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Mysterious UFOs!

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Wade Hampton III

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Mysterious UFOs!

PostFri Feb 03, 2017 9:28 pm

Lady Ingrid Zundel writes...

Here is (a) controversial area the Zundels will
be targeting for clues about the future. How?
Where? Where else but in Antarctica?

The Japanese Futurist, Benjamin Fulford, reports
(March 22nd, 2016):

Something is happening around Antarctica these
days that is shrouded in secrecy but is also
attracting a lot of heavy hitters. The visit
to Antarctica by Patriarch Kirill, the head
of the Russian Orthodox Church, in February
('16) was the first sign of something unusual
happening. Now this week US Presidential
spokesperson [announced] Barack Obama will
be visiting the Nazi South American headquarters
in Bariloche, in Southern Argentina.

Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed
that China has built a giant space exploration
base in Southern Argentina. Following this
revelation, the Argentine government reported
they sank a "Chinese fishing boat" near a
restricted area off the coast of Southern
Argentina. Pentagon sources say the boat
was probably a Chinese spy vessel since a
normal fishing vessel would have responded
to Argentine warnings.

Furthermore, the heavy-handed Khazarian mafia
attempt to overthrow the government of Brazil
has now failed, depriving the Khazarian mafia
of Brazil as a place to flee now that the
American people are waking up to the crimes
that have been committed against them, sources
in South America say.

CIA sources in Asia are saying their connections
"who are above the government," are all flying
"South" this week and hinted strongly that
"South" referred to Antarctica. This is all
very interesting because two years ago Paul
Lane, a source in Pentagon military intelligence,
told this writer the then state of the art UK
guided missile destroyer HMS Sheffield had been
captured by Nazis operating out of an undersea
base in the region. The Sheffield was supposedly
sunk in 1982 during the Falklands war between
Argentina and the UK by an Exocet missile. (...)


Here I want to intersperse that years and years
ago I knew a pilot friend who was of the highest
diplomatic background, the son of an NS consul
then assigned by Hitler to Paraguay and, later
Brazil. This friend - let's call him Peter -
played an important role in the early 1980s as
part of an advisory team to the Argentine
military involved in revving up their Air
Force under the direction of NS General Gallant.

Peter said to me one merry morning, here recounted
from memory: "The world thinks that the Falklands
War between Argentina and Britain was about
resources or land acquisition. It was not. It
was a war to smoke out the Nazis.."

Remember this was in the early 1980s - long before
anybody took the urban myth of "Nazis in Antarctica"
as anything but guff. Does not (it) make you wonder
why, in addition to the Orthodox Christian Pope and
maybe even Obama, the Pope of Rome is said to have
visited secret Antarctic bases, as has Prince Harry,
Diana's younger son, as has our very own Secretary
of State, John Kerry?! Apparently on the very day
that Trump won against that arch-criminal, Hillary
Clinton? What say you to that unusual development? ... i-UFO-base

A motherlode of conspiracy theories - or kernels of
truth amidst mush? You be the judge. We keep an
open mind.

Stranger Than Fiction
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Will Williams

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Re: Mysterious UFOs!

PostMon Feb 06, 2017 8:04 pm

Wade Hampton III wrote:Lady Ingrid Zundel writes...

Here is (a) controversial area the Zundels will
be targeting for clues about the future. How?
Where? Where else but in Antarctica?
What say you to that unusual development?

As National Alliance Chairman I say let's leave these investigations into secret underground Nazi installations in Antarctica to the Zundels. That's not what we do.

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