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The Jewish Media Monolith

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R. Bryant

The Jewish Media Monolith

PostThu Jan 30, 2014 12:05 am

Cable Giant Comcast Acquires Media Behemoth NBC Universal

Andrew Hamilton

Let’s start with a simple proposition: It matters who controls the mass media.

Whites will never win—or survive, for that matter—as long as a monotone mass media, funneled through innumerable channels worldwide 24 hours a day, is opposed only by leaflets, self-published books, six or seven websites blocked by most Internet filters, crudely-produced white power music denied commercial distribution, and a smattering of podcasts and primitive YouTube videos.

In a war, you must realistically assess your enemy’s resources. If you’re serious, you can’t behave as if they don’t matter. This reasoning applies to the mass media, as well, because they are instruments of war—certainly of metapolitical war.

In that spirit I will examine a recent modification in the American media (and hence political and cultural) landscape.

The Deal

Having acquired 51% ownership of media conglomerate NBC Universal from General Electric in January 2011, Jewish-owned Comcast completed its purchase of the company in February 2013.

In This Business of Television: The Standard Guide to the Television Industry, 3rd ed. (Watson-Guptill, 2006), authors Howard J. Blumenthal and Oliver R. Goodenough classified the following firms as “The Largest Media Companies” (Chapter 19): NBC Universal, Disney ABC, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corporation (owner of Fox), and Liberty Media.

Comcast was the first company listed in “The Next Level Down” (Chapter 20), the authors observing: “Comcast will certainly grow larger, most likely with a major acquisition. . . . Comcast is poised to become one of the largest U.S. media companies.” (p. 144)

For many years Comcast had been determined to expand its content businesses. In 2004 it failed in an unsolicited effort to buy the Walt Disney Co. for $54 billion, a deal that would have created the world’s largest media company. But with the absorption of NBC Universal, the Roberts family, Comcast’s owners, join the front ranks of America’s media masters.

It would require a great deal of study to fully unravel the puzzling economics of the Comcast merger. While cable companies enjoy tremendous free cash flow thanks to captive customers and government-granted monopolies, they require large capital investments to continuously upgrade technology and expand infrastructure. They almost always carry heavy debt loads necessitating large interest payments. Yet, when Comcast began its acquisition of NBC in 2009, it announced that it would increase its annual dividend by 40% and buy back $3.6 billion worth of its own stock. This was on top of the huge, multibillion dollar outlay required to purchase NBC.

The Roberts Family

Comcast was founded in 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts, who had previously been in the men’s belt and cologne businesses, and two other Jews when they purchased the cable television system in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley’s birthplace.

The three men reportedly paid $500,000 ($3.8 million today) for the 1,200-subscriber American Cable Systems. And those were the pioneer days of cable, which did not take off in the US until the mid-1980s. Broadcast television would still to dominate the industry for many years to come.

Roberts, now 92, served as Comcast’s CEO for 46 years. He has five children and eight grandchildren by his wife, Suzanne Fleisher, a former actress and playwright he married in 1942.

Son Brian L. Roberts, 53, the current president and CEO, has been with the company for many years. He is a strongly-identified Jew.

A squash player, he has won several gold and silver medals in Israel’s Maccabiah Games.

Powerful Hollywood movie director Steven Spielberg presented Roberts with his Shoah Foundation’s “Ambassador for Humanity” award for Comcast’s financial and media assistance in inculcating Holocaust ideology. Spielberg was inspired by his own fiction, Schindler’s List (1993), to set up this Foundation.

The director has archived 52,000 Jewish video “testimonials” in 32 languages from 56 countries. The objective is to indoctrinate the public, academics, university students, and schoolchildren about the suffering caused by non-Jewish “xenophobia.”

More than 12,000 secondary school teachers in the U.S. have been trained on Spielberg’s multimedia curriculum, which was developed in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League and the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

Roberts believes strongly that “bigotry, hatred and intolerance” among non-Jews is widespread, and that “television and the internet are incredible platforms to be able to use” to disseminate the Jewish message.

Roberts also serves on the Board of Governors of Los Angeles’ Simon Wiesenthal Center, which in 2004 presented him with its Humanitarian Award. The Wiesenthal Center is an extremely powerful organization with offices around the world that advances Jewish ethnic and Holocaust interests while working ceaselessly to suppress the civil liberties, including free speech rights, of European peoples. Like similar organizations, it exercises enormous influence over government, academia, and media.

Father and son Ralph and Brian Roberts were jointly awarded the 2003 Steven J. Ross Humanitarian of the Year Award by the UJA-Federation of New York (United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc.), a prominent community organization that raises money for Jews.

The award is named after Brooklyn-born media mogul Steven J. Ross (real name Steven Jay Rechnitz), the man responsible for putting together modern-day media giant Time Warner, where he served as CEO until his death in 1992.

Ross, who began as an undertaker at his father-in-law’s mortuary, in the early 1960s joined Kinney Parking Co., a New York City parking lot operation owned by Jewish gangsters Manny Kimmel and the heirs of Abner “Longy” Zwillman, a member of the National Crime Syndicate and the Jewish assassination squad known as Murder, Inc.

Ross became head of the Mafia firm, which in 1962 sold stock to the public under the name Kinney Service Co. He quickly bought numerous other companies, including DC Comics, MAD magazine, a talent agency, and an office cleaning business.

In 1969, Kinney Service Co. bought Warner Brothers, the film studio and record company, for $400 million ($2.5 billion today). Don’t ask how the Mafia parking company accomplished that, even in the Go-Go years of the 1960s. I doubt anyone’s ever done the math, or that it would add up.

After a Forbes magazine article in 1970 hinted at shady accounting practices and links to the Mafia at Kinney, Ross renamed the company Warner Communications and spun off its parking lots and other non-media assets. In 1990 he merged Warner with Time-Life to form Time Warner.

Originally billed as a merger of equals, with Ross and Time Inc.’s J. Richard Munro serving as co-CEOs, Munro was out within a year.

This is the man the United Jewish Appeal and Comcast’s Ralph and Brian Roberts honor.

Between 2006 and 2008, Brian Roberts gave more than $76,000 in contributions to Democrats and $13,500 to Republicans. Comcast vice president and top lobbyist David Cohen gave about $180,000 to Democrats in the same period, compared to $12,000 to Republicans. Cohen helped raise more than $6 million for Obama’s 2008 election campaign. During the election cycle, Comcast’s political action committee raised more than $2.5 million. (“Comcast Execs Gave Large Donations to Obama and Democrats,” December, 6, 2009)


Philadelphia-based Comcast is the nation’s largest cable company. It sells cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services under the brand name Xfinity to residential and commercial customers in 40 states and Washington, DC. It is the fourth largest home telephone provider in the US. It also sells home security—burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, fire alarm systems, and home automation.

In 2012 the company had total assets of $165 billion, revenue of $62.6 billion, and net income of $6.2 billion.

Comcast’s economic power derives from its near-monopoly on cable service to nearly one-third of all US cable households, twice the number of its nearest competitor, Time Warner Cable, and from the monthly fees collected from over 22 million households. The company provides a utility-like service that two-thirds of American households refuse to live without.

Comcast grew slowly for many years by buying other cable companies. By 1988, with just 2 million subscribers, it was the nation’s fifth largest cable company, and by 1994 the third largest.

A key milestone occurred in 1997 when Microsoft’s Bill Gates invested $1 billion in the firm, the most Microsoft had ever invested up to that time, without asking anything in return: Gates took only nonvoting stock, did not join the board, and did not ask Comcast to carry any Microsoft products. This caused cable TV companies, the “least likely” competitors of phone companies, to assume the lead in providing Internet access to consumers, according to Brian Roberts.

Earlier, Southern cable mogul Ted Turner had also boosted the 28-year-old Roberts by asking him to join Turner Broadcasting System’s board of directors. By Roberts’ own account, he learned a great deal about the industry from this experience.

Comcast has been highly praised by American elites for its anti-white employment practices. But for years it has ranked near the bottom in customer satisfaction surveys, more than once garnering the worst ratings of any company or government agency in the country, including the IRS.

Even prior to the acquisition of NBC Universal, Comcast owned a number of cable TV channels. Among the Jewish firm’s properties is TV One, a joint venture with black network Radio One.

TV One is a Negro cable and satellite TV channel available to 40 million homes via DirecTV, Comcast, Cox, Charter, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse, Insight, and other cable television providers.

During Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, Johnathan [sic] Rodgers, TV One’s black president and CEO, announced that the network planned to break from its usual entertainment programming to provide extensive coverage of the Democratic National Convention in August, although it would not cover the Republican Convention at all. He told reporters:

    Senator Barack Obama running for president is a huge deal for TV One as it is for the African American community. African Americans have fallen in love with his candidacy, his family . . . we will be covering the Democratic convention all the time. My audience is 93% black. I serve my audience.

Comcast, whose stock trades on the NASDAQ exchange, has different share classes. The two that trade publicly have zero voting rights and 0.1345 votes per share respectively.

The third, Class B common stock, does not trade publicly and is held entirely by the Roberts family. It constitutes an undilutable 33 1/3% of the voting power of the total voting power of all classes of common stock. Effectively, it enables the Roberts family to retain control of a publicly-owned corporation by granting it supervoting rights over other shareholders.

NBC Television

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was founded in 1926; for half a century, until 1975, it was headed by Russian-born Jew David Sarnoff and his son Robert. It is the oldest major broadcast network in the United States.

For much of its history NBC was owned by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), a partial owner from the beginning and sole owner from 1932 until RCA’s acquisition by General Electric in 1986. According to one industry authority:

NBC rapidly expanded its network to include more and more radio stations, and by the early 1930s, NBC was successfully operating the two most successful radio networks in the U.S.—NBC Red and NBC Blue. By combining national distribution with a program schedule filled with celebrities (Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Bob Hope, and many more), the NBC networks easily attracted national advertisers. The mastermind behind this plan was David Sarnoff, who consistently placed NBC in the role of innovator: first coast-to-coast radio broadcast (1927′s Rose Bowl), first license for a commercial television station (in 1941—now WNBC/New York), first color television broadcast (1953), and so on. For most of the twentieth century, NBC was a leader in network television, local television, network radio, and local radio. It was the very model of a mid-twentieth century media company. (Blumenthal and Goodenough, This Business of Television: The Standard Guide to the Television Industry, p. 130)

In his single-minded drive to dominate American commercial radio, and later television, David Sarnoff ruthlessly crushed white broadcasting pioneers including FM radio inventor Edwin H. Armstrong, who was forced to devote more than 90 percent of his time to grappling with RCA lawsuits (ultimately culminating in his suicide), and Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of the first all-electronic television system.

As noted on the dust jacket of Evan I. Schwartz’s The Last Lone Inventor: A Tale of Genius, Deceit, and the Birth of Television (HarperCollins, 2002), “Determined to control television the way he monopolized radio—by owning all the royalty-producing patents—Sarnoff, from the lofty heights of his office in a New York skyscraper, devised a plan to claim credit for Farnsworth’s designs.”

Schwartz also notes, “The average American watches more than four hours every day, with the rest of the world not far behind, making television humankind’s dominant leisure ‘activity’ and its window to a world that has become a house of mirrors.” (p. 299)

For more than two decades, NBC and CBS (controlled by the Jew William Paley) dominated radio programming in the US and, after WWII, television. In fact, all three television networks in the broadcast era were Jewish-run: CBS, NBC, and ABC.

The American Broadcasting Company, headed by Leonard Goldenson, resulted from FCC anti-monopoly decrees against the NBC radio network. The FCC’s action forced Sarnoff to divest NBC Blue, which became ABC. It is instructive that even though legal and government efforts occasionally rearrange the media deck chairs, ultimate power somehow always remains in Jewish hands. The same applies to market “competition.”

In the past few years NBC News has been accused of at least five different fraudulent edits to make political conservatives look bad.

911 audio tape of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman (a Mestizo falsely reported by the American media to be white) was altered to imply a racial motivation in the killing of Negro Trayvon Martin in Florida. NBC is currently being sued by Zimmerman, who says the network deliberately and maliciously edited audio tape to make him look like a racist.

During the recent Republican primary, video of Texas Governor Rick Perry was edited to make him look racist.

In 2009, NBC reporter Contessa Brewer edited a photo to hide the fact that a gun-carrying Tea Partier was African, not white.

Coverage of a town council meeting was edited to suggest that a parent of a Newtown, Connecticut murder victim was heckled by a Second Amendment supporter.

And, during the 2012 presidential campaign, Jewish TV correspondent Andrea Mitchell, the wife of former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan, ridiculed an edited tape of Mitt Romney to suggest a stupid gaffe by the white candidate where none had occurred. (In 2008 she called rural Virginia voters “rednecks” on the air.)

But mendacious news coverage is just one problem posed by television. Anti-white and Left-wing views are promulgated, sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly, through television commercials and entertainment programming as well. The continuous purveying of hatred has become virtually de rigeur.

NBC’s reach is global.

Spanish-language subsidiary Telemundo is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States behind Univision.

NBC’s broadcasts are seen in most of Canada over cable and satellite, but also over the air near the border. This same pattern applies to Mexico.

NBC Europe and its successor companies are pan-European cable networks available throughout the Continent. CNBC Europe is the most-viewed pan-European business and financial news television channel; it can be seen throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

CNBC Asia, a similar channel for Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, is headquartered in Singapore. The Seven Network in Australia maintains close ties with NBC and has used a majority of that network’s imaging and slogans since the 1970s.

NBC Universal’s movies and TV shows are also sold individually throughout the world.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios was merged into NBC in 2004, while General Electric owned the television network.

Universal was a major Jewish studio in Hollywood during the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, buoyed financially by its popular horror films, W. C. Fields and Abbott and Costello comedies, glossy soap operas, and Doris Day-Rock Hudson bedroom farces.

Founded in 1912 by 5′ 2″ German-born Jew Carl Laemmle, it is the oldest movie studio in the US and the fourth oldest in the world.

Ironically in light of Jews’ present-day moralistic grandstanding about intellectual property rights—a means of maintaining monopoly control of the mass media, even enlisting the FBI, Homeland Security, Interpol, police, and courts to back up their power—Laemmle was a leader among early Jewish movie producers in violating Thomas Edison’s patent rights, thereby ultimately placing control of the nascent motion picture industry in Jewish hands. This was one reason he established Universal City, a 230-acre studio backlot-municipality in California’s San Fernando Valley in 1915. He put his son and successor Carl Laemmle, Jr. on the Universal payroll along with 70 other relatives.

In 1928, using sharp business practices, Universal and a Jew named Charles Mintz attempted to chisel a young, unknown, half-Irish animator named Walt Disney out of contractually agreed to fees after he had created a popular cartoon character for the studio called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Disney ate his losses and created Mickey Mouse and founded Walt Disney Studios.

Since the 1970s, Universal’s hits have included Steven Spielberg’s movies and the racist Inglourious Basterds (2009), highly praised by ADL head Abraham Foxman and hailed as a “Jewish wet dream” by its Jewish producer, Lawrence Bender. Both men loved the movie because it featured Jews and Americans graphically murdering Germans.

Subsidiary Universal Television produces TV series for NBC, as well as other channels and networks.

Jewish executive Jeffrey Zucker, the President and CEO of NBC Universal under GE, left the company to become President of CNN Worldwide after the merger. He has been replaced by Comcast executive Steve Burke, an Irish Catholic. Burke was formerly employed by Jewish media companies Disney and ABC. He and his father Daniel, also a broadcast executive, have longstanding ties with philo-Semitic billionaire Warren Buffett.

Two key executives immediately under Burke are Jews: Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment (who actually selects the network’s programs), and Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Sports.

The Media Monolith

Comcast-NBC, of course, is just one company. What must be meaningfully countered are racist and ideological messages—anti-white, anti-family, anti-Christian, globalist, illiberal—pouring forth continuously, 24 hours a day, to billions of viewers worldwide.

To illustrate, in a March 2013 presentation, Brian Roberts referred to a Comcast product, On Demand. I am not familiar with it. He said, in part: “In the past 10 years since we launched On Demand, we’ve had 30 billion views of On Demand content. We have 400 million a month, it’s an all-time high, with 100,000 TV and movie choices on all platforms.”

Again, this is just one company—and one product of one company. That is what we’re up against. Virtually none of the content is pro-white, or culturally conservative. Much of it is doubtless extremely insidious, even vicious, in nature.

Nor is that all. Institutionalized discrimination, the malevolent behavior of schools, colleges, and governments, discriminatory laws, Left-wing domestic terrorists who with impunity bomb the Institute for Historical Review and Ernst Zündel’s home in Canada and physically assault Zündel, the late attorney Douglas Christie, French revisionist Robert Faurisson, historian David Irving, and many others, the suppression of websites, refusal to publish or distribute books, music, or videos through ordinary business channels, and legal suppression of freedom of speech and association also must be considered and dealt with.

It makes no sense to scratch one’s head, perplexed, wondering, “Why don’t whites wake up?” That’s not the way the world works. Everything boils down to this one-sided power distribution.

Therefore, a much better question would be: “How can whites wake up, or accomplish anything major, until such an unequal and impossible state of affairs is redressed?”

It is pointless to avoid thinking about this, about the massive infrastructure that perpetuates the present injustice, hatred, racism, violence, and evil.


Full size image HERE


Re: The Jewish Media Monolith

PostSun Jun 01, 2014 7:49 am

Hello Folks,

Here is a link to an article to follow-up on the above: ... l-culture/

Silent Killer: TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture
FEBRUARY 11, 2014
21st Century Wire

Few subjects present an undisputable window into modern society than the electronic version of reality that is dispensed through television broadcasts.

This technology does not require interactive skills or critical thinking acumen. Just watch and fall into a daydream trance.

TV is the stealth killer that penetrates 114.7 million American households. According to the Nielsen ratings organization, the 2012 Universe Estimate (UE), reflects a reduction in the estimated percent of U.S. homes with a television set (TV penetration), which declined to 96.7 percent from 98.9 percent. Should this turn down suggest promise or is it merely a result of internet substitution?

With the proliferation of cable channels and 24 hour programming, the landscape of TV addiction vastly impacts perception and dramatically excludes normal interpersonal relations. Researcher Melissa Melton cites the following
in her article, TV: Your Mind. Controlled.

“According to last year’s Nielsen report, the average American over the age of two years old watches more than 34 hours of television per week, plus at least three more hours of taped programming. The report also noted that the amount of time we spend watching television increases as we get older.”

This overwhelming intrusion into and over personal time and space are often called entertainment. Broadcasts that bill themselves as news or business shows claim to provide useful information. Sport coverage makes no pretense of presenting socially significant content. Yet, vast segments of the public are wrapped up in the childish exercise of false hero adoration.

TV as a political and social engineering tool

Television’s reporting on politics is miserable by any coherent standard of journalism. The business of television has little to do with an accurate chronicle of events or the meaning of decisions and actions. In order to understand the objectives of the content producers and the basic purpose behind the cultural soothsayers, a review of Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media, which is a well documented source that outlines how the mass media really operates, is useful. Examine the specifics and draw your own lessons.

“Mass media is the most powerful tool used by the ruling class to manipulate the masses. It shapes and molds opinions and attitudes and defines what is normal and acceptable. This article looks at the workings of mass media through the theories of its major thinkers, its power structure and the techniques it uses, in order to understand its true role in society.”

The conclusion of this account is a valid summary.

“Lippmann, Bernays and Lasswell have all declared that the public are not fit to decide their own fate, which is the inherent goal of democracy. Instead, they called for a cryptocracy, a hidden government, a ruling class in charge of the “bewildered herd.” As their ideas continue to be applied to society, it is increasingly apparent that an ignorant population is not an obstacle that the rulers must deal with: It is something that is DESIRABLE and, indeed, necessary, to insure total leadership. An ignorant population does not know its rights, does not seek a greater understanding of issues and does not question authorities. It simply follows trends. Popular culture caters to and nurtures ignorance by continually serving up brain-numbing entertainment and spotlighting degenerate celebrities to be idolized. Many people ask me: “Is there a way to stop this?” Yes, there is. STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK.”

Such a sensible solution as turning off the misinformation screen is not an option for most of the typical dullards that think of themselves as normal and informed citizens. Society is populated with marginally functional and enthusiastic compliant serfs. Contentment is judged by actions not merely by sentiment. An unquestioning and obedient populace perpetually distracted from serious issues and unaware of comprehending the linkage and ultimate aims behind world events, has always been the goal.

The most profound use of these media techniques usually deal with War & Peace: Media and War. Stanford University publishes this account by Johnnie Manzaria & Jonathon Bruck, Media’s Use of Propaganda to Persuade People’s Attitude, Beliefs and Behaviors.

“Propaganda is so powerful because everyone is susceptible to it. This is true as explained by Robert Cialdini, an expert in influence, because people exist in a rapidly moving and complex world. In order to deal with it, we need shortcuts. We cannot be expected to recognize and analyze all the aspects in each person, event, and situation we encounter in even one day. We do not have the time, energy, or capacity to process the information; and instead we must very often use our stereotypes, our rules of thumb, to classify things according to a few key features and then to respond without thinking when one or another of these trigger feature are present (Cialdini 6). While this makes people highly susceptible to a propagandist who understands persuasion, in general it is the most efficient form of behaving, and in other cases it is simply necessary. Additionally, propaganda includes the reinforcement of societal myths and stereotypes that are so deeply embedded within a culture that it is often difficult to recognize the message as propaganda.”

The attitude that such practices are “most efficient form of behaving, and in other cases it is simply necessary”, is most disturbing and certainly fits the mold of how TV operates.
The examples cited in this case study deal with foreign policy issues. However, the summary on How to Defend Against Propaganda, is worth a look.

“As a result of our increasing sophistication and to build our civilization, we have created and environment so complex, so fast-paced, and information-laden, that we must increasingly deal with it in the fashion of the animals we long ago transcended. Thus, from the case studies on how the media uses propaganda, we can understand that the media does more than presentation facts and information. The media has the ability to exploit persuasive tactics to the specific definition of propaganda: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.”

Now ponder the disclaimer from this academia project: “We are not advocating that propaganda is wrong; we have tried to show, that overall it is usually helpful to respond to messages mindlessly, and that the truly only way to defend against it is to be more aware of the tactics being used.”

Also referenced in this study is Phil Zimbardo.
1) Be aware of the general perspective that others use to frame the problem or issue at hand, because accepting their frame on their terms gives them a powerful advantage.
2) Be sensitive to situational demands however trivial they may seem: group norms, group pressures, symbols of authority, slogans, and commitments. Don’t believe in simple solutions to complex personal, social, and political problems.
3) In the end, it must be remembered that it is not enough to dissent vocally — one must be willing to disobey, to defy, to challenge, and to suffer any ensuing consequences of these actions.

Relate this thinking to the television broadcasts and series that occupy the gratuitous viewing of the general-public. It may be functionally realistic not to expect current event discernment from the mediocre crowd, but what motivates these distraction deprived viewers from absorbing the brainwashing message?

Escape from reality probably is the most adept answer. Nonetheless, the dependency on relinquishing individual responsibility and living under the principle of personal integrity is too difficult for most. The easy way out is to believe the junk fed from the TV screen.

Newspeak has become the dominant culture and TV is the chief vehicle for spreading the lies and deceit. Jack Blood provides a succinct summary in, TV = Mind Control (Why do you think they call it Programming?)

“Once again the system is at work, knowing how easy it is to control the minds of a dumbed down population that has been well trained, and some might say socially engineered, to never question authority, never think outside the box, never seek accountability and never think for itself. Easily manipulated, millions of people are conditioned to believe, from a very early age, that anything emanating from television is sacrosanct. Thus, everything they watch is reality and anything they hear is truth. Anchors and reporters become trusted personalities voicing reticent opinions whose veracity are seldom, if ever, questioned.

The Establishment has perfected its machination of propaganda, creating the realities it wants into society, forming whatever truth that will be of the greatest benefit, not to society, but to itself. Whatever reality it wants to create and disseminate is quickly absorbed by a population eager to feed off the mammary glands of television. The Establishment, the corporate world and government have for years told us how and what to think, how to act, who to obey and where to follow, condemning our minds to obedience, our lives to conformism and silent acquiescence.”

Is it not time to make a clean break from this self-induced imprisonment of images and sounds that spills out of the television machine?



Best regards,


PS--Also see: "The Big Picture by Dr. Pierce": viewtopic.php?f=25&t=910

Jim Mathias

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Re: The Jewish Media Monolith

PostTue Feb 19, 2019 11:07 pm

Fortunately, Whites are getting fighting mad and doing something to take the "monolithic" Jewsmedia down.

To wit: ... washington

Covington High School Student Files $250 Million Defamation Suit Against Washington Post
Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
by Tyler Durden
Tue, 02/19/2019 - 21:00

After an investigation conducted by the Covington Diocese turned up no evidence that 16-year-old high school student Nicholas Sandmann confronted Native American activist Nathan Phillips during a March for Life rally at the Lincoln Memorial last month, seemingly confirming that the mainstream press was incorrect to pillory the white, MAGA-hat wearing teen for a confrontation that never actually happened, lawyers for Sandmann filed the first of what are expected to be many defamation lawsuits demanding compensatory and punitive damages for leading an Internet mob that villified Sandmann and his peers.

According to Reuters, lawyers Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry are seeking $250 million in damages from the Washington Post on behalf of Sandmann, a sum equal to the amount that billionaire Jeff Bezos paid to buy the paper in 2013.

The suit claims that the paper - which helped publicize a now infamous photo that helped trigger an Internet mob that swiftly outed the teen and demanded he be punished - led the hate campaign against Sandmann - and failed to practice proper journalistic due diligence - "because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red 'Make America Great Again' souvenir cap on a school field trip to the January 18 March for Life in Washington, D.C. when he was unexpectedly and suddenly confronted by Nathan Phillips ('Phillips'), a known Native American activist, who beat a drum and sang loudly within inches of his face ('the January 18 incident')."

Not only did the diocese's investigation corroborate the students' version of events, but it also found no evidence to support Phillips' claims that Sandmann and his fellow students had been chanting "build the wall" at the time of the confrontation. What really happened - as is now widely known - is that the students, who were marching with the pro-life rally, were verbally accosted by the Black Hebrew Israelites, who hurled homophobic slurs at the students and accosted them.

"In targeting and bullying Nicholas by falsely accusing him of instigating the January 18 incident, the Post conveyed that Nicholas engaged in acts of racism by “swarming” Phillips, “blocking” his exit away from the students, and otherwise engaging in racist misconduct," the suit read. "The Post ignored basic journalist standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented, biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump (“the President”) by impugning individuals perceived to be supporters of the President."

The Washington Post’s Vice President for Communications Kristine Coratti Kelly told Reuters "We are reviewing a copy of the lawsuit and we plan to mount a vigorous defense."

Sandmann's lawyers also accused WaPo of resorting to modern-day McCarthyism to "claim leadership of a mainstream & social media mob" of bullies who sought to attack and defame Sandmann. The suit also accused WaPo of publishing "no less than six false and defamatory articles".

"In a span of three (3) days in January of this year commencing on January 19, the Washington Post engaged in a modern-day form of McCarthyism to claim leadership of a mainstream & social media mob of bullies which attacked, vilified & threatened Nick Sandmann, an innocent minor," attorney Lin Wood said.

He continued: "The Post published to third parties without privilege no less than six false and defamatory articles of and concerning Nicholas, including two in its print newspaper and four online."

According to the Daily Wire, Sandmann's lawyers sent "letters for potential lawsuits to over 50 entities ranging from Democratic politicians to celebrities to media figures."

That list includes journalists, media outlets and celebrities:

1. The Washington Post
2. The New York Times
3. Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
4. The Guardian
5. National Public Radio
6. TMZ
7. Atlantic Media Inc.
8. Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
9. Diocese of Covington
10. Diocese of Lexington
11. Archdiocese of Louisville
12. Diocese of Baltimore
13. Ana Cabrera (CNN)
14. Sara Sidner (CNN)
15. Erin Burnett (CNN)
16. S.E. Cupp (CNN)
17. Elliot C. McLaughlin (CNN)
18. Amanda Watts (CNN)
19. Emanuella Grinberg (CNN)
20. Michelle Boorstein (Washington Post)
21. Cleve R. Wootson Jr. (Washington Post)
22. Antonio Olivo (Washington Post)
23. Joe Heim (Washington Post)
24. Michael E. Miller (Washington Post)
25. Eli Rosenberg (Washington Post)
26. Isaac Stanley-Becker (Washington Post)
27. Kristine Phillips (Washington Post)
28. Sarah Mervosh (New York Times)
29. Emily S. Rueb (New York Times)
30. Maggie Haberman (New York Times)
31. David Brooks (New York Times)
32. Shannon Doyne
33. Kurt Eichenwald
34. Andrea Mitchell (NBC/MSNBC)
35. Savannah Guthrie (NBC)
36. Joy Reid (MSNBC)
37. Chuck Todd (NBC)
38. Noah Berlatsky
39. Elisha Fieldstadt (NBC)
40. Eun Kyung Kim
41. HBO
42. Bill Maher
43. Warner Media
44. Conde Nast
45. GQ
47. The Hill
48. The Atlantic
50. Ilhan Omar
51. Elizabeth Warren
52. Kathy Griffin
53. Alyssa Milano
54. Jim Carrey
The Jewsm their shabbos goy henchmen, and other assorted bootlickers have gone too far and even if the suit's petitioners gets inundated with discovery and other motions, as I would expect they would be, the message is clear. Whites are fighting back against being libeled and slandered by this genocidal crew and sets an important example to the rest of us. Fight! If you and your kind would live. Lay down (or lay low or hide or run if you think you can) if you would die. There is no in between.

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