The Real Moral Issue

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John Flynn

The Real Moral Issue

Post by John Flynn » Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:47 am

The foundation of the NS social order was the strong, healthy German family unit.

The Real Moral Issue
by Matt Koehl

This treatise first appeared in the 3rd quarter 2005 issue of the NS Bulletin.

KEY TO THE RE-ELECTION VICTORY of George Bush [ten years ago] was the role of tens of millions of evangelical Christians. Without the support of this vast constituency, the closely contested race would undoubtedly have gone to the president’s opponent, John Kerry.

But the Lord moves in mysterious ways. And so, by invoking the issue of “morality” and values,” Republican Party strategists were able to appeal to the moral sensibilities of this important segment of the electorate.

The fact is that Judeo-Christian fundamentalists constitute the core of that spiritual and cultural Zionism which permeates American society and which, ultimately, translates into political, economic and military support for the Jewish state. By tapping into this core constituency, Republicans were able to score a stunning success for their party, while gaining a lock on political power.

The election, of course, would not have made any real difference in U.S. foreign policy. But it was Republican co-opting the issue of moral values which appealed decisively to this critical sector of the American population, for whom Bible-based identification with Jewry and unconditional commitment to the state of Israel are articles of faith.

Indeed, in their zeal for Zion and all things Jewish, these Bible-thumping wannabes are often more rabid than their kosher counterparts.

And so, with a mindset that places the Jew at the center of all life, Christian evangelicals provide political Zionism with that broader, faith-based support, without which the Jewish entity in the Middle East could not exist.

Never mind that their theology involve — along with a celestial Rapture — the latter-day conversion of the Jews in fulfillment of bibilical scrripture. That all wait. For the time being, Jewry is quite happy to settle for the crucial support of these Christian Zionists in the promotion of its global agenda.

Moral Stance of Judeo-Christianity

But let us turn to the so-called moral stance of this evangelical movement.

Certainly, no decent person could argue with the issues of common morality which these good people espouse. We can all agree that it is wrong to lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape, or be unfaithful to one’s spouse.

But these mores are not peculiar to Judeo-Christianity; they are part of every religious tradition and every health society. Indeed, our ancestors in pre-Christian Europe knew all about morality long before Moses tried to tell the ancient Israelites how to behave.

So one is left with the question: Why would such otherwise good people support politicians for whom lying, cheating and stealing are not only standard operating procedure, but a way of life?

And how can these Judeo-Christians reconcile the mass slaughter of Iraqi and Palestinian civilians, and the occupation and expropriation of their lands, with the moral values they profess?

The explanation lies in the fact that Judeolatry — the worship of Jews and things Jewish — forms the core of their belief system. Once one accepts the word of a Pharisaic charlatan as the word of God, one is born into an alien world, mentally and spiritually confused and prepared to serve an alien moloch.

Then, one’s personal savior is transformed into a Jewish carpenter, and becomes a capital offense, punishable by eternal damnation, to look cross-eyed at a member of the tribe. Then, all other values and issues are of lesser importance, and every moral contradiction is possible.

Moral Meltdown

Today we see a breakdown of traditional moral values throughout the Western world. Indeed, the decline of public and private morality is but the most glaring symptom of an overall spiritual failure, as well as a general collapse of civilization itself.

When men no longer act like men, when women no longer act like women, when children no longer behave as children should, and parents abandon their responsibilities as parents; when families break down, when there is no longer a bond of common trust, when everyone does his or her own thing without regard for the general good — then we have a problem.

That is what has happened in the post-1945 world.

In the United States one can, in fact, speak of a moral meltdown. It is the inevitable consequence of a society with a foundation, without roots, one which fatuously boasts of its diversity. By definition, however, such a multi-ethnic, multiracial entity can never be a true community — which is the first requisite of any moral order.

The Church as Surrogate Community

This the particular dilemma in America today, where many seek such a community within the doors of the various church denominations. When those churches become interracial assemblies, however, the whole premise for any higher morality is precluded, and everything else becomes meaningless, indeed, inimical to any meaningful ethical norm.

Among evangelical Christians — many of whom are of the finest Aryan, Nordic stock — the sight of nonwhite children makes a mockery of all their devout professions. Along with the idolatrous practice of Jew-worship, it constitutes blasphemy against the Almighty and against everything sacred and holy in this universe.

A morality that rightfully condemns homosexual unions, but sanctions interracial heterosexual marriage is seriously flawed — just as it is grossly defective when it insists that the unfortunate victim of black rape be forced to bring the resulting mongrel fetus to term.

The Laws of Life

As National Socialists, we must approach the question of morality and morals in an entirely different way.

All the moral codes in the world mean absolutely nothing in the absence of a people whom they are meant to serve. We have been taught: “It is life alone that all things must serve.” (The Book, I: 8) Morality must, therefore, be life-sustaining and life-enhancing.

There is a single commandment which subsumes all the rest: “KNOW THE LAWS OF LIFE, AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.”

All life on Earth is qualified. By that we mean that it is separated into varieties — into species and subspecies — and that it is through such diversity that it achieves fulfillment, and the greater purpose of Nature is served. To know how one is to act, however, one must first recognize one’s natural identity.

Every form of life has its specific law, which it either abides by or perishes. Accordingly, a timber wolf behaves like a timber wolf, not a prairie wolf; a killer whale like a killer whale, not a gray whale; a bald eagle like a bald eagle, not a golden eagle; a monarch butterfly like a monarch butterfly, not a swallowtail butterfly; a red oak like a red oak, not a white oak, etc.

Every species of flora and fauna is charged with preserving its own kind and securing its existence with the greater order of life on this planet. As an integral part of that order, his also applies to the various hominid types.

True Morality

As one of those varieties — i.e.l as Europids, as Aryans — we recognize the value of such diversity in the form of Race. And we understand morality as the means by which we preserve our blood heritage and guarantee its survival, as well as provide for its advancement.

And we regard as immoral anything which leads to the destruction and extinction of our kind, as a unique and distinct form of life on this Earth.

In summary, all morality must be life-serving, or it is not moral. The foundation for such morality begins with a recognition of one’s own kind, one’s own group, starting the family and proceeding on up to larger social groupings.

Objectively, the degree of morality is contingent upon the extent of fellow-feeling which exists within the group. This will always be highest among those groups which are natural and true-breeding, and where a shared outlook and sense of right and wrong are greatest.

Without such a sociobiological premise, there can be no true morality; just as when the natural laws are disregarded, there will inevitably be negative consequences.

Challenge for National Socialists

As National Socialists, our task is to proclaim a message of racial salvation, and the provide the foundation for the spiritual and moral mobilization of our people. Tos this task, we must bring a new awareness, a new consciousness, a new sense of Aryan identity.

Levitating off to Heaven and lusting after Mount Zion are not the way to salvation for our race on Earth. These have nothing to do with true morality, and they certainly are not way to a better world for future Aryan generations. We we need is a new moral compass, one which points the way toward the preservation and enhancement of the highest creation of the Lord. That is the real moral issue of this and all time.

But we can hardly expect to find such a moral compass among the Jewish idols of a church complicit in the destruction of our race.

In bringing about a moral transformation, we must tear out of the hearts and minds of our people that spiritual cancer which is Judeo-Christianity, with all its Jewish thinking and Jewish values. For it is this disease which has resulted in the spiritual schizophrenia of our race, and which has sapped it of its will and spirit, and which is now leading it down the path of destruction.

This is the great, Herculean task we must undertake. For once it has been accomplished — once the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters have been cleansed and purified and restored to racial health — the baneful power of Jewry will have been broken. The day of freedom will have arrived. ... ral-issue/

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