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Mr. Ramos, Non-Hispanis White?

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Will Williams

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Mr. Ramos, Non-Hispanis White?

PostFri Jun 29, 2018 6:59 pm

That latest mass killer who wasted five folks in an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper office yesterday was all over the news last night. They kept reporting that he was White, but didn't say his name. I said to myself, "I hope he didn't leave a copy of The Turner Diaries on his car seat."

Then this morning I see this graphic on the morning news:


Ramos? This guy is not White. Look at his face!

He's son of Miguel Ramos:


The lying, Jew-controlled mainstream media at work. Non-Hispanic White. Pffft! Ramos might be a non-White "Hispanic," but his daddy Miguel doesn't look to me like he's a Spaniard. :lol:
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Will Williams

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Re: Mr. Ramos, Non-Hispanis White?

PostFri Jun 29, 2018 7:24 pm

Posted on 06/29/18
Race-mixing Jew Journalist Gerald Fischman
Among 5 News Staff Murdered In Shooting

A Jewish journalist was one of five people killed in an attack on the office of a newspaper in the US, police have confirmed.

Staff at Capital Gazette said an attacker, armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades, shot through a glass door into the Annapolis, Maryland newsroom on Thursday afternoon.

Among the dead was editorial writer Gerald Fischman, 61, whom the Capital Gazette described as the paper's “conscience and voice”...

The newsaper also said that he married late in life, to a Mongolian opera singer he had met online. ... n-1.466320

* * * *

Oh, wait! Here's a "Latino" site that got it right about Ramos:

Latino Newspaper Shooter Jarrod Ramos Targeted Whites and Jews During Shooting Rampage

Although the Annapolis Capital-Gazette newspaper killer has been widely identified as a white male, he’s actually nonwhite, some variety of Hispanic. His father appears Negroidish..

Although much is being made of the fact that Ramos held a grudge against the newspaper, the press doesn’t want you to understand that the people he wanted to kill were white and Jewish.

There’s a racial element here that the press doesn’t want to discuss. Imagine if the shooter were a white male and all the victims were Latinos. You think that the press would be trumpeting that in their headlines.

Today’s mass shooting event was not just an ordinary mass murder but a hate crime.

Heavy has put together a feature on the five dead victims.

On Thursday evening, WUSA9 identified the five deceased victims as Rob Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman, Wendi Winters, Rebecca Smith, and John McNamara.

The article goes on to describe the jobs and family situations of the deceased. At a minimum, Hiaasen and Frischman are Jews. Winters may also be Jewish.

It’s doubtful that Ramos was targeting Jews because he’s a “Nazi.” To the untutored, Jews appear to be white people.

That said, we still don’t know much about him except that he sued the paper and lost over a story about him stalking a white woman...
Pictures and more, here: ... g-rampage/

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