The Seed of Salvation

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The Seed of Salvation

Post by Reinhard » Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:23 am

ON THIS FOURTH OF JULY, we in the United States pause to consider the possibility of an Aryan future on this glorious piece of terrestrial real estate.

For National Socialists, of course, that future means nothing, unless it involves racial salvation; for without such salvation, there can be no future. In turn, that salvation is inconceivable without the Idea.
What is this Idea, which is the seed of our salvation? And where did it germinate and sprout and grow and bear fruit?
As Americans set off fireworks and sing and shout “Glory Hallelujah,” let us pause to reflect and ponder.

Only One Way

It is axiomatic that there is only one way. Till now, however, very few have found this way.

Many American whites seek salvation in some kind of latter-day Christian religious revival. Others look to the Yankee Doodle patriotism of a star-spangled flag and the invocation of a group of founding fathers to redeem them from their plight. But this is not the way.

Let us state it plainly: The seed of our salvation does not lie in a religious tradition which has given sanction to our racial destruction. Nor does it lie in a civic tradition set forth in 1776, one which was firmly fixed by 1865, and which found its fateful fruition in the Old Order military victory of 1945.

In modern European history there have been two competing strains of thought. One is represented by the late 18th-century Rationalism adopted by America’s Founding Fathers. The other is represented by German Idealism.
One conceived the world in terms of individualism, of the material, the mechanical, the utilitarian, the contractual and formalistic, and the prosaic, It emphasized society over community, adherence over coherence, rights over duties and responsibilities.

The other worldview conceived things from an opposite perspective: namely, that of the spiritual, the organic, the aesthetic, the natural and poetic. It gave preference to Gemeinschaft over Gesellschaft, to coherence over adherence, and it balanced rights with responsibilities and duties.

Ideological Conclusion

And so, in comparing the two ideological models, we are left with but one conclusion:
  • The seed of our salvation does not lie in the spiritually deficient Rationalism of 1776, but rather in that Idealism which was to germinate in another July month 113 years later, and which was to come to fruition with the birth of a most extraordinary figure in the Christian year 1889!
THIS is the One whom our German comrades refer to and celebrate with reverence this day as their USA: Unser Seliger Adolf—Our Blessed Adolf [Hitler]!
Which of the two wordings do YOU prefer? ... salvation/

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