The Moral Premise

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John Flynn

The Moral Premise

Post by John Flynn » Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:52 am

The Moral Premise
by Matt Koehl

The following essay appeared in the 3rd quarter 2003 issue of the NS Bulletin.

TO DO, OR NOT TO DO. THAT is the question.
In our response to this question lies the answer to our being or nonbeing. For even the passive act of nondoing is as consequential as that of doing.

We all know what must be done. Providence has sent us a singular and special figure to show the way. It remains for us but to follow this way.

Today our race is beset by a strange malaise, a debilitating paralysis of the will. Indeed, if an earlier Aryan victory represented a triumph of the will, our present condition may be attributed to the very opposite: namely, a failure of the will.

This failure manifests itself in various ways — in personal softness, neurotic angst, compulsive escapism, decadent excess, self-destructive behavior of all kinds, and a detachment from reality which is the hallmark of contemporary society. But above all, it manifests itself in apathy, indifference and — moral desertion.

This malaise has infected the marrow of our racial soul. It represents a moral issue, one which threatens our racial existence and lies at the heart of our dilemma.

It is not from lack of numbers that our race is perishing. It is not from a lack of means or resources. It is not from a lack of ability. Rather, it is from an unwillingness to commit those numbers, those means and resources and ability which we possess to the cause of a better world.

Put quite simply, all of our woes stem from a refusal to do the right thing.

But if we speak of the failings of white people in general, how much greater are the sins of those legions who have professed not only a concern for the fortunes of their race, but allegiance to the National Socialist cause — only to abandon all honor and self-respect by capitulating and deserting the field without a fight but with one weak excuse or another?

It is, above all, in the sorry spectacle of this moral collapse that we find the ultimate source of our present condition. Though others may choose to exploit this condition, we cannot blame them for it. This collapse is self-induced and not caused by outside agency

The reason that whites generally — but particularly those claiming special awareness — stand defeated is because they have forgotten this moral premise of their existence.

* * *

What distinguishes human beings from the lower animal species is their evolved ability to reason, to reflect and process knowledge as a supplement to their underlying instincts and emotions. This ability is most conspicuously developed in the Aryan.
Along with this cognitive and rational faculty, we have been imbued with a free will and the ability choose between right and wrong, based on the knowledge and understanding we have gained. It is this freedom to make choices which establishes the moral premise for all higher life.

Now, out of this freedom which we have been accorded, there is a corresponding responsibility. Once one knows something, then one bears an obligation and responsibility to act in accord with that truth which one has recognized. Indeed, the greater one’s knowledge and understanding, the greater one’s personal responsibility to undertake such action.

This is perhaps the reason why, in present racial truth, one encounters so much hostility and resistance. Most people feel quite comfortable in their ignorance. Any acquisition of knowledge and insight might threaten such comfort, for with it there comes a corresponding obligation to act upon that knowledge and insight — something most people would prefer to avoid.

But today, we are under a collective existential threat, and moral evasion is no longer an option. Every white man and woman who perceives the threat bears a personal responsibility to act to counter the threat.

Everyone can do something to bring about a favorable outcome. If one refuses to become part of the solution, then one becomes part of the problem, part of the threat we face — part of the enemy!

More than that, every National Socialist — possessed of greater knowledge and understanding — bears a special responsibility, on the basis of that knowledge and understanding, toward future generations and the formation of a better world. Precisely because more is given to him, more is expected of him than of the average person.

* * *

Today, a struggle for the future is under way. Our race is being weighed in the balance to determine whether it is fit to survive on this Earth and whether, at the same time, it is worthy of a better order of things. We — each and everyone — are given a choice in deciding the issue.

The scales of destiny are delicately balanced, and the personal decision of every individual man and woman will tip the scale one way or another. One can choose to lend one’s weight in favor of a better world, or one can elect to do nothing — and thereby lend one’s weight to the cause of those who are committed to the destruction of our race. In other words, one can — by one’s action or inaction — opt for racial life or racial death.

No one can evade this choice. It is not something from which can run away and hide. For in so doing, one also chooses — even if, by default, for an outcome which one would rather not see! EVERYONE will be compelled to choose. This is the great moral imperative which has been mandated to us.

By recognizing this inescapable imperative — but better, by taking that certain knowledge which we possess and acting upon it with joyous free will — we gave an opportunity to reaffirm for all time our claim, not only as human beings, but as Aryans called to a bright and glorious future in a New Order worthy of our highest aspirations.


In a little-known essay “Selfless Action,” NEW ORDER Commander Matt Koehl examines the concept of Duty and Pflichterfüllung as the premise for the moral life of every Aryan. Available online or from NS Publications: PO Box 188, Wyandotte MI 48192 / ... l-premise/

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