enforcement officer to lose a job over suspected ties to extremist groups in the past year.East submitted his resignation last month after being “doxed” by the left-wing anonymous collective Atlanta Antifascists. It was that or be fired, East said. He had worked in the Bremen jail, about 45 miles west of Atlanta, since January.“The sheriff told me he could either terminate me or have me resign,” he said. “That way my file is sealed or something. I just chose to resign. It seemed like the more dignified thing to do, since it really wasn’t much of a choice anyway.”East’s resignation is the latest victory for Atlanta Antifascists in its vigilante campaign to unmask people with white supremacist connections and force them from positions of public trust.

In 2017, the group campaigned to have a high school English teacher in Fayetteville dismissed after their research tied him to numerous racist and antisemitic comments online. The group has sustained a campaign against a John Marshall Law School student for his alleged connections to alt-right organizations and distribution of “white power propaganda” in downtown Atlanta.In 2018, two Spalding County jailers were fired from their jobs after the group exposed social media posts by the men expressing sympathy for Hitler and the American neo-Nazi movement.Also last month, the group targeted two employees of Chatham Emergency Services in Savannah for their alleged associations with white supremacist and far-right organizations.

‘Religion for white people’ Although he resigned, East said he does not consider himself a white supremacist.“They call me things like a Nazi or a white supremacist. I’m neither of those. I’m just a guy who is proud of my heritage,” he said.In a press release, Sheriff Eddie Mixon said East had committed “numerous policy violations,” including membership in “subversive” organizations, that made his continued employment untenable.Research first published by Atlanta Antifascists revealed East and his high school friend, Dalton Woodward, were the organizers behind Ravensblood Kindred, a group of modern Norse pagans with numerous connections to white supremacist groups and individuals. Those connections include an affiliation with the Asatru Folk Assembly, a larger pagan fellowship criticized by hate group watchdogs for its racial rhetoric.Mark Pitcavage, a researcher with the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said that while all modern Norse pagans are not white supremacists, the type of “neo-folkish” paganism practiced by the Asatru Folk Assembly is attractive to racial extremists.“White supremacists promote the idea that Norse paganism is the religion for white people,” he said. “It is, in their minds, a warrior religion, which they contrast, in their minds, with pacifistic Christianity.”

Dalton Woodward, a member of the Georgia National Guard, is being investigated by the Army National Guard for alleged extremist ties.

Both East and Woodward are soldiers in the Army National Guard, which has opened separate, ongoing investigations into them...

More, here: ... bHlJUD2pI/

Re: Fake News @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:55 pm
by PhuBai68
Wade Hampton III wrote:I remember Chester Doles wife Theresa back many years ago when their troubles began.
Send over there by UPS lots of stuff..canned goods...bedding , clothing, everything I
had over here and thought they could use. Gliebe was in WLPs seat then at that time
everyone thought it was OKay. In time learned what the scumbag he was. Hope the
Doles did alright with what I sent over....after many years...they may not remember.
..but of course I do.

I remember she appeared at our North Jersey Unit, driving a full sized van with her teen aged daughter selling tee shirts to raise money to get by on.
I still have the shirt (somewhere) "FREE CHESTER DOLES" with his photo with young son Pierce.
I also send her a few checks in the mail, considering the time period they weren't little checks but not enormous either, like in the $150 range.
Now our North Jersey Unit meeting hall is a mosque, go figure?

More on the Dahlonega rally

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:02 am
by Jim Mathias ... organizer/
antifa Doles-flyer-image.jpg
antifa flyer whipping up anti-White hysteria
antifa Doles-flyer-image.jpg (105.82 KiB) Viewed 121 times

Atlanta Antifascists

Dahlonega, Georgia: Flyers Warn Residents about Neo-Nazi Organizer

On Tuesday, September 3rd, we mailed 250 flyers to Dahlonega, north Georgia residents, warning them about “fourth-generation Klansman” and active neo-Nazi Chester James Doles, Jr.

Doles is the main organizer for the upcoming “Patriots”/“Trump” rally in Dahlonega on September 14. This rally is a thinly veiled white supremacist event which has been advertised in neo-Nazi circles. The Dahlonega rally currently features Jovanni Valle – a former “Alt-lite” personality who now embraces Hitler – as a guest speaker.

North Georgia residents and Southern anti-racists are organizing against the September 14 far-Right rally. We hope that by warning Doles’ neighbors about his history as a violent Klansman and his continued neo-Nazi activity, we impair Doles’ ability to organize.