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John Calhoun wrote:...As to your point, Will. I wholeheartedly agree with your estimation of Dr. Pierce's philosophy and worldview. His way is the way that I have chosen for myself. There really isn't anything else out there. I will say, however, that I have gained inspiration and a better understanding through various thinkers and authors such as Matt Koehl.
When more good people like Mike and Kyle become as committed as you are to the Alliance, John, we'll get somewhere.

Dr. Pierce and Commander Koehl worked together under George Lincoln Rockwell until the latter's death and for a couple of years afterwards. They had their differences and went their own ways, Koehl with his New Order and Dr. Pierce with the National Alliance. Each man maintained the same fundamental NS-based ideology that they shared under Rockwell, and in the end had forgiven any personal differences they may have had with each other decades earlier. The National Alliance today enjoys a cordial working relationship with the New Order, though the founders of each organization have passed on. The two organizations share the same goals for the same people -- Whites -- though with differing approaches and tactics. This excellent article by James Harting of New Order was quickly picked up and republished on the National Alliance's online magazine ... this-mess/
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